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  1. Samuel Crumbine
  2. Frederick Funston
  3. Carry A. Nation
  4. Ablin K. Longren
  5. 21st Amendment
  1. a A mechanic who built the first successful airplane in Kansas
  2. b A public health reformer who banned the public drinking cup.
  3. c Worked for Prohibition in defense of the family, destroyed saloons with a hatchet
  4. d A military leader who fought during the Spanish-American War.
  5. e Repealed the 18th Amendment, Prohibition

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  1. First woman to run for Senate, was a Socalist
  2. Editorial that claimed the Populists made Kansas look foolish
  3. Newspaper writer who brought together the issues of the women's movement and Populism
  4. Abstaining from alcohol, religiously motivated, personal choice
  5. Can't be denied voting rights based on sex

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  1. William Allen WhiteFirst Populist US Senator


  2. EconomicIdeal community or society


  3. Standard OilControled all aspects of its oil production


  4. PopulismThe reform movement started by FARMERS


  5. ProgressiveThe reform movement focused on changing lots of social issues, not a political party, accomplished many goals


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