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  1. Presentation
  2. Enculturation
  3. YHWH (pronounced Yahweh)
  4. Gravettians
  5. Turner
  1. a Geography gives people advantages, and this creates history. Ex: Sea Islands sought for naval powers, High mountains best for fending attacks, etc.
  2. b The holy name of god as said in the Hebrew bible.
  3. c By being a part of a culture, one learns its customs.
  4. d After Aurignacians. Had advanced traps and tools, and believed in the Mother Goddess (shown in Venus Figurines).
  5. e A challenge of historians; Different ways of looking at and understanding history, affects how information is received, thought about.

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  1. When a society favors female power.
  2. An idea stating that the simpler of two competing ideas is to be favored.
  3. Say how iron came to Mesopotamia and some of the things it did.
  4. The change from hunting and gathering to farming. Also made most nomadic tribes settle down (to farm).
  5. Conquered Akkads. Were first the Amorites, but when they took over, they named their capital Babylon, and were known as such. They were led by Hammurabi, who made the famous code of laws.

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  1. Fertile CrescentThe forest in Phoenicia that provided it with trading material and boats. It is in the modern Lebanon flag.


  2. ImaginationOver the years, humans developed a sense of __________ this allowed them to be more creative and helped Homo Sapiens survive Homo Neanderthalensis.


  3. Standing ArmyThis first developed under Sargon I, and it allowed cultures to take over others more quickly and easily.


  4. IdolA challenge of historians; Two versions, Intentional: propaganda, lying, and Unintentional: Observer _____, prejudice, oral transmission. Is an altered way of looking at history.


  5. Dog DomesticationThis was useful because dogs were like a shield between hunters and their prey, and because dogs are good guards. This occurred at the time of the Aurignacians.


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