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  1. 90s: new generation
  2. Missy Eliott
  3. 1980s
  4. Alternative as marketing category
  5. Paul Simon
  1. a high unemployment/low income; divorce, child abuse on rise; violence part of lives and culture
  2. b recorded with South African musicians (Ladysmith Black Mambazo); political controversy; the seminal world-beat album
  3. c commercial success turned it mainstream and became a marketing category
  4. d image of strength and open sexuality for women; humor
  5. e metal becomes mainstream with Def Leppard, Van Halen, Bon Jovi; shorter catchier songs, more sophisticated production; emphasis on virtuosity & classical music a source

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  1. created own record label and overly political
  2. distinct alternative scene in late 80s; Green River, SubPop records; DIY; tv and film bring attention to seattle
  3. began in disco, used video to make herself a star; Bowie-like; pushes buttons of sexuality, religion, abortion, etc
  4. economic hard times attempted to be solved with New Right conservatism; punk was British lashing out with anger against govt
  5. 79-80 --> music industry in recession but revived by CD and MTV; "The Video Age"

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  1. Rock steady"I saw that song"; MTV critical in 80s, serving as national radio station


  2. P.Diddyfrom the street to executive suite; Bad Boy entertainment business empire; producer


  3. Sex PistolsMalcolm McLaren (manager); helped create mytholgy of punk (political and musical revolution); "anti-music"; anger, frustration, chaos; made rock dangerous again; blurred distinction between artists and audience


  4. MTV legacylaunched August 1st, 1981; precursors of MGM musicals, scopitone/Color Sonics machines, Beatles, Bohemian Rhapsody


  5. CrossoverMTV pushes wall between rock and hip hop; "It's all rock and roll - Ice T" ; "Cop Killer" put blame on rap for glorifying violence


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