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  1. How many JUSTICES does the Judicial Branch of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT have?
  2. In what 3 ways are the Federal Government and State Government the same?
  3. What is the function of the LEGISLATION for the Federal Government?
  4. Federal Government
  5. How many Senators are in each State
  1. a Government for all 50 states. It has branches of government.
  2. b 9
  3. c to make laws
  4. d Both have...
    (1) 3 branches of Government
    (2) Collect Taxes
    (3) the Executive has the power of VETO
  5. e 2

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  1. Veto and Pardon
  2. to make laws
  3. (1) Senate
    (2) House Representatives
  4. Carries out laws
  5. to carry out laws

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  1. Who is the head of the Executive Branch for the STATE?to carry out laws


  2. What 2 things does the Judicial Branch of Federal Government do?9


  3. ConstitutionA plan of government for the Federal and State governments.


  4. How many justices does the Judicial Branch in the STATE Of Ohio have?7


  5. Who is the HEAD of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government?President


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