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  1. Cost Per Thousand (CPM)
  2. Receiver
  3. Merchant Wholesalers
  4. Independent Intermediaries
  5. Conventional Marketing System
  1. a A multiple-level distribution channel in which channel members work independently of one another
  2. b The organization or individual that intercepts and interprets the message
  3. c Channel intermediaries that are not controlled by any manufacturer but instead do business with many different manufacturers and many different customers
  4. d A measure used to compare the relative cost-effectiveness of different media vehicles that have different rates; cost to deliver message to 1,000 people or homes
  5. e Intermediaries that buy goods from manufacturers and sell to retailers and other business-to-business customers

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  1. The degree to which the target market will see an advertising message placed in a specific vehicle
  2. An advertising message that promotes the activities, personality, or point of view of an organization or company
  3. The communication in physical form that goes from a sender to a receiver
  4. Marketing activities that attempt to give customers an opportunity to interact with brands, thus enabling them to make more intelligent and informed decisions
  5. The central idea or theme of an advertising message

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  1. Order TakerA sales person whose primary function is to facilitate transactions that the customer initiates


  2. Inventory ControlActivities to ensure that goods are always available to meet customer's demands


  3. Media PlanningThe process of developing media objectives, strategies, and tactics for use in an advertising campaign


  4. ImpressionsThe number of people who will be exposed to a message placed in one or more media vehicles


  5. Public Relations (PR)A coordinated effort to communicate with one or more of the forms publics


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