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  1. Objective-task Method
  2. Attitudinal Measures
  3. Receiver
  4. Order Getter
  5. Corrective Advertising
  1. a A research technique that probes a consumers beliefs or feelings about a product before and after being exposed to messages about it
  2. b Advertising that clarifies or qualifies previous deceptive advertising claims
  3. c A salesperson who works to develop long-term relationships with particular customers or to get new sales
  4. d The organization or individual that intercepts and interprets the message
  5. e A promotional budgeting method in which an organization first defines the specific communication goals it hopes to achieve and then tries to calculate what kind of promotional efforts it will take to meet these goals

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  1. The variety of choices available for each specific product line
  2. A set of customers, often defined by geographic boundaries, for whom a particular salesperson is responsible
  3. The moving of products into, within, and out of warehouses
  4. A marketing system that uses a number of different channels and communication methods to serve a target market
  5. A part of the selling process that includes developing information about prospective customers and planning the sales interview

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  1. DecodingThe process by which a receiver assigns meaning to the message


  2. Party Plan SystemsA sales technique that relies heavily on people getting caught up in the group spirit, buying things they would not normally


  3. Public Relations CampaignThe major elements of marketer-controlled communication, including advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, and direct marketing


  4. Inventory ControlThe mode by which products move


  5. DisintermediationThe elimination of some lawyers of the channel of distribution in order to cut costs and improve the efficiency of the channel


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