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  1. Humanism
  2. Inquisition
  3. Islam
  4. Pogrom
  5. No representation
  1. a Intellectual movement that focused on worldly subject not religious
  2. b Why did the colonists resent the British taxes they were required to pay...
  3. c Faith of the Muslim people
  4. d Church court that ended religious toleration
  5. e Violent mob attack on Jews...

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  1. The Suez canal connects the ____ sea and the _______ sea.
  2. Principal author of the Declaration of Independence
  3. The age of hunters and gathers.
  4. A form of government controlled by a small, powerful elite from the business calss
  5. Government in which a king or queen exercises central power.

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  1. Annul his marriageWhy did Henry the VIII break with the Catholic Church?


  2. PhilippinesAt the conclusion of the Spanish-American War, the _______ were placed under American control.


  3. HieroglyphicsEgyptian form of picture writing


  4. PericlesLong stories about exploits of gods and heroes


  5. HeresyA peasant that was bound to the land


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