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  1. Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve
  2. pocket watch enveloped in cotton
  3. professor
  4. portrayed Grandpa as the Indians on TV, but Grandpa was not like this
  5. confessed
  1. a author (The Medicine Bag)
  2. b Schlemiel's profession (The Day I Got Lost)
  3. c reason the narrator got caught with the murder (Tell-Tale Heart)
  4. d reason Martin was ashamed of Grandpa (The Medicine Bag)
  5. e heart beat of the old man (Tell-Tale Heart)

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  1. name of the Professor (The Day I Got Lost)
  2. result of "not carrying the medicine bag to war" to Mom's father (The Medicine Bag)
  3. way he got home (The Day I Got Lost)
  4. way Grandpa traveled (The Medicine Bag)
  5. Martin's sister (The Medicine Bag)

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  1. Issac Bashevis Singername of the Professor's friend (The Day I Got Lost)


  2. description of Professor Schlemielname of the Professor (The Day I Got Lost)


  3. four o'clock AMtime police arrived (specific time; Tell-Tale Heart)


  4. terror and horrorwhat author is trying to create the sense of (Tell-Tale Heart)


  5. sanitynarrator keeps trying to prove this.. (Tell-Tale Heart)


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