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  1. anomalous
  2. retrench
  3. insular
  4. vapid
  5. irrevocable
  1. a adj. irregular; slightly strange
  2. b v. to reduce in scope and cost
  3. c adj. incapable of being changed or called back
  4. d adj. narrow or isolated in outlook
  5. e adj. dull

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  1. n. a damaging statement
  2. adj. ethically low
  3. v. to give condescendingly
  4. n. boredom
  5. v. to plan with ingenuity

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  1. demagoguen. a leader who exploits popular prejudices in order to gain power


  2. affableadj. courteous and pleasant


  3. transgressv. to go beyond a limit or boundary; to violate a law


  4. filchv. to steal in a sneaky way


  5. extricatev. to deny the validity of


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