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  1. 90s: new generation
  2. New Wave artists
  3. Dead Kennedys
  4. Nirvana
  5. Early Disco
  1. a Devo, Elvis Costello, The Pretenders, The Cars, Billy Idol
  2. b high unemployment/low income; divorce, child abuse on rise; violence part of lives and culture
  3. c Kurt Kobain: influences from Beatles, Zeppelin; all can be heard in their sound
  4. d created own record label and overly political
  5. e iconed by "The Hustle" - Van McCoy and The Soul City Orchestra; "Never Can Say Goodbye" - the first disco hit

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  1. polyphonic synthesizer
  2. three #1 singles in '75; "Get Down Tonight" "That's the Way I Like It" "Shake Your Booty"
  3. MTV concentrated on appealing British Bands --> music with synthesizes and a disco peat (electro-pop)
  4. reached big markets because the message was pop instead of politics; song was driven and had great hooks
  5. rebirth of independent lyrics; empowered women in rock; in its decline, punk became a form of merchandise

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  1. David Bowieled New Wave towards pop mainstream; experimented and incorporated many styles; Deborah Harry; 'Parallel Lines' was breakthrough album


  2. The 70s was known as the "______ decade" because.."Do it yourself", "Refuse to conform"


  3. The Synthesizerback to basics rock; two minute high-energy guitar attacks; influential in England


  4. 1970s continuation of Heavy metaleconomic hardship for blacks in 80s/90s; drugs gangs guns; arose from desperation and creating a sense of community


  5. Misogyny in Hip Hopwhy do so many female fans listen to music that degrades women?


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