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  1. 100 years war
  2. Monarchy
  3. Spread of new ideas
  4. Editing and releasing the Elms Dispatch
  5. reparations
  1. a Series of wars between England and France
  2. b What was an effect of the printing revolution in the 1500's?
  3. c Government in which a king or queen exercises central power.
  4. d Bismark moved Prussia and France towards war by...
  5. e The treaty imposed huge ______ upon Germany.

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  1. Battle that convinced the French to join the American side
  2. He defeated Mark Antony to become the first citizen
  3. He discovered the passage through to the South Seas (Pacific Ocean)
  4. __________- the draft- all nations except Britain imposed this.
  5. Mexico viewed the annexation of _____ as a declaration of war.

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  1. GermanyIn 1917, the US declared war on ______.


  2. PredestinationThe Industrial Revolution brought rapid __________.


  3. HieroglyphicsEgyptian form of picture writing


  4. Annul his marriage________ sent a telegram to Mexico asking for support- offering to help Mexico re-conquer Texas, etc.


  5. Steam locomotiveWho was the prophet of laissez-faire economics?


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