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  1. Sales Territory
  2. Creative Strategy
  3. Channel Levels
  4. Retail Life Cycle
  5. Merchandise Depth
  1. a A set of customers, often defined by geographic boundaries, for whom a particular salesperson is responsible
  2. b A theory that focuses on the various stages that retailers pass through from introduction to decline
  3. c The variety of choices available for each specific product line
  4. d The process that turns a concept into an advertisement
  5. e The number of distinct categories of intermediaries that populate a channel of distribution

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  1. A marketing system that uses a number of different channels and communication methods to serve a target market
  2. A group of commercial establishments owned and managed as a single property
  3. A firm at one level of distribution that takes a leadership role, establishing operating norms and processes based on its power relative to other channel members
  4. The process of designing, managing, and improving the movement of products through the supply chain. Includes purchasing, manufacturing, storage and transport.
  5. A research technique conducted by phone survey or personal interview that asks whether a person remembers seeing an ad during a specific period without giving the person the name of the brand

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  1. SourceWord of mouth communication that consumers view as authentic


  2. ProspectingPart of the selling process that includes identifying and developing a list of potential or prospective customers


  3. MessageAnything that interferes with effective communication


  4. Limited Service AgencyAn agency that provides one or more specialized services, such as media buying or creative development


  5. PufferyClaims made in advertising of product superiority that cannot be proven true or untrue


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