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  1. CE
  2. Primary Source
  3. BCE
  4. Paleontology
  5. Archaeology
  1. a Before Common Era
  2. b study of ancient artifacts
  3. c Common Era
  4. d studies of ancient cultures
  5. e a scientist's or archaeologist's interpretation of a direct artifact from history.

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  1. trust in somebody to tell the truth to get an inference right.
  2. studies of the human culture
  3. study of rocks and land formations
  4. the art of creating maps.
  5. one event follows the other. A geological *.

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  1. Historycollection of stories and cultures


  2. Longitudevertical lines on a map.


  3. Hypothesisan educated answer that has not yet been tested or proven.


  4. Latitudehorizontal lines on a map. Going through more distinct cultural areas.


  5. Elementspoints of reference, key, scale, title, and compass


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