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  1. heinous
  2. prognosticate
  3. scurrilous
  4. contrive
  5. autonomy
  1. a v. to plan with ingenuity
  2. b adj. wicked
  3. c v. to predict
  4. d adj. abusive, vulgar, or low (especially in language)
  5. e n. self-government

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  1. v. to steal in a sneaky way
  2. adj. courteous and pleasant
  3. adj. scholarly
  4. v. to punish severely
  5. v. to deny the validity of

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  1. amorphousadj. irregular; slightly strange


  2. brusqueadj. abrupt


  3. scathingadj. bitterly sever; causing great harm


  4. vicariousadj. experienced by one person in place of another


  5. fractiousadj. troublesome; unruly


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