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  1. direct rule
  2. New Zealand
  3. Parliament
  4. Mediterranean
  5. Germany and the US
  1. a The French practiced ______, sending officials to administer their colonies.
  2. b ________ was the first to grant women's suffrage.
  3. c What sea lies to the north of Africa?
  4. d The two countries that led their way to industrial leadership were?
  5. e English form of government

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  1. Time of peace and unity under Roman rule
  2. Islamic house of worship
  3. French style of art, culture, manners, and customs became standard for European tastes as a result of his reign
  4. _______ - the great powers expanded their armies and navies, creating an arms race- this further increased suspicions and made war more likely.
  5. People who devoted their lives to seeking spiritual truth

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  1. Natural rightsRights that belong to all human beings from birth


  2. MummificationSinking of the British _____ killed 1200 which included 120 Americans.


  3. Declining death ratesWhich of the following caused the population boom of the 1700s?


  4. penalIn 1788, Britain turned Austria into a _____ colony.


  5. Louis XIVFrench king who built the Palace of Versailles


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