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  1. Seattle
  2. mid and later 80s
  3. U2
  4. Alternative as marketing category
  5. Ice T
  1. a distinct alternative scene in late 80s; Green River, SubPop records; DIY; tv and film bring attention to seattle
  2. b new idealism surfaces in mid 80s as audiences and musicians looked back to 60s and "causes" in rock
  3. c commercial success turned it mainstream and became a marketing category
  4. d Leaders in the 60s-style protest revival; ethereal guitar sound
  5. e "Cop Killer"

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  1. back to basics rock; two minute high-energy guitar attacks; influential in England
  2. made reggae international in 70s; six gold LPs in 5 years; icon for oppressed people everywhere
  3. huge impact on punk; provided outrageous model for punkers; huge success with dance music; genius for constructing and re-inventing himself as an always changing media icon even before Madonna
  4. gay NY dance culture; smooth transitions between songs; funk was root
  5. white acts in Britain (the Clash, Police)

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  1. The Clashmost political British punk band; Mick Jones wrote most of music, Joe Strummer wrote and sang most of lyrics; broadened horizons of punk, mixing in reggae/R&B; punk didn't have to be limited to one style


  2. Technology in mid/later80ssatellite transmission; portable cassette players (Sony Walkman)


  3. Alternative sellsseattle bands such as Pearl Jam dominate charts in 92/93; grunge reflects anger, disillusionment of new generation; hip hop pushes grunge/metal aside as "cutting edge statement of youth culture"


  4. ReggaeRastafarianism and Rude Boy street politics; 'reggae' derived from 'raggay' meaning 'raggedy, everyday stuff'; emphasis on offbeat; political music attacking racism & capitalism


  5. Bruce Springsteentrademark falsetto sound; crossover media aspect; John Travolta's image made disco safe and popular; huge commercial success with biggest selling record at time


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