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  1. immutable
  2. cajole
  3. fetter
  4. aggrandize
  5. caveat
  1. a n. a warning
  2. b v. to increase power or wealth
  3. c adj. no subject to change
  4. d v. to persuade through flattery or artifice
  5. e n. a chain v. to chain or shackle

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  1. adj. tending to cause sleep n. something that induces sleep
  2. n. a delusion of power, wealth, talent, etc.
  3. adj. abrupt
  4. adj. courteous and pleasant
  5. v. to punish severely

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  1. auran. distinctive air or personal quality


  2. autonomyn. self-government


  3. insurgentn. one who rises against authority adj. rising in revolt


  4. straitlacedadj. extremely strict


  5. vicariousadj. troublesome; unruly


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