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  1. Why were Newton's three laws so important to astronomy?
  2. the energy flux, F, from a star is the amount of
  3. The best shape for the cross-section of a simple astronomical mirror in order to produce the sharpest images of very distant objects at its prime focus is a(n)
  4. The spectrum of a star shows a set of dark absorption lines equivalent to the absorption lines of the Sun but with one exception: Every line appears at a slightly longer wavelength, shifted toward the red end of the spectrum. What conclusion can be drawn from this observation?
  5. Visible wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation have a range of wavelengths of
  1. a parabolic shape.
  2. b energy emitted by each square meter of the star's surface each second.
  3. c The star is moving rapidly away from Earth.
  4. d Newton's laws showed that planets can move around the Sun by themselves forever, without coming to rest.
  5. e 400 nm to 700 nm

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  1. distance that light travels in one year.
  2. point where the Sun crosses the celestial equator moving northward in its path across the sky.
  3. declination
  4. the direction of an object's motion changes.
  5. in circular epicycles while the centers of the epicycles move in circular orbits around the Earth.

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  1. What is the main reason for using several radio telescopes together as an interferometer?to obtain much better angular resolution or sharpness in the images.


  2. The hot, dense gas existing on the Sun emits energyopposition.


  3. A perfect circle is an ellipse with an eccentricity ofangle


  4. To a physicist, a blackbody is defined as an object thatabsorbs all radiation that falls on it.


  5. What is the half-life of a sample of matter containing radioactive element?Solar spectra show absorption in spectral lines that are characteristic of iron and are unique to it.


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