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  1. There were several conflicting interests in the region
  2. Caravel
  3. Jupiter
  4. Pictograms
  5. Annul his marriage
  1. a The first system of writing was _______.
  2. b Roma god similar to all-powerful Greek god Zeus
  3. c A ship that combined square sails with triangular ones
  4. d Why was the Balkan region referred to as a powder keg?
  5. e Why did Henry the VIII break with the Catholic Church?

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  1. Countries belonging to the _____ alliance were Great Britain, France, and Russia.
  2. Who wrote Les Miserables?
  3. Prophet of Islam
  4. A term meaning Spanish conqueror
  5. Rule by a landholding elite

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  1. superiorMany Westerners viewed European races as _____ to all others.


  2. It stopped the MuslimsIn the _______ angry Chinese attacked foreigners across China.


  3. CivilizationA complex and highly organized social order.


  4. direct ruleThe belief that authority to rule comes from God


  5. Propaganda_________- spreading of ideas to promote a cause or to damage an opposing cause.


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