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  1. immutable
  2. transient
  3. contraband
  4. repudiate
  5. vouchsafe
  1. a v. to give condescendingly
  2. b adj. lasting only a short time
  3. c adj. smuggled goods
  4. d v. to deny the validity of
  5. e adj. no subject to change

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  1. adj. courteous and pleasant
  2. v. to steal in a sneaky way
  3. v. to plead with someone against something
  4. n. one having power to decide a matter
  5. adj. funereal

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  1. contrivev. to plan with ingenuity


  2. retrenchv. to reduce in scope and cost


  3. eruditeadj. abrupt


  4. disabuseadj. courteous and pleasant


  5. soporificadj. tending to cause sleep n. something that induces sleep


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