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  1. A perfect circle is an ellipse with an eccentricity of
  2. The scientific method is a major force in science, and theories describing physical phenomena have been developed with the aim of ensuring that
  3. What evidence do we have that the Sun contains the element iron?
  4. According to modern atomic theory, light emitted by atoms originates from
  5. When a solid body (or a dense gas such as a star) cools from a temperature of several thousand degrees, the color of the wavelength of maximum emission of radiation will
  1. a transitions of electrons between electron levels of the same atom.
  2. b zero.
  3. c move steadily toward the red end of the spectrum.
  4. d they agree with what we find in experiments and observations.
  5. e Solar spectra show absorption in spectral lines that are characteristic of iron and are unique to it.

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  1. visible light, UV radiation, X rays, gamma rays
  2. at all wavelengths, with a peak at one particular wavelength (color).
  3. the direction of an object's motion changes.
  4. bending of light as it enters a dense but transparent material at an angle to the perpendicular to the surface of the material.
  5. Light generates electrical charge on a computer-readable multielement array of detectors.

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  1. To a physicist, a blackbody is defined as an object thatpath traced out by the Sun in our sky over one year against the background stars.


  2. The chemical makeup of a star's surface is usually inferred bycelestial equator and the star, measured along a great circle passing through both celestial poles.


  3. Visible wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation have a range of wavelengths oftemporary reversal of the planet's normal west-to-east motion past the background stars as seen from the Earth.


  4. In the system of celestial coordinates that matches latitude and longitude on the Earth, which in the coordinate that is equivalent to longitude?Right ascension


  5. Which of the following four objects or persons in NOT accelerating?Olympic swimmer exerting considerable force to maintain a constant speed in a straight line through the water.


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