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  1. ennui
  2. soporific
  3. fractious
  4. flout
  5. sepulchral
  1. a adj. troublesome; unruly
  2. b n. boredom
  3. c adj. tending to cause sleep n. something that induces sleep
  4. d adj. funereal
  5. e v. to mock

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  1. n. a damaging statement
  2. adj. dull
  3. v. to deny the validity of
  4. adj. lasting only a short time
  5. v. to change from one nature to another

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  1. filchv. to mock


  2. autonomyn. self-government


  3. propensityn. a damaging statement


  4. vicariousadj. abusive, vulgar, or low (especially in language)


  5. irrevocableadj.impossible to see through physically; incapable of being understood


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