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  1. 1 Quotas- set amount of limited imports
    2. Technical restrictions- limit stuff ( exmaple. environmental protection)
    3. Administrative restrictions- not totally capitalized (Russia, china)
    4. Trade supports subsides= support domestic products
  2. comprises ministers of national governments, Interests of member companies
  3. A broad concept that represents the increasing integration of economics, culture, and politics a across national boundaries.

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  1. How FDI and FPI differ.-International economic institutions
    - Expansion of International trade
    -Technological revelation and financial integration.


  2. Post-WWIIThe view of the world as a whole a single unit with many commonalities and connections across political ideology/identity. creating maintaining hegemony through cultural powers.


  3. Pre-WWII rise of Globalization-The rise of modern capitalism
    -Industrial revolution
    -increase of International trade and migration


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