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  1. Ethnocentrism
  2. Boats
  3. Hebrew
  4. Israel
  5. Baal
  1. a Believing that our way of thinking is the only or best way of thinking about the world.
  2. b The main Phoenician god that was denounced by Christianity because it was against their beliefs.
  3. c A group of Israelites that made the first monotheistic religion that is the basis of Christianity, Isam, and Hebrew.
  4. d A society that formed out of a canaan uprising and believed in the Hebrew religion.
  5. e The Phoenicians built these out of cedar to enable large amounts of trading over seas.

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  1. When a village would dig channels from the river to the planting fields in such a way that when the river flooded each year, the channels filled with water, giving the plants water.
  2. When cultures adopt or do not adopt new ways of thinking and producing, history is shaped. Ex: new businessman overthrew aristocracy, American Revolution, etc.
  3. The Assyrian political capital, had many temples and palaces.
  4. The idea that large movements become unstoppable even if their leaders die. Ex: Civil Rights Movement, Christianity (Jesus), etc.
  5. Conquered the Assyrians. Second wave of Babyolonian rule. They were led by Nebuchadnezzar II, who diffused culture, causing a golden age.

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  1. AkkadAfter Sumeria, lived on the outskirts, then took over Sumer by force. Adopted Sumerian culture after taking over. Introduced the first empire under Sargon I.


  2. LebanonThe second king of Israel, David's son. He built 6-chambered gates on many of his cities, he built a temple to YHWH, and he generally lived a good reign.


  3. MonoMythA myth that involves a hero and his journey to become a better person, usually teaches a lesson.


  4. PhoeniciaThe first civilization in Mesopotamia, introduced city-states. First to use cuneiform, and advanced the general knowledge of mankind.


  5. NimrudWritten or printed documents.


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