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  1. 4 views of how to interpret the warning passages of Hebrews-EXPLAIN
  2. Specific ways God's love is defined in 1 John-EXPLAIN
  3. 3 teachings related to sin's seriousness in 1 John
  4. 3 arguments against Paul's authorship of the pastoral epistles
  5. Titus
  1. a concern, action, sacrifice, results
  2. b different vocabulary and style, formal theology, doesn't fit into Acts timeline
  3. c don't casually continue to sin, don't hide/ignore it, cleansed only by death of Jesus
  4. d hypothetical warnings, loss of rewards, loss of salvation, warning to false believers
  5. e strengthening the reputation of the church

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  1. idealist, preterist, historicist, futurist
  2. the new is better than the old
  3. impersonal tone and "in Ephesus" originally included?
  4. don't support false teachers
  5. United with Christ, united under Christ

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  1. 1 johndon't support false teachers


  2. 2 Petercertainty and implications of Christ's return


  3. 3 ways for understanding we are chosen in Christcold, abandoned, physical stress


  4. revelationvictory at last


  5. 2 reasons Paul wrote 1 Timothy and Titustroubles with false teaching, long-term needs for churches


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