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  1. Bow Wow
  2. a broken shell of an iron kettle, a pebble from a butte, and a piece of sacred sage from the prairie
  3. needed to pass on medicine bag and wanted to see family before his death
  4. Rosebud Reservation
  5. description of Professor Schlemiel
  1. a reason Grandpa left the reservation (The Medicine Bag)
  2. b some items in the medicine bag (The Medicine Bag)
  3. c wore glasses with one spectacle missing, wrinkled and too big clothes, carried papers in/and a briefcase, crumpled hat
  4. d name of dog that Professor Schlemiel's owned (The Day I Got Lost)
  5. e Grandpa's reservation (The Medicine Bag)

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  1. why the Professor brought the dog home (The Day I Got Lost)
  2. way he got home (The Day I Got Lost)
  3. Professor Schlemiel's friend (The Day I Got Lost)
  4. narrator looked at old man (specific time; Tell-Tale Heart)
  5. creator of the world in Sioux language (The Medicine Bag)

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  1. tradition of giving it to oldest male of each generationreason Grandpa gave Martin the medicine bag (The Medicine Bag)


  2. bathtublocation body was dismembered (Tell-Tale Heart)


  3. New Yorkcity/state where Professor Schlemiel lived (The Day I Got Lost)


  4. death watcheswood-boring beetles whose heads make a tapping sound superstitiously regarded as an omen of death (Tell Tale Heart)


  5. sanitynarrator keeps trying to prove this.. (Tell-Tale Heart)


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