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  1. A benefit of direct marketing to consumers is__________ in buying - in many cases you can shop in your pjs at 3AM if you wish
  2. Reputable online marketers use _________ - based email.
  3. Which of the following is not a deception or fraud concern for Internet users and Marketers? Phishing, viral marketing, eavesdropping, access by unauthorized groups, or spyware?
  4. An advantage of direct marketing is that it offers access beyond local
  5. The "7 C's" of effective website's include

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  1. infomercials___________ are adds that appear between online screen changes.


  2. Personal selling, direct mail, catalog, telephone, direct-response TV, kiosk, online and digitalThe "7 C's" of effective website's include


  3. interstitialsHome shopping channels and _________ are the two majors forms of direct-response TV marketers.


  4. Direct, immediate and Measurable responseDirect Marketing usually seeks a


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