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  1. Iron Chancellor
  2. Propaganda
  3. Corporation
  4. Germany
  5. Henry
  1. a Nickname for Otto von Bismark...
  2. b _________- spreading of ideas to promote a cause or to damage an opposing cause.
  3. c This country divided into many small states as a result of the Thirty Years' War
  4. d What was a business owned by many investors who buy shares of stock?
  5. e He explored the west coast of Africa

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  1. ______ was a new religious movement of the 1700s.
  2. People who devoted their lives to seeking spiritual truth
  3. The British practiced ______, using local rulers to govern their colonies.
  4. China's most valuable export
  5. Government ran by church leaders

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  1. Balkan powder kegOttoman territories became known as the _____ due in part to infighting between nationalities.


  2. AllianceWhich European country gained holdings in Africa that were the size of the continental United States?


  3. RealpolitikBismark was a master of ______ when evaluating the needs of the state.


  4. trade deficitWesterners had a _____ with China when they bought more from China than they sold to them.


  5. ShakespeareWhich Renaissance writer that the most far-reaching influence?


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