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  1. Michael Jackson and MTV
  2. Earth Wind and Fire
  3. Alternative music
  4. Alternative rock
  5. Ice T
  1. a underground styles called "college rock"; music hard to find; indie labels, fanzines; non-commercial; REM showed commercial potential of this music
  2. b elements of funk, Latin, strings, sweet vocal precision; message of racial unity; championed African culture & heritage
  3. c term used for music seen as less commercial & mainstream; rock as art or expression rather than profit; often called 'indie' music
  4. d perfect fit --> visually stunning videos and choreography; unheard of sales on par with Elvis & the Beatles
  5. e "Cop Killer"

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  1. women were always there, males were just first recorded; SaltNPepa,; in your face sexuality
  2. self-destructed image; first album produced by John Cale of the Velvet Underground
  3. iconed by "The Hustle" - Van McCoy and The Soul City Orchestra; "Never Can Say Goodbye" - the first disco hit
  4. commercially dominant, national, corporate
  5. satellite transmission; portable cassette players (Sony Walkman)

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  1. KissAlice Cooper's excess to another level; ruthless commercialness


  2. Disco undergroundinitially an underground phenomenon with little airplay and independent labels


  3. ReggaeRastafarianism and Rude Boy street politics; 'reggae' derived from 'raggay' meaning 'raggedy, everyday stuff'; emphasis on offbeat; political music attacking racism & capitalism


  4. Princefunk-based style of dance music popular in second half of 70s; non-stop dance music with thumping beat dominating charts


  5. metal censorship court casestraditional; pop/glam; thrash/speed; death


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