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  1. Cedar Forest
  2. Babylonian
  3. Cultural Diffusion
  4. Tyre
  5. Jerusalem
  1. a The holy city, and the capital of Israel. The House of David was supposedly inside, along with Solomon's Temple. This temple was supposedly the resting place of YHWH, and was destroyed, along with the rest of Jerusalem, when the Neo-Babylonians took over. Presently, it is a holy city for Christianity, Islam, and the Hebrew religion, and because of that, ruins from underneath cannot be dug up for archaeological reasons.
  2. b The forest in Phoenicia that provided it with trading material and boats. It is in the modern Lebanon flag.
  3. c The process of spreading culture from one area to another. This forces cultures to communicate, and eventually usually causes a golden age of culture. Neo-Babylon did this.
  4. d Conquered Akkads. Were first the Amorites, but when they took over, they named their capital Babylon, and were known as such. They were led by Hammurabi, who made the famous code of laws.
  5. e A very important Phoenician port.

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  1. The era where hunting was the main food source of humans. It lasted until the Gravettians, and the main part of one's diet was protein.
  2. First Sumerian city found. Findings from here are the basis of our understanding of their history.
  3. The advancement of language is as follows: 1. Trade records: pictures of products and tick marks. 2. Pictograph: More advanced pictures. 3. Syllabic: Pictures are associated with sounds, such as "we". 4. Alphabet: Pictures associated with single sounds, like "w".
  4. Phoenicia had many colonies along the Mediterranean that allowed it to prosper.
  5. A challenge of historians; Since it is not possible to know EVERYTHING about a subject, it is impossible to know the entire truth.

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  1. Powerful, Parsimonious, PredictiveA document or object that was written during the time period.


  2. NinevehThe holy book of the Hebrews, was written by 4 different groups of scribes and has a mixture of truth and exaggerations (no offense intended).


  3. Paranthropus BoisieiEvolved from Australopithecus. Was an herbivore that ate roots and lived rather well for its time period, however it died out because a climate change occurred, and it was not adaptable enough.


  4. UniformitarianismA way of life that involved being nomadic, but living off of domesticated animals. The people went where the animals needed to go.


  5. Advancement of Social ClassesThe structure of social classes went like this: 1. Everyone is equal. 2. The "Big Man" has a higher class. 3. There is an elevated wealthy council for the chief, and the chief has the most powerful. 4. A modern social system. From most power to least: King, Nobles, Merchants, Artisans, Everyone else.


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