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  1. A procedure that trains people to make new responses to stimuli that currently trigger unwanted responses is called
  2. We find it harder to frown when viewing a smile than when viewing a frown. This can most clearly be attributed to
  3. To help Claire quit smoking, a therapist delivers an electric shock to her arm each time she smokes a cigarette. The therapist is using
  4. A psychologist would have the greatest difficulty differentiating between anger and fear by monitoring the ___________ associated with each.
  5. Electroconvulsive therapy has proven to be effective in the treatment of
  1. a aversive conditioning.
  2. b depression
  3. c counterconditioning.
  4. d heart rates
  5. e mirror neurons.

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  1. can be learned.
  2. gender inequality.
  3. stranger anxiety.
  4. the "learner" was placed in a different room from the "teacher"
  5. sympathetic

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  1. After receiving very bad news, people __________ the duration of their negative feelings.overestimate


  2. Studies of monkeys raised with artificial mothers suggest that mother-infant emotional bonds result primarily from mothers providing infants withsurvey, question, read, review, reflect.


  3. The adaptation-level phenomenon refers to thereappearance, after a pause, of an extinguished conditioned response.


  4. To assess reactions to a proposed tuition hike at her school, Ariana sent a questionnaire to every fifteenth person in the registrar's alphabetical listing of all currently enrolled students. Ariana is ensuring that her survey results are accurate by usingrandom sampling.


  5. (close up) In order, the sequence of steps in the SQ3R method istwo-factor theory.


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