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  1. Megadeth
  2. Aerosmith
  3. Dr. Dre
  4. Prince
  5. Alternative as marketing category
  1. a first wave of American metal; Rolling Stones parallels
  2. b commercial success turned it mainstream and became a marketing category
  3. c slower, laid back, bottom heavy, introduced Snoop Dogg
  4. d formed 1983 when Dave Mustaine kicked out of Metallica; continued Metallica's style with speed and intensity; created progressive strain of heavy metal
  5. e became star through video; band integrated across racial & gender lines; fusion of hard rock & sound w/ sexually explicit lyrics

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  1. unforgettable image: slacks, beehive hairdos; retro sound
  2. literary skill, rhythm
  3. 1982; replaced by vinyl LP; huge boost for industry
  4. 79-80 --> music industry in recession but revived by CD and MTV; "The Video Age"
  5. MTV concentrated on appealing British Bands --> music with synthesizes and a disco peat (electro-pop)

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  1. Ice Tthe first alternative music; angry/minimalist; born at CBGB (country, blue grass, and blues) bar in NYC


  2. Eminemsocially conscious folk/alternative; clean natural sound


  3. Thoughts on Discocommercially dominant, national, corporate


  4. Talking Headsrepresented the self-consciously artistic side of 70s alternative rock; image of nerdy college students; mixed $&B, funk, African; David Byrne a major figure in "World Beat" movement


  5. Context of rapeconomic hardship for blacks in 80s/90s; drugs gangs guns; arose from desperation and creating a sense of community


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