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  1. narrator's description of self
  2. tradition of giving it to oldest male of each generation
  3. blood ran cold looking at vulture eye
  4. four o'clock AM
  5. dog was stray and forgot his address
  1. a time police arrived (specific time; Tell-Tale Heart)
  2. b sane man, but very nervous (Tell-Tale Heart)
  3. c reason Grandpa gave Martin the medicine bag (The Medicine Bag)
  4. d feeling that happened to the narrator every time he looked at the old man (Tell-Tale Heart)
  5. e why the Professor brought the dog home (The Day I Got Lost)

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. reason he got lost (The Day I Got Lost)
  2. location body was found and hid (Tell-Tale Heart)
  3. wood-boring beetles whose heads make a tapping sound superstitiously regarded as an omen of death (Tell Tale Heart)
  4. way Grandpa traveled (The Medicine Bag)
  5. reason police knew something was going on (Tell-Tale Heart)

5 True/False Questions

  1. Cheryla narrow opening, in like a lamp for example (Tell-Tale Heart)


  2. caretakernarrator's relationship to the old man (Tell-Tale Heart)


  3. Issac Bashevis Singerauthor (The Day I Got Lost)


  4. Bow Wowname of dog that Professor Schlemiel's owned (The Day I Got Lost)


  5. Dr. MotherheadProfessor Schlemiel's friend (The Day I Got Lost)


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