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  1. Take Title
  2. General Merchandise Discount Store
  3. Store Image
  4. Infomercials
  5. Team Selling
  1. a A sales function when handled by a team that may consist of a salesperson, a technical specialist, and others
  2. b To accept legal ownership of a product and assume the accompanying rights and responsibilities of ownership
  3. c Retailers that offer a broad assortment of items at low prices with minimal service
  4. d The way the marketplace perceives a retailer relative to the competition
  5. e Half-hour of hour-long commercials that resemble a talk show but actually are sales pitches

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  1. A sales promotion where the manufacturer and the retailer share the cost
  2. Internet advertising in the form of rectangular graphics at the top or bottom of web pages
  3. Providing a variety of products in one location to meet the needs of buyers
  4. Claims made in advertising of product superiority that cannot be proven true or untrue
  5. The series of firms or individuals that facilitates the movement of a product from the producer to the final consumer

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  1. Follow-upActivities after the sale that provide important services to customers


  2. RetailingThe process is translating an idea into a form of communication that will convey meaning


  3. Limited Service AgencyA research technique conducted by phone survey or personal interview that asks whether a person remembers seeing an ad during a specific period without giving the person the name of the brand


  4. Push MoneySmall banner type ads that can be placed anywhere on a web page


  5. ApertureThe best place and time to reach a person in the target market group


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