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  1. expunge
  2. ignominy
  3. docile
  4. furtive
  5. extol
  1. a to erase or eliminate
  2. b public shame, disgrace, or dishonor
  3. c to praise highly
  4. d stealthy; secretive
  5. e easy to teach or manage

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  1. a slight or subtle degree of difference
  2. extremely thin; wasted away
  3. greed; desire for wealth
  4. prejudiced; hostile
  5. wild and drunken

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  1. copiousnumerous; large in quantity


  2. inexorableto turn over or deliver to the legal jurisdiction of another government or authority


  3. jauntyhaving a buoyant, self-confident air; brisk and crisp


  4. opusa creative work, especially a numbered composition


  5. negligencecareless neglect, often resulting in injury


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