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  1. Nitrogen
  2. Metalloids
  3. Noble Gases
  4. Orbitals
  5. Manganese
  1. a Mn
  2. b Group 18/ Stable gases that tend not to react with other elements
  3. c N
  4. d s, p, d, and f. Sub-regions of the Energy Levels. They are filled from the smallest (lowest energy) to the highest.
  5. e have properties of both metals and nonmetals, conduct electricity better than nonmetals but worse than metals

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  1. proposed set orbits for electrons
  2. Mendeleev created this which lists the elements in order of atomic number
  3. shiny, high conductivity, malleable, high density
  4. Reintroduced the atom with evidence
  5. Consists of Protons and Neutrons

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  1. ScandiumSc


  2. IsotopesAtoms of the same kinda of matter with different numbers of neutrons


  3. AluminumCa


  4. RutherfordS


  5. OxygenAr


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