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  1. Rap in essence
  2. 90s: new generation
  3. Gangsta rap
  4. Sex Pistols
  5. Graffiti
  1. a one definition: "rhyming in rhtyhm"; antecedents of childrens' rhymes & famous speeches; competition & battle
  2. b Malcolm McLaren (manager); helped create mytholgy of punk (political and musical revolution); "anti-music"; anger, frustration, chaos; made rock dangerous again; blurred distinction between artists and audience
  3. c chronicled the violent life of the inner city
  4. d began in late 60s with focus on subway trains; media outcry in early 70s
  5. e high unemployment/low income; divorce, child abuse on rise; violence part of lives and culture

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  1. poet; free verse/improv rock; suggested new roles for women in rock
  2. "I saw that song"; MTV critical in 80s, serving as national radio station
  3. popular dance music in early 60s using R&B vocal styles/instrumentation; fast tempos, piano, guitar;
  4. socially conscious folk/alternative; clean natural sound
  5. "Disco sucks"; anti-disco campaigns from young white males; racist & homophobic reaction

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  1. Dead Kennedyscreated own record label and overly political


  2. Metal categoriesDevo, Elvis Costello, The Pretenders, The Cars, Billy Idol


  3. Cooper & Kisspushed limits of decorum and also challenged traditional concepts of masculinity


  4. Disco Sceneaccidentally invented by Grand Wizard Theordore


  5. U2Leaders in the 60s-style protest revival; ethereal guitar sound


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