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  1. Athens and Sparta
  2. 100 years war
  3. superior
  4. Took over the church
  5. factories
  1. a Series of wars between England and France
  2. b The Peloponnesian War resulted from conflict between
  3. c What is the place where workers and machines were brought together to produce goods?
  4. d Many Westerners viewed European races as _____ to all others.
  5. e How did Henry the VIII react when the Pope refused to annul his marriage?

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  1. Prophet of Islam
  2. Which Renaissance writer that the most far-reaching influence?
  3. Estimated number of troops lost in the Great war: ____ million.
  4. A collection of prayers, hymns, and religious teachers are _____
  5. To sail around the world

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  1. 10 commandmentsWhat group made up the largest part of the population in feudal society?


  2. RepublicIn 1788, Britain turned Austria into a _____ colony.


  3. Treaty of VersaillesWhat was an effect of the printing revolution in the 1500's?


  4. HuguenotsFrance was torn apart by religious wars between Catholics and _______


  5. AstrolabeWhat was a word for women's right to vote?


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