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  1. Developments in marketing
  2. What is Reggae?
  3. The 70s was known as the "______ decade" because..
  4. Michael Jackson's legacy
  5. Misogyny in Hip Hop
  1. a broke down racial barriers (beat it & billie jean), great dancer/choreographer, record sales, helped lead charity rock movement
  2. b mix of Caribbean folk and R&B; first rock style to originate in third world; born in Kingston Jamaica
  3. c radio stations devoted to classic rock & addressed to boomers
  4. d why do so many female fans listen to music that degrades women?
  5. e "Me Decade" - America prospering under Nixon after Vietnam - sexual experimentation and the pursuit of pleasure

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  1. economic hard times attempted to be solved with New Right conservatism; punk was British lashing out with anger against govt
  2. back to basics rock; two minute high-energy guitar attacks; influential in England
  3. faster, angrier; began in LA; bands promoted themselves
  4. blend of punk/metal/pop; "warmed over black sabbath"; a look/reaction against hair bands
  5. expanded rap's language; white rap stylings

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  1. Hip hop technologyturntables, drum machines; sampling --> sound taken from a recorded medium and used on another medium


  2. Princeblend of punk/metal/pop; "warmed over black sabbath"; a look/reaction against hair bands


  3. 90s: new generationhigh unemployment/low income; divorce, child abuse on rise; violence part of lives and culture


  4. SeattleRastafarianism and Rude Boy street politics; 'reggae' derived from 'raggay' meaning 'raggedy, everyday stuff'; emphasis on offbeat; political music attacking racism & capitalism


  5. Reggae internationalwhite acts in Britain (the Clash, Police)


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