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  1. Ziggurat
  2. Selection
  3. Paranthropus Boisiei
  4. Lingua Franca
  5. 6-chambered Gate
  1. a Evolved from Australopithecus. Was an herbivore that ate roots and lived rather well for its time period, however it died out because a climate change occurred, and it was not adaptable enough.
  2. b A strong kind of gate that was built at multiple cities in Israel. The similarity of these gates indicate that they were indeed built by Solomon and were part of his empire.
  3. c A challenge of historians; Choosing what to record, not everything can be recorded. Leads to an incomplete view.
  4. d A religious shrine that was in the center point of the city, kept growing in competition with others.
  5. e The "main" language. The language most popularly used, and the one most likely learned as a second language. The modern lingua franca is english.

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  1. The Hittite general who led at the Battle of Kadesh. He exiled the Hittite king, causing a civil war that destroyed the Hittites.
  2. The main Phoenician god that was denounced by Christianity because it was against their beliefs.
  3. A civilization that forms on the edges of already existing civilization, though it has its own culture and beliefs it is affected by those of the neighboring civilizations.
  4. List the 6 challenges historians face.
  5. A small period of time where there were ice-age like climates, however not as drastic. Marked end of period of ice ages.

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  1. Fertile CrescentThe idea that there were 4 groups of scribes that wrote the bible over a long period of time. (list the name of the groups in order)


  2. AlphabetThe area on the coast of the Mediterranean and slightly below Mesopotamia that has a range of mountains down its center and forests along the edges of those mountains. It is very fertile, and was controlled by first the Canaans and then the Philistines.


  3. NatufiansAfter Magdaleans. Had burials and jewelery. Probably believed in shamanism. Had domesticated dogs. Practiced horticulture and basic farming. Lived at the end of the ice age.


  4. FeaturesItems too large or permanent to be taken to a lab.


  5. Incomplete RecordsEvolved from Homo Habilis. Had little hair, could sweat, and had large noses to filter cold air, allowing for communication while hunting. Was first animal to use context clues (footprints) to piece a larger picture (an animal just walked by). Strangely, this species didn't change for over 1.5 million years, but then made fire, a huge advancement. Made first stone axes (Achulean tools). Evolved into Homo Heidelbergensis.


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