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  1. Rutherford
  2. Rutherford's Model
  3. Orbitals
  4. Chromium
  5. Calcium
  1. a Cr
  2. b (a) Nucleus with positive charge (b) Atom is mostly empty space (c) electrons travel like planets around the nucleus
  3. c s, p, d, and f. Sub-regions of the Energy Levels. They are filled from the smallest (lowest energy) to the highest.
  4. d discovers the positive charged nucleus
  5. e Ca

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  1. Created by Dalton- states that all matter is composed of tiny particles called atoms. a) each element is made of atoms b) all atoms of a given element are identical c) atoms of diff. elements have diff properties (mass, chem. reactivity) d) atoms are not changed by chem. reactions but rearranged into diff. compounds e) compounds are formed when atoms of more than one element combine f) A compound is defined by the number, type (element), and proportion of the constituent atoms
  2. proposed the idea of atoms
  3. (a) similar to Rutherford (b) Electrons travel in a set path of levels (c) Distinct steps between levels (d) Described Electrons as moving around the nucleus in fixed units
  4. Protons stay the same but Neutrons vary.
  5. N

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  1. moleculesshiny, high conductivity, malleable, high density


  2. MagnesiumV


  3. A Protons charge?Positive. Protons don't change.


  4. OxygenO


  5. Negative IonAtom with more protons then electrons


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