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  1. Metalloids
  2. Potassium
  3. Orbitals
  4. Periods
  5. J. Chadwick
  1. a have properties of both metals and nonmetals, conduct electricity better than nonmetals but worse than metals
  2. b Same number of electron 'rings.' Rows
  3. c K
  4. d s, p, d, and f. Sub-regions of the Energy Levels. They are filled from the smallest (lowest energy) to the highest.
  5. e Discovers the neutron

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  1. Cl
  2. P
  3. in AMU (atomic mass units)
  4. O
  5. Be

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  1. Atomsconsist of three subatomic particles, protons, neutrons, and electrons - has no charge as a whole


  2. HydrogenH


  3. DemocritusSame number of electron 'rings.' Rows


  4. Nonmetalsdull, brittle, low density, melt at a low temperature, don't conduct heat/electricity well


  5. IsotopesAtoms of the same kinda of matter with different numbers of neutrons


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