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  1. As her professor distributed the mathematics test to the class, Blaire's heart started to pound and her palms began to sweat. These physiological reactions were activated by her ________ nervous system.
  2. In Pavlov's original experiment with dogs, the meat served as a
  3. The adaptation-level phenomenon refers to the
  4. Your roommate is conducting a survey to learn how many hours the typical student studies each day. She plans to pass out her questionnaire to the members of her sorority. You point out that her findings will be flawed because
  5. Experiments suggest that children exposed to a model who says one thing and does another will
  1. a talk in ways consistent with what the model says and act in ways consistent with what the model does.
  2. b tendency for standards of judgement to be heavily influenced by previous experiences.
  3. c US.
  4. d the sample will probably not be representative of the population of interest.
  5. e sympathetic

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  1. generalization.
  2. learned helplessness.
  3. recall the correct answer to each question before reading the alternative answers.
  4. independent
  5. the reported backgrounds of homosexuals and heterosexuals are similar.

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  1. Stacey suggests that because children are more impulsive than adults, they will have more difficulty controlling their anger. stacey's prediction regarding anger management is an example ofa hypothesis.


  2. In a psychological experiment, the experimental factor that is manipulated by the investigator is called the _______ variable.independent


  3. Psychopharmacology involves the study of howrelease.


  4. A general sense of happiness or life satisfaction is most unrelated to whether peopletwo-factor theory.


  5. The James-Lange theory of emotion states thatexpressive behaviors, physiological arousal, and conscious experience.


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