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  1. the bodies of the former seers are now twisted so that their head faces their ________
  2. did witchcraft on a swampy tract of land and then died
  3. fortune tellers, in the fourth bowge
  4. Blind seer-Theban prophet. Found two snakes intertwined and hit 'em with a stick and then was a woman for seven years and then hit 'em again and got changed back
  5. syn. potion

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  1. EurypylusGreek seer who accompanied Agamemnon to troy


  2. The Trojan Warastrologer of forlĂ­


  3. Calchasassociated with Eurypylus


  4. forwardtheir contapatso is that they cannot look _______


  5. AugurThe city built on the site where Manto lived, Virgil's native city


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