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  1. Premiums
  2. Direct Marketing
  3. Prospecting
  4. Insourcing
  5. Intensive Distribution
  1. a Part of the selling process that includes identifying and developing a list of potential or prospective customers
  2. b A practice in which a company contracts with a specialist firm to handle all or part of its supply chain operations
  3. c Selling a product through all suitable wholesalers of retailers that are willing to stock and sell the product
  4. d Any direct communication to a consumer or business recipient designed to generate a response in the form of an order, a request for further information, and/or a visit to a store or other place of business for purchase of a product
  5. e Items offered free to people who have purchased a product

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  1. The way the marketplace perceives a retailer relative to the competition
  2. The process of developing media objectives, strategies, and tactics for use in an advertising campaign
  3. The central idea or theme of an advertising message
  4. Intermediaries that buy goods from manufacturers and sell to retailers and other business-to-business customers
  5. Receivers reaction to the message

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  1. SponsorshipAn organization or individual that sends a message


  2. Permission MarketingEmail advertising in which online consumers have the opportunity to accept or refuse the unsolicited email


  3. Business-to-Consumer (B2C) E-CommerceOnline exchanges between companies and individual consumers


  4. Conventional Marketing SystemMarketing in which the firm ambushes the consumer with promotion content in places they are not expecting to encounter this kind of activity


  5. Limited Service AgencyA research technique that uses clues to prompt answers from people about ads they might have seen


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