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  1. Battle of Kadesh
  2. Presentation
  3. Great Leaps Theory
  4. Paleolithic Era
  5. Achulean Tools
  1. a A battle between Egypt and the Hittites over land, the Hittites ended up acquiring some land but both sides lost a lot of fighters.
  2. b A theory that humankind evolved and progressed with great leaps. Examples include the finding of fire and tools.
  3. c The era where hunting was the main food source of humans. It lasted until the Gravettians, and the main part of one's diet was protein.
  4. d Tools made by Homo Erectus/Ergaster that were large stone cutting tools, such as axes, that had a bifacial cutting edge. These tools were repeated and were slightly variated for different jobs.
  5. e A challenge of historians; Different ways of looking at and understanding history, affects how information is received, thought about.

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  1. These were used by the upper class to control the lower class, sometimes by literally running over them. These were also used in war.
  2. A fertility goddess that the Israelites continued to worship even though they supposedly only believed in YHWH. Many figurines of her were found, however it seems that all worship of her stopped at around 500 BC, the time of the Neo-Babylonian exile.
  3. When the Assyrians came, they required the Israelites to pay a tax and troops to them, and then wrote the Tel Dan stele about it.
  4. A group of different factions or city-states controlled by one ruler. These city-states usually pay the ruler every month or so, and possibly rely on the ruler for protection.
  5. The idea by Jared Diamond that states that a culture's influence\power is determined by their geography.

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  1. MonolatryThe second king of Israel, David's son. He built 6-chambered gates on many of his cities, he built a temple to YHWH, and he generally lived a good reign.


  2. Homo ErgastorWhen a society favors female power.


  3. Cedar ForestNatural items left behind. (seeds, bones, etc.)


  4. Advancement of MilitaryThe advancement of leadership went like this: 1. "Guy who gets things done" Someone trustworthy and helpful who is turned to for advice. 2. "Big Man" Has some authority, but not much. 3. "The Chief" an official leader who can choose their successor. 4. "King\Nobility" A royal family that rules without the consent of the lower class. Is usually god-chosen.


  5. ColoniesHow civilizations respond to crises shape history. Ex. Native Americans, 9-11, etc.


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