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  1. Carry A. Nation
  2. Appeal to Reason
  3. "What's the Matter With Kansas"
  4. Women's Suffrage
  5. Mary Elizabeth Lease
  1. a Claimed that Wall Street owned the country
  2. b Voting rights for all women
  3. c Editorial that claimed the Populists made Kansas look foolish
  4. d Kansas newspaper that expressed the views of Socialism
  5. e Worked for Prohibition in defense of the family, destroyed saloons with a hatchet

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  1. Turned sermons into "cliffhangers" to encourage visitors to return to his Topeka Church
  2. an investigative journalist who looks into the negative parts of society, very popular during the early 1900s, example = Upton Sinclair
  3. Abstaining from alcohol, religiously motivated, personal choice
  4. US Congressman who claimed that his opponent of wearing silk socks as a symbol of wealth
  5. Wanting to maintain the current views or traditional values

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  1. Annie DiggsNewspaper writer who brought together the issues of the women's movement and Populism


  2. Samuel CrumbineA public health reformer who banned the public drinking cup.


  3. PolitcalIdeal community or society


  4. suffrageThe civil right to vote


  5. Kate Richards O'HareFirst woman to run for Senate, was a Socalist


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