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  1. Homogeneous(adj)
  2. Paleozoic(adj)
  3. Objection(n)
  4. Stella-
  5. Stellar(adj)
  1. a a feeling or expression of opposition
  2. b relating to, consisting of, or like a star or stars
  3. c the era of geologic time, about 570 million to 248 million years ago, during which fish, insects, amphibian, reptiles, and land plants first appeared
  4. d star
  5. e having the same kind of constituent elements, or being similar in nature

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  1. made to work at the same time or the same rate as something else
  2. break
  3. same
  4. new
  5. good

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  1. Voc-


  2. Neoclassic(adj)relating to or characteristic of the European revival of Greek and Roman literary forms


  3. Fer-


  4. Eruption(n)a sudden outburst or occurrence of something


  5. Pend-


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