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  1. Sanctifying Grace
  2. Invincible Ignorance
  3. Simeon
  4. Noah
  5. isaiah
  1. a the free and unmerited favor of God dispensed through the sacraments. This grace heals human nature, which has been wounded by sin, giving man a share in the divine life, which is infused into the soul by the Holy Spirit
  2. b the great prophet who guided the reforms of Hezekiah. His prophecies often refer to the coming of the Messiah
  3. c Ignorance that can not be overcome by ordinary diligence.
  4. d he recognized Jesus as the Christ at the Presentation in the Temple
  5. e the righteous man who, with his family and the animals, survived the Flood in the Ark

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  1. adam and eve's first son and murderer of his brother, able. his descendants carried a line of evil in contrast to the descendants of seth
  2. The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are wisdom, understanding, counsels, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord
  3. Described in Luke 2: 41-52. Christ and his parents went to Jerusalem for the Feast of the Passover. On the return journey, the Blessed Virgin Mary at St. Joseph covered Christ was not with them and, after three days, found him in the Temple, discoursing with the teachers of the Law
  4. adam and eve's abuse of their human freedom by disobeying God's command. as a consequence, they lost the grace of original holiness and justice and became. subject to death; sin became universally present in the world. every human person except Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary has been born with the stain of Original Sin. the sin separates mankind from God, darkens the intellect, weakens the will, and introduced into human nature an inclination toward sin
  5. the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac

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  1. Bride of Christmaking no mistakes or errors. scripture always teaches truth, never falsehood


  2. Law of LoveChrist taught his followers to love God above all else and love their neighbors as themselves


  3. Agony in the GardenThe mental, moral, and physical agony suffered by Christ in the Garden or Gethsemane, where he prayed after the Last Supper but before his arrest.


  4. Passoverthe suffering of Christ leading up to his Death


  5. Christian DescipleshipBeing a follower of Christ


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