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  1. David
  2. 1,000 B.C.Population Spread
  3. Duderonomy
  4. Tel-Dan Stele
  5. Solomon
  1. a The set of rules that the Bible says must be followed that are read by the prophet Ezra after the Neo-Babylonian exile. This united the Hebrews and made them follow the Bible more.
  2. b The second king of Israel, David's son. He built 6-chambered gates on many of his cities, he built a temple to YHWH, and he generally lived a good reign.
  3. c The first ruler of Israel, he united the 12 warring tribes to form Israel.
  4. d An Assyrian stele that mentions the House of David, proving its existence.
  5. e After a survey of pottery over a large area, it was found that there was an unnatural population increase in 1,000 BC that could only be explained by something unnatural (Such as the collapse of Canaan cities.)

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  1. A biblical prophet born in the city of Ur that supposedly was told by god to begin monotheistic religion.
  2. The change from hunting and gathering to farming. Also made most nomadic tribes settle down (to farm).
  3. The main Phoenician god that was denounced by Christianity because it was against their beliefs.
  4. The area on the coast of the Mediterranean and slightly below Mesopotamia that has a range of mountains down its center and forests along the edges of those mountains. It is very fertile, and was controlled by first the Canaans and then the Philistines.
  5. The Hittite general who led at the Battle of Kadesh. He exiled the Hittite king, causing a civil war that destroyed the Hittites.

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  1. SumeriaWhen cultures adopt or do not adopt new ways of thinking and producing, history is shaped. Ex: new businessman overthrew aristocracy, American Revolution, etc.


  2. Tel Zait ABCDeryA set of an early form of Hebrew found in Tel Zait that allows for the writing of the bible to occur when it supposedly did.


  3. AustralopithecusThe first human ancestor. Was first bipedal animal. Evolved into Paranthropus Boisiei and Homo Habilis


  4. ImaginationOver the years, humans developed a sense of __________ this allowed them to be more creative and helped Homo Sapiens survive Homo Neanderthalensis.


  5. HebrewA group of Israelites that made the first monotheistic religion that is the basis of Christianity, Isam, and Hebrew.


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