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  1. Muslims took over major Christian cities of Jerusalem, Antioch, and Alexandria; influence of these cities then ceased; Church in the East, divided by Arianism, buckled under the Muslims, causing them to give the Mediterranean Basin up to these warriors
  2. Bishop of Hippo in 396, authored theological works; originally promiscuous
  3. human God incomprehensible; Jesus couldn't save us
  4. movement to withdraw to gain holiness
  5. theologians of 1st 8 centuries helped doctrine

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  1. Clovisking of Franks; converted in 496


  2. Why was the Nicene Creed written and what does it say about Jesus?To state what the church believes in-their mission; Jesus is Lord, God's Son, existed before world was created; made from God..but not something made from God..


  3. Charlemagne"Charles the Great" crowned in 800


  4. Ecumenical Councilcoming together to work on doctrinal issues


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