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  1. cower
  2. excise
  3. detriment
  4. ethical
  5. menial
  1. a Having to do with morals, values, right and wrong
  2. b cut away; cut out; N: government tax on good produced and used inside a country; N. excision
  3. c used of unskilled work (especially domestic work)
  4. d harm or loss; injury, damage; a disadvantage; a cause of harm, injury, loss, or damage
  5. e recoil in fear or servility; shrink away from

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  1. expel from a community or group
  2. (adj.) showing concern or care; fearful or anxious about someone or something
  3. thin, pale, and careworn as a result of worry or suffering; wild-looking
  4. To push or shove
  5. common, pertaining to the common people

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  1. banter(adj.) reckless; heartless, unjustifiable; loose in morals; (n.) a spoiled, pampered person; one with low morals


  2. adagehighest point; pinnacle; summit


  3. incognitorecoil in fear or servility; shrink away from


  4. viehighest point; pinnacle; summit


  5. staidcharacterized by dignity and propriety


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