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  1. Merchant Wholesalers
  2. Infomercials
  3. Merchandise Assortment
  4. Supply Chain Management
  5. Competitive-Parity Method
  1. a Intermediaries that buy goods from manufacturers and sell to retailers and other business-to-business customers
  2. b The range of products a store sells
  3. c A promotion budgeting method in which an organization matches whatever competitors are spending
  4. d The management of flows among firms in the supply chain to maximize total profitability
  5. e Half-hour of hour-long commercials that resemble a talk show but actually are sales pitches

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  1. A form of personal selling selling that focuses on making an immediate sale with little or no attempt to develop a relationship with the customer
  2. The organization or individual that intercepts and interprets the message
  3. An advertising message that focuses on a specific good or service
  4. A brochure or pamphlet that offers a specific good or service at one point in time
  5. An organization or individual that sends a message

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  1. Channel LeaderA sales person whose primary function is to facilitate transactions that the customer initiates


  2. Channel of DistributionSelling a product through all suitable wholesalers of retailers that are willing to stock and sell the product


  3. MessageThe communication in physical form that goes from a sender to a receiver


  4. ButtonsSmall banner type ads that can be placed anywhere on a web page


  5. Out-of-Home MediaThe way the marketplace perceives a retailer relative to the competition


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