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  1. Thomas Jefferson
  2. Limited Monarchy
  3. City-states
  4. Lay Investiture
  5. Philippines
  1. a Government in which a constitution or legislature body limits the Monarch's pwer
  2. b At the conclusion of the Spanish-American War, the _______ were placed under American control.
  3. c The geography of Greece helped create these
  4. d Nobles and monarchs appointed church officials to their courts
  5. e Principal author of the Declaration of Independence

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  1. One of the causes of imperialism was that manufacturers wanted access to ________.
  2. Nickname for Otto von Bismark...
  3. Egyptian form of picture writing
  4. Preservation of the dead
  5. _______ built a steamboat that traveled at speeds of more than five miles per hour.

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  1. Oliver CromwellLeader of the Roundheads in the English Civil War


  2. ConquistadorFour holy wars


  3. Navigation actsLaws passed by Parliament to regulate colonial trade and manufacturing


  4. CivilizationChurch court that ended religious toleration


  5. PharaohThis was an Egyptian ruler


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