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  1. 10 commandments
  2. Pogrom
  3. Aristocracy
  4. Editing and releasing the Elms Dispatch
  5. Gold rush
  1. a Bismark moved Prussia and France towards war by...
  2. b The laws that Jews believe that God gave to Moses
  3. c Rule by a landholding elite
  4. d In 1851, a ______ in eastern Australia brought a population boom.
  5. e Violent mob attack on Jews...

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  1. _________ attacked ships carrying American citizens.
  2. What ocean is to the west of Africa?
  3. Why was the Battle of Tours significant?
  4. European powers ______ almost the entire African continent.
  5. How did William II shock Europe?

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  1. trade surplusHe defeated Mark Antony to become the first citizen


  2. Indirect ruleThe British practiced ______, using local rulers to govern their colonies.


  3. Red and Mediterranean_________ attacked ships carrying American citizens.


  4. PericlesIn 1788, Britain turned Austria into a _____ colony.


  5. direct ruleThe French practiced ______, sending officials to administer their colonies.


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