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  1. Agriculture
  2. Homo Habilis
  3. Nineveh
  4. Hittites
  5. Advancement of Religion
  1. a The advancement of religion is as follows: 1. Shaman\animism. 2. Theism. 3. Place of Worship, such as a forest clearing, was declared. Repeated Ceremonies. 4. Organized Religion: Temples, priests, all that.
  2. b The Assyrian political capital, had many temples and palaces.
  3. c The taking care of and domestication of plants. Led to the optimizing of plants, and is common today.
  4. d Evolved from Australopithecus. Could eat meat, a factor that contributed to its growing brain size. It was a scavenger, a jack-of-all-trades. It used the first tools (mainly chipped stones and sticks). Evolved into Homo Ergastor
  5. e They formed in the mountains of Anatolia, distant from others. They built a strong capital (Hattusa), making it impenetrable. They conquered a large amount of land. They used chariots.

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  1. Leader of Assyrians. introduced the terror rule and employed a standing army.
  2. A civilization that forms on the edges of already existing civilization, though it has its own culture and beliefs it is affected by those of the neighboring civilizations.
  3. The forest in Phoenicia that provided it with trading material and boats. It is in the modern Lebanon flag.
  4. The advancement of military is as follows: 1. Walls were built for basic protection. 2. Defensive weapons, such as spear, rocks that could be thrown from walls were made. 3. Trained Militia trained and armored militia were employed. 4. A standing army was used, specifically for military uses.
  5. A wetter, warmer period of time between ice ages.

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  1. Fertile CrescentA challenge of historians; Choosing what to record, not everything can be recorded. Leads to an incomplete view.


  2. Sweating, Less hair, Bigger noses.The area where the pottery survey that found out about the population boom in 1000 BC occurred.


  3. Advancement of Social ClassesThe structure of social classes went like this: 1. Everyone is equal. 2. The "Big Man" has a higher class. 3. There is an elevated wealthy council for the chief, and the chief has the most powerful. 4. A modern social system. From most power to least: King, Nobles, Merchants, Artisans, Everyone else.


  4. EthnocentrismBelieving that our way of thinking is the only or best way of thinking about the world.


  5. IsraelA society that formed out of a canaan uprising and believed in the Hebrew religion.


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