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  1. Levant
  2. Byblos
  3. Dog Domestication
  4. Assyrians
  5. Syria
  1. a The area on the coast of the Mediterranean and slightly below Mesopotamia that has a range of mountains down its center and forests along the edges of those mountains. It is very fertile, and was controlled by first the Canaans and then the Philistines.
  2. b The first phoenician city, it was an important port and had a little bit of everything.
  3. c Conquered Babylonians. Were very militaristic, and used terror to rule. They tried and failed to conquer several times before acquiring a great empire. They greatly advanced math, science, and medicine. They were led by Tiglath Pilesser III, who introduced the first standing army.
  4. d A fringe civilization that formed at the junction of Phoenicia and Mesopotamia. Made a system of taxation on whoever passed by that allowed them to prosper.
  5. e This was useful because dogs were like a shield between hunters and their prey, and because dogs are good guards. This occurred at the time of the Aurignacians.

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  1. The oldest known tools, made by chipping stones to produce a sharper edge. Made by Homo Habilis.
  2. An epic, monomyth, that describes Gilgamesh the King's journey to become a better man. (remember Enkidu, his brother)
  3. A wetter, warmer period of time between ice ages.
  4. The study of the writing/study of history.
  5. The three qualities that a good theory should have.

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  1. Cedar ForestItems too large or permanent to be taken to a lab.


  2. EnculturationOver the years, humans developed a sense of __________ this allowed them to be more creative and helped Homo Sapiens survive Homo Neanderthalensis.


  3. NimrudWhen cultures adopt or do not adopt new ways of thinking and producing, history is shaped. Ex: new businessman overthrew aristocracy, American Revolution, etc.


  4. Shamanism\AnimismEvolved from Australopithecus. Could eat meat, a factor that contributed to its growing brain size. It was a scavenger, a jack-of-all-trades. It used the first tools (mainly chipped stones and sticks). Evolved into Homo Ergastor


  5. AustralopithecusA society that formed at the junction of Egypt and Mesopotamia. There were many trade routes through them, and they became very good at trading between the two societies.


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