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  1. Ascension
  2. void
  3. isaiah
  4. Pilgrim Church
  5. Senses of Scripture
  1. a empty; without form; the state of the world before God gave it form and created beings to fill it.
  2. b Forty days after his Resurrection, the entry of Christ's humanity into divine glory
  3. c Term for the Church on earth, whose members are on a journey, the destination of which has not yet been reached,
  4. d there are two basic senses in which this should be read, the literal and the spiritual. The spiritual has three senses: the allegorical or typical, the moral or topological, and the the anagogical.
  5. e the great prophet who guided the reforms of Hezekiah. His prophecies often refer to the coming of the Messiah

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  1. The mental, moral, and physical agony suffered by Christ in the Garden or Gethsemane, where he prayed after the Last Supper but before his arrest.
  2. Latin for "let it be done". This was the Blessed Virgin Mary's response to God's plan of redemption; it was her consent to become the Mother of God.
  3. Distinct from the common priesthood of the faithful, the ministerial priesthood consists of those men who have relieved the Sacrament of Holy Orders in order to minister to the needs of the faithful
  4. The objective order established by God that determines the requirements for people to thrive and reach fulfillment. The participation of man in the plan of God in relation to human life and action insofar as the mind can understand it
  5. from the Greek proto, meaning "first" and evangelion, meaning "good news". Gn. 3-15

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  1. Universal call to HolinessEvery baptized person is called to seek holiness regardless of his or her state in life. This call was reaffirmed by the Second Vatican Council.


  2. BeatitudesThe teachings of Christ in the Sermon on the Mount about the meaning and way to true happiness.


  3. Indwelling of the Blessed TrinityThe seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are wisdom, understanding, counsels, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord


  4. Simeonhe recognized Jesus as the Christ at the Presentation in the Temple


  5. Sanctifying GraceThis supernatural, free,and undeserved help from God is given in specific circumstances to help choose the good and avoid evil


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