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  1. contraband
  2. aura
  3. arbiter
  4. brusque
  5. anomalous
  1. a n. one having power to decide a matter
  2. b n. distinctive air or personal quality
  3. c adj. irregular; slightly strange
  4. d adj. abrupt
  5. e adj. smuggled goods

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  1. adj. no subject to change
  2. v. to give condescendingly
  3. adj. extremely strict
  4. v. to reduce in scope and cost
  5. v. to increase power or wealth

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  1. blazonadj. ethically low


  2. remonstratev. to deny the validity of


  3. equitableadj. courteous and pleasant


  4. sleazyadj. beneficial, helpful


  5. archetypen. pardon for an offense


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