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  1. Exodus
  2. Monolatry
  3. 3-Age Theory
  4. Abraham
  5. Plutarch
  1. a A biblical prophet born in the city of Ur that supposedly was told by god to begin monotheistic religion.
  2. b Great men move history forward. Ex. Hitler, George Washington, MLK, etc.
  3. c The bilblical story that tells of how the Israelites left Egypt in a huge migration led by Moses, (according to archaeology) is probably an exaggerated tale of a smaller group of slaves that escaped to Israel, bringing with them news of the god, YHWH.
  4. d A religion that believes in one main god, but believes in lesser gods as well.
  5. e Theory by Christian Thompson, based on superposition, that there were three ages, in this order: Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age.

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  1. When a society favors female power.
  2. Was first developed by the Sumerians, but the Phoenicians made their own that soon became the main currency.
  3. A challenge of historians; Choosing what to record, not everything can be recorded. Leads to an incomplete view.
  4. The first Assyrian capital, the religious capital.
  5. Study of people and culture.

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  1. Venus FigurinesClay figurines made by the Gravettians to worship the Mother Goddess, a fertility goddess. The first sign of belief in gods.


  2. Paranthropus BoisieiEvolved from Australopithecus. Was an herbivore that ate roots and lived rather well for its time period, however it died out because a climate change occurred, and it was not adaptable enough.


  3. LebanonThe country that is in the area where Phoenicia was. Its flag depicts a cedar tree, showing the importance of cedar trees in its history.


  4. PastoralismBelief in gods\higher beings.


  5. SolomonThe second king of Israel, David's son. He built 6-chambered gates on many of his cities, he built a temple to YHWH, and he generally lived a good reign.


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