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  1. Antithesis
  2. Epiphany
  3. Inversion
  4. Parallelism
  5. Euphemism
  1. a A balancing of two opposite or contrasting words, phrases, or clauses.
  2. b constructing a sentence so the predicate comes before the subject. This creates an emphatic or rhythmic effect.
  3. c refers to a grammatical or structural similarity between sentences or parts of a sentence.
  4. d A major character's moment of realization or awareness.
  5. e The use of a word or phrase that is less direct, but that is also less distasteful or less offensive than another. e.g. "He is at rest" instead of "He is dead."

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  1. When the reader is aware of an inconsistency between a fictional or non-fictional character's perception of a situation and the truth of that situation.
  2. The appearance of truth, actuality, or reality; what seems to be true in fiction.
  3. The choices in diction, tone, and syntax that a writer makes. In combination they create a work's manner of expression. Style is thought to be conscious and unconscious and may be altered to suit specific occasions. Style is often habitual and evolves over time.
  4. a turn of fate that leaves the tragic figure destitute
  5. A writer's attitude toward his or her subject matter revealed through diction, figurative language, and organization of the sentence and global levels.

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  1. ResolutionThe part of the story or drama where all the problems or mysteries of the plot are unraveled.


  2. Non sequitura statement that does not follow logically from evidence


  3. IdiomAn expression peculiar to a particular language that means something different from the literal meaning of the words.


  4. False analogyneedless repetition of an idea by using different but equivalent words; a redundancy


  5. Circular reasoningReasoning that ends and begins in the same place. No evidence is offered


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