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  1. 1,000 B.C.Population Spread
  2. Babylonian
  3. Radicals
  4. Levant
  5. Advancement of Military
  1. a Winners write history. Ex: WWII where U.S. wrote books about evilness of Germany, etc.
  2. b After a survey of pottery over a large area, it was found that there was an unnatural population increase in 1,000 BC that could only be explained by something unnatural (Such as the collapse of Canaan cities.)
  3. c The area on the coast of the Mediterranean and slightly below Mesopotamia that has a range of mountains down its center and forests along the edges of those mountains. It is very fertile, and was controlled by first the Canaans and then the Philistines.
  4. d The advancement of military is as follows: 1. Walls were built for basic protection. 2. Defensive weapons, such as spear, rocks that could be thrown from walls were made. 3. Trained Militia trained and armored militia were employed. 4. A standing army was used, specifically for military uses.
  5. e Conquered Akkads. Were first the Amorites, but when they took over, they named their capital Babylon, and were known as such. They were led by Hammurabi, who made the famous code of laws.

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  1. List the 6 challenges historians face.
  2. This was useful because dogs were like a shield between hunters and their prey, and because dogs are good guards. This occurred at the time of the Aurignacians.
  3. The river in Mesopotamia that was more to the North. Sought after for fertility.
  4. The first phoenician city, it was an important port and had a little bit of everything.
  5. Theory that states that the events of the past must be explainable by events of today.

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  1. CatastrophismOld, weak theory that changes in geography were because of supernatural events (random floods, earthquakes, etc.).


  2. Fertile CrescentThe forest in Phoenicia that provided it with trading material and boats. It is in the modern Lebanon flag.


  3. PatriarchyWhen a society favors male power.


  4. CurrencyGeography gives people advantages, and this creates history. Ex: Sea Islands sought for naval powers, High mountains best for fending attacks, etc.


  5. EthnocentrismBelieving that our way of thinking is the only or best way of thinking about the world.


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