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  1. Early Disco
  2. Commercial success of New Wave
  3. Seattle
  4. Alternative rock
  5. Punk
  1. a underground styles called "college rock"; music hard to find; indie labels, fanzines; non-commercial; REM showed commercial potential of this music
  2. b distinct alternative scene in late 80s; Green River, SubPop records; DIY; tv and film bring attention to seattle
  3. c the first alternative music; angry/minimalist; born at CBGB (country, blue grass, and blues) bar in NYC
  4. d reached big markets because the message was pop instead of politics; song was driven and had great hooks
  5. e iconed by "The Hustle" - Van McCoy and The Soul City Orchestra; "Never Can Say Goodbye" - the first disco hit

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  1. rebirth of independent lyrics; empowered women in rock; in its decline, punk became a form of merchandise
  2. MTV concentrated on appealing British Bands --> music with synthesizes and a disco peat (electro-pop)
  3. gay NY dance culture; smooth transitions between songs; funk was root
  4. synthesized funk sound, illustrates coming of drum machines, sampling
  5. blend of punk/metal/pop; "warmed over black sabbath"; a look/reaction against hair bands

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  1. Donna Summermade reggae international in 70s; six gold LPs in 5 years; icon for oppressed people everywhere


  2. Alternative as marketing categoryhip hop culture grows underground with new fashion and language


  3. Ska"**** the Police"; dr dre and Ice cube went on to greater success


  4. elements of hip hopwhy do so many female fans listen to music that degrades women?


  5. Metallicalike megadeath, sped metal up to create new style; underground music circulated on cassette; eventually top 10 w/o MTV or radio airplay


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