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  1. neighbors heard shrieking and called police
  2. forgetting things, absent-minded
  3. midnight
  4. Edgar Alan Poe
  5. narrator's description of self
  1. a Professor Schlemiel's biggest fault (The Day I Got Lost)
  2. b narrator looked at old man (specific time; Tell-Tale Heart)
  3. c sane man, but very nervous (Tell-Tale Heart)
  4. d author (Tell-Tale Heart)
  5. e reason police knew something was going on (Tell-Tale Heart)

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  1. narrator's relationship to the old man (Tell-Tale Heart)
  2. heart beat of the old man (Tell-Tale Heart)
  3. Professor Schlemiel's friend (The Day I Got Lost)
  4. reason he did not call his wife (The Day I Got Lost)
  5. suffocated him with the bed, then dismembered his corpse (Tell-Tale Heart)

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  1. Professor SchlemielSchlemiel's profession (The Day I Got Lost)


  2. four o'clock AMstate where Rosebud Reservation/Grandpa's reservation is located (The Medicine Bag)


  3. needed to pass on medicine bag and wanted to see family before his deathreason Grandpa left the reservation (The Medicine Bag)


  4. description of Professor Schlemielwore glasses with one spectacle missing, wrinkled and too big clothes, carried papers in/and a briefcase, crumpled hat


  5. killed in warresult of "not carrying the medicine bag to war" to Mom's father (The Medicine Bag)


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