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Chapter 8 She's Crafty Test

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  1. secretive
    Ex: The spies planned a ____ maneuver that depended on its secrecy to work.
  2. a clever trick used to deceive or outwit
    Ex: Planting microphones in the gangster's home was a clever, but illegal, _______.
  3. on guard
    Ex: My father becomes ____ whenever a salesman calls him on the phone; he knows that many crooks use the phone so that they can't be changed with mail fraud.

3 True/False Questions

  1. surreptitiouslydone by secretive means
    Ex: Matt drank the cough syrup _______ because he didn't want anyone to know that he was sick.


  2. disingenuousnot straightforward; crafty
    Ex: Mr. Gelman was rather _______; although he seemed to be simply asking about your health, he was really trying to figure out why you'd been absent.


  3. rusea brilliantly executed plan
    Ex: It was quite a ____ when I talked the salesperson into selling me this valuable cuckoo clock for five dollars.


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