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  1. extricate
  2. heinous
  3. amnesty
  4. sleazy
  5. demagogue
  1. a adj. ethically low
  2. b adj. wicked
  3. c n. a leader who exploits popular prejudices in order to gain power
  4. d v. to free from entanglements or difficulties
  5. e n. pardon for an offense

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  1. n. one who rises against authority adj. rising in revolt
  2. adj. shapeless, without definite form
  3. n. a rule of conduct or action
  4. adj. thin, light
    n. thin, light cloth
  5. v. to display conspicuously

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  1. addendumn. an addition usually in the form of a contract


  2. auraadj. dull


  3. megalomaniaadj. beneficial, helpful


  4. transgressadj. lasting only a short time


  5. vicariousadj. experienced by one person in place of another


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