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  1. what is the difference between water-oil/oil-water emulsions?
  2. which type of water is best for preparing parenteral solutions?
  3. How many components are required to make an emulsion and what are they?
  4. Describe the anti-microbial properties of syrups.
  5. what is the use of emulsifying agents?
  1. a Ans: the difference is the dispersed phase/continuous phase
    dispersed phase comes first
    Water-oil: dispersed phase is water.
    Oil-water: dispersed phase is oil
  2. b they reduce the surface tension between the wate and oil and allow the two to mix.
  3. c water:oil:emulsifying agent (eg. acacia)
  4. d water for injection USP
  5. e the near saturation of syrups prevent microbial growth thereby no parabens are needed as antimicrobials

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  1. PLO gel is compatible with diverse range of therapeutic agents, including lipophilic and hydrophilic drugs. Most drugs can be incorporated without stability issue.
  2. multiple OH groups in alcohols
    sorbitol and glycerin
  3. It contains pyrogens which are microbial compounds increase body temperature.
  4. Ans: A and C
    Note that only water for injection and bacteristatic water may be used
  5. Its a variation of dry gum: oil:water:acacia
    3;2;1 or 2:1;1

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  1. which of the following types of water cannot be used to make parenteral & opthalmic solutions?
    a) purified water
    b) bacteristatic water
    Ans: A and C
    Note that only water for injection and bacteristatic water may be used


  2. Define: humectant and give 2 examples.Adding an insoluble substance to a powder while its wet is called levigation


  3. what are the four types of bases used to make ointment?1. water washable bases
    2. Oleaginous/hydrocarbon/oil bases
    3.Emulsion bases


  4. what is the nacent method?Tincture is an alcoholic or hydroalcoholic solution of chemicals or soluble constituents of vegetable drugs.
    Tinctures must be keep away from light and heat


  5. what is the ratio for dry gum and wet gum?...dunno


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