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  1. Absolute Dating
  2. Joshua
  3. Sargon
  4. Gilgamesh
  5. Expertise
  1. a The leader of Sumer, was part of an epic. Was great because he peacefully united all the city-states into Sumeria.
  2. b A challenge of historians; Since it is not possible to know EVERYTHING about a subject, it is impossible to know the entire truth.
  3. c A category of dating that provides exact dates.
  4. d A biblical prophet that supposedly took Canaan over in a military blitzkreig fashion. There is little archaeological evidence to support this however, and it is probable that Canaan was actually overthrown from within.
  5. e Leader of Akkadians, first to rule over an empire, setting the trend for others.

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  1. Evolved from Homo Ergastor. Used fire to drive animals off cliffs. Expanded north and south. Was smart and could communicate well, but didn't have much imagination. Evolved into Homo Neanderthalensis and Homo Sapiens.
  2. A cave where many artifacts were found, the main reason for our knowledge about ancient cultures.
  3. The advancement of language is as follows: 1. Trade records: pictures of products and tick marks. 2. Pictograph: More advanced pictures. 3. Syllabic: Pictures are associated with sounds, such as "we". 4. Alphabet: Pictures associated with single sounds, like "w".
  4. The gradual shift of power from city-states to an all-ruling king. Gave leaders more power while taking it from lesser people.
  5. First Sumerian city found. Findings from here are the basis of our understanding of their history.

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  1. ExodusThe bilblical story that tells of how the Israelites left Egypt in a huge migration led by Moses, (according to archaeology) is probably an exaggerated tale of a smaller group of slaves that escaped to Israel, bringing with them news of the god, YHWH.


  2. IrrigationWhen a village would dig channels from the river to the planting fields in such a way that when the river flooded each year, the channels filled with water, giving the plants water.


  3. ImaginationOver the years, humans developed a sense of __________ this allowed them to be more creative and helped Homo Sapiens survive Homo Neanderthalensis.


  4. Battle of KadeshThings that have been directly modified by humans.


  5. PastoralismConquered Babylonians. Were very militaristic, and used terror to rule. They tried and failed to conquer several times before acquiring a great empire. They greatly advanced math, science, and medicine. They were led by Tiglath Pilesser III, who introduced the first standing army.


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