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  1. Oldowan Tools
  2. Scribe Groups JEDP
  3. Mesolithic Era
  4. Slash and Burn Agriculture
  5. Paranthropus Boisiei
  1. a A way of farming that involved burning the unusable parts of plants, resulting in excellent soil for the next harvest, but causing that soil to be unusable for any further planting.
  2. b Era of hunting and gathering. There was a lot of food most of the time, but it was unstable. An intermediate stage between the Paleolithic and Neolithic.
  3. c The oldest known tools, made by chipping stones to produce a sharper edge. Made by Homo Habilis.
  4. d Evolved from Australopithecus. Was an herbivore that ate roots and lived rather well for its time period, however it died out because a climate change occurred, and it was not adaptable enough.
  5. e The idea that there were 4 groups of scribes that wrote the bible over a long period of time. (list the name of the groups in order)

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  1. The idea that a culture was doing well in a certain time period, so they should go back to that time period by trying to recreate it.
  2. A group of Israelites that made the first monotheistic religion that is the basis of Christianity, Isam, and Hebrew.
  3. The area within the Fertile Crescent where many cultures formed and conquered. Was very fertile.
  4. First modern humans. Had stone tools and jewelry. They probably believed in multiple worlds, but had no organized religion. Had cave art. First to believe in Shamanism.
  5. A battle between Egypt and the Hittites over land, the Hittites ended up acquiring some land but both sides lost a lot of fighters.

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  1. MatriarchyWhen a society favors male power.


  2. SolomonPhoenicia had many colonies along the Mediterranean that allowed it to prosper.


  3. Geographic LuckThe idea by Jared Diamond that states that a culture's influence\power is determined by their geography.


  4. PastoralismA way of life that involved being nomadic, but living off of domesticated animals. The people went where the animals needed to go.


  5. Great Leaps TheoryA theory that humankind evolved and progressed with great leaps. Examples include the finding of fire and tools.


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