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  1. New York
  2. four o'clock AM
  3. pocket watch enveloped in cotton
  4. crevice
  5. his birthday party
  1. a event taking place at the Professor's house (The Day I Got Lost)
  2. b heart beat of the old man (Tell-Tale Heart)
  3. c a narrow opening, in like a lamp for example (Tell-Tale Heart)
  4. d time police arrived (specific time; Tell-Tale Heart)
  5. e city/state where Professor Schlemiel lived (The Day I Got Lost)

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  1. narrator (Tell-Tale Heart)
  2. reason Grandpa left the reservation (The Medicine Bag)
  3. name of dog that Professor Schlemiel's owned (The Day I Got Lost)
  4. reason he did not call his wife (The Day I Got Lost)
  5. length of time Grandpa stayed with family (The Medicine Bag)

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  1. Siouxway Grandpa traveled (The Medicine Bag)


  2. a broken shell of an iron kettle, a pebble from a butte, and a piece of sacred sage from the prairiesome items in the medicine bag (The Medicine Bag)


  3. no name givenreason the narrator got caught with the murder (Tell-Tale Heart)


  4. Dr. MotherheadProfessor Schlemiel's friend (The Day I Got Lost)


  5. bathtubthe beat/tempo of the old man's heart (Tell-Tale Heart)


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