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  1. audacious
  2. oblique
  3. wrangle
  4. abashed
  5. excise
  1. a to quarrel or argue in a noisy, angry way
  2. b cut away; cut out; N: government tax on good produced and used inside a country; N. excision
  3. c slanting or sloping, not straightforward or direct
  4. d ashamed or embarrassed
  5. e bold, adventurous, recklessly daring

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  1. used of unskilled work (especially domestic work)
  2. slow; sluggish
  3. (adj.) in very great numbers; (n.) a very great number
  4. A high point of land extending into water
  5. (n.) a person or thing turned to for help or advice; the act of seeking help or protection

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  1. plebeiancommon, pertaining to the common people


  2. viehighest point; pinnacle; summit


  3. jostlewise saying; proverb


  4. banter(adj.) reckless; heartless, unjustifiable; loose in morals; (n.) a spoiled, pampered person; one with low morals


  5. cowercompete for something


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