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  1. amnesty
  2. addendum
  3. equitable
  4. insurgent
  5. transmute
  1. a adj. fair
  2. b n. pardon for an offense
  3. c n. one who rises against authority adj. rising in revolt
  4. d n. an addition usually in the form of a contract
  5. e v. to change from one nature to another

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  1. v. to give condescendingly
  2. adj. persistent
  3. adj. thin, light
    n. thin, light cloth
  4. adj.impossible to see through physically; incapable of being understood
  5. adj. troublesome; unruly

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  1. heinousadj. wicked


  2. vapidn. distinctive air or personal quality


  3. scathingadj. dull


  4. transgressadj. lasting only a short time


  5. fettern. a chain v. to chain or shackle


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