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  1. Noah
  2. Theological Virtues
  3. Laity
  4. Presentation
  5. Mt. Moriah
  1. a The faithful who, having been incorporated into Christ through Baptism, are made part of the People of God, the Church
  2. b the mountain where Abraham prepared to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice and on which the city of Jerusalem was later built
  3. c the righteous man who, with his family and the animals, survived the Flood in the Ark
  4. d Christ in the Temple was performed in obedience to the Mosaic Law, which required the offspring of the firstborn male, as well as the ritual purification of the mother, forty days after childbirth.
  5. e Faith, hope, and charity. Infused in the soul at Baptism, these enable a Christian to partake of the divine nature they are called theological because they have God as their object

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  1. the tetragrammaton, or four letters, of the divine name in Hebrew; the personal name of the God of Israel revealed to Moses on Mt. Sinai, meaning "I AM WHO AM". This is rendered Lord in most English translations of the Bible.
  2. Duties required by the Catholic Church of her members in order to ensure a certain minimum in their spiritual and moral lives
  3. Jesus Christ, through his sacrificial Death on the Cross, set man free from the slavery of sin.
  4. Term for the Church on earth, whose members are on a journey, the destination of which has not yet been reached,
  5. the supernatural and preternatural gifts enjoyed by our first parents before the fall; these include sanctifying grace and exemption from sin, suffering, death, and concupiscence.

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  1. soulthe righteous man who, with his family and the animals, survived the Flood in the Ark


  2. Electthe first woman and our first mother. she was created from the rib of adam, and thus woman, unlike the animals, is man's equal and complement. with adam, she committed the first sin (original sin)


  3. creationadam and eve's first son and murderer of his brother, able. his descendants carried a line of evil in contrast to the descendants of seth


  4. Agony in the Gardenan ornate box that held the tablets of the 10 commandments, the rod of Aaron, and some manna; it was a visible sign of God's invisible presence on earth.


  5. Natural LawThe objective order established by God that determines the requirements for people to thrive and reach fulfillment. The participation of man in the plan of God in relation to human life and action insofar as the mind can understand it


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