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  1. wrangle
  2. tawdry
  3. abashed
  4. prodigious
  5. detriment
  1. a ashamed or embarrassed
  2. b extraordinary in size or amount
  3. c cheap and shoddy
  4. d harm or loss; injury, damage; a disadvantage; a cause of harm, injury, loss, or damage
  5. e to quarrel or argue in a noisy, angry way

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  1. Having to do with morals, values, right and wrong
  2. slanting or sloping, not straightforward or direct
  3. highest point; pinnacle; summit
  4. a remote or indirect consequence of some action
  5. (adj.) in very great numbers; (n.) a very great number

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  1. viecompete for something


  2. incapacitate(adj., adv.) in a disguised state, under an assumed name or identity; (n.) the state of being disguised; a person in disguise


  3. menial(adj.) in very great numbers; (n.) a very great number


  4. excisecompete for something


  5. cowercheap and shoddy


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