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  1. Nucleus
  2. A Protons charge?
  3. Negative Ion
  4. Bohr's model
  5. Phosphorus
  1. a (a) similar to Rutherford (b) Electrons travel in a set path of levels (c) Distinct steps between levels (d) Described Electrons as moving around the nucleus in fixed units
  2. b Atom with more electrons that protons
  3. c Positive. Protons don't change.
  4. d P
  5. e Consists of Protons and Neutrons

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  1. B
  2. Sc
  3. shiny, high conductivity, malleable, high density
  4. Si
  5. C

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  1. FluorineCl


  2. LithiumL


  3. Groups/FamiliesCreated by combining atoms


  4. HydrogenH


  5. Noble Gasesdull, brittle, low density, melt at a low temperature, don't conduct heat/electricity well


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