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  1. To state what the church believes in-their mission; Jesus is Lord, God's Son, existed before world was created; made from God..but not something made from God..
  2. king of Franks; converted in 496
  3. 313 AD allowed Christianity
  4. human God incomprehensible; Jesus couldn't save us
  5. 1. St. John Chrysostom: Preached against moral laxity of the rich; tried to reform the local clergy 2. St. Ambrose: Argued against Arianism; sold Church treasures to pay ransom for captives taken by the Goths; encouraged wealthy to share with the poor 3. St. Jerome: translated the Bible into Latin, which took 23 years; resulted in the Latin Vulgate, the authorized Bible used in the Catholic Church up to modern times; defender of the orthodox faith 4. St. Augustine of Hippo: Ambrose stirred Augustine's heart to conversion; wrote The Confessions about his conversion to Christ; Defended the faith against heresies; charitable, service-oriented

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  1. Who legalized Christianity and when did he do so?Constantine


  2. church fathers"Charles the Great" crowned in 800


  3. St. Augustine of Hippo325 AD by Constantine; confronted Arianism


  4. Council of Nicea325 AD by Constantine; confronted Arianism


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