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  1. 21st Amendment
  2. 16th Amendment
  3. "Free Silver" Movement
  4. Emanuel and Marcet Haldeman-Julius
  5. Free Education
  1. a Established an income tax
  2. b Developed "Little Blue Books"
  3. c Repealed the 18th Amendment, Prohibition
  4. d Back the currency by silver and gold, part of Populism
  5. e Part of the Socialist & Progressive Movement that dealt with the school systems

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  1. Was a "muckraker", wrote "The Jungle"
  2. Found in Kansas because the state was once covered by the Permian Sea
  3. Started the Socialist paper "Appeal to Reason"
  4. A public health reformer who banned the public drinking cup.
  5. Approving or passing laws

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  1. "What's the Matter With Kansas"Editorial that claimed the Populists made Kansas look foolish


  2. suffrageThe civil right to vote


  3. PopulismThe reform movement started by FARMERS


  4. Women's SuffrageVoting for both women and African Americans


  5. Annie DiggsNewspaper writer who brought together the issues of the women's movement and Populism


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