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  1. 1. St. John Chrysostom: Preached against moral laxity of the rich; tried to reform the local clergy 2. St. Ambrose: Argued against Arianism; sold Church treasures to pay ransom for captives taken by the Goths; encouraged wealthy to share with the poor 3. St. Jerome: translated the Bible into Latin, which took 23 years; resulted in the Latin Vulgate, the authorized Bible used in the Catholic Church up to modern times; defender of the orthodox faith 4. St. Augustine of Hippo: Ambrose stirred Augustine's heart to conversion; wrote The Confessions about his conversion to Christ; Defended the faith against heresies; charitable, service-oriented
  2. 325 AD by Constantine; confronted Arianism
  3. ruled Britain & Gaul
  4. "Charles the Great" crowned in 800
  5. king of Franks; converted in 496

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  1. St. Augustine of Hippo325 AD by Constantine; confronted Arianism


  2. What impact did the rise of Islam have on Christianity?Muslims took over major Christian cities of Jerusalem, Antioch, and Alexandria; influence of these cities then ceased; Church in the East, divided by Arianism, buckled under the Muslims, causing them to give the Mediterranean Basin up to these warriors


  3. Who legalized Christianity and when did he do so?Bishop of Hippo in 396, authored theological works; originally promiscuous


  4. Why was the Nicene Creed written and what does it say about Jesus?Constantine


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