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  1. Radicals
  2. Cuneiform
  3. Historiography
  4. Geographic Luck
  5. Homo Ergastor
  1. a The idea by Jared Diamond that states that a culture's influence\power is determined by their geography.
  2. b The study of the writing/study of history.
  3. c The form of writing introduced by Sumerians used in old world. It was a syllabic way of writing, and was written on clay tablets.
  4. d Evolved from Homo Habilis. Had little hair, could sweat, and had large noses to filter cold air, allowing for communication while hunting. Was first animal to use context clues (footprints) to piece a larger picture (an animal just walked by). Strangely, this species didn't change for over 1.5 million years, but then made fire, a huge advancement. Made first stone axes (Achulean tools). Evolved into Homo Heidelbergensis.
  5. e Winners write history. Ex: WWII where U.S. wrote books about evilness of Germany, etc.

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  1. Belief in gods\higher beings.
  2. The City of Gilgamesh.
  3. A set of an early form of Hebrew found in Tel Zait that allows for the writing of the bible to occur when it supposedly did.
  4. History is random and unpredictable. Ex: Random person in Belgium made first military telescope, Galileo looked at stars with telescope, church made calendar with telescope (totally random), etc.
  5. The "main" language. The language most popularly used, and the one most likely learned as a second language. The modern lingua franca is english.

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  1. Dead Sea ScrollsEvolved from Homo Heidelbergensis. Out-hunted Neanderthals, causing them to die out. Was almost extinct because of harsh climate.


  2. BiasA challenge of historians; Two versions, Intentional: propaganda, lying, and Unintentional: Observer _____, prejudice, oral transmission. Is an altered way of looking at history.


  3. MagdaleansAfter Gravettians. Lived in an ice age, and became Natufians when it receded. Had bone spears and harpoons. Advanced culture. Made sculptures and figurines. Advanced art.


  4. AcculturationTools made by Homo Erectus/Ergaster that were large stone cutting tools, such as axes, that had a bifacial cutting edge. These tools were repeated and were slightly variated for different jobs.


  5. EmpireA group of different factions or city-states controlled by one ruler. These city-states usually pay the ruler every month or so, and possibly rely on the ruler for protection.


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