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pillars and IDs

nomadic people that organized themselves into clans and tribes


struggle ot defend the fath


holy place of worship for muslims


Islamic prophet who was told by an angles that there is only one god


a monothesitic religion that believes Allah is god and Muhammad is his prophet


follower of the Islamic religion


holy book of Islam


succesor of Muhammad


leader of a mosque, descendant of Ali


a person who ruled the turks


succesor of Muhammad, threatens people to pay Islam tax through military

Abu Bakr

after Abu Bakr, says that if you become a Muslim and conquer others, you'll become rich


people who believe the new leader should have been elected by those capable of the job; beleive agreement among Muslims should settle religious matters


people who beleive Muslim leadership should have passed through Ali


muslim mystic who tries to live a simple life centered on god


the beliefs that mystics are possible


a person who attains (accomplishes) spiritual union with god by means of fasting and prayer. This union surpasses all human comprehension


Berber general who led a Muslim army to Spain


a Spanish Muslim


submission to the will of god, belief that Muhammad is God's prophet

What make a Muslim?

messengers, prophets, and holy books

What are the three ways we know God's existence and law?

heaven- where the righteous enjoy paradise
hell- where the wicked suffer torments

What are the two possibilities on Judgement Day?

Witness (Shahadah), Worship (Salat), Fasting during Ramadan (sawn), Tithe (Zakat), Pilgrimage (Hajj)

What are the five pillars?

the Angel Gabriel

Who was the messenger in Muslim beliefs?


Who was the Prophet in Muslim beliefs?

Qua'ran (many different spellings)

what is the name of the Muslim holy book?

the belief that there is only one god, Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet

what is the Witness (Shahadah)?

ritual prayer performed five times a day FACING THE KAABA at MECCA

What is the worship (Salat)?

for one month Muslims fast from food during daylight hours (dawn to sunset). During the night, they eat drink and hold parties

What is fasting during the holy month of Ramadan (sawn)?

the duty to pay a certain amount of income to help the poor

What is the Tithe (Zakat)?

Muslims have to worship at the Kaaba at least once in their lifetime.

What is the pilgrimage (hajj)?

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