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  1. The basal layer of oral mucosa generally has:
    columnar shaped cells
    two cell layers
    cells undergoing mitosis
    keratin being produced
  2. Which muscle causes the mandible to deviate to one side?
  3. This wraps around the margin of the articular eminence and fossa
  4. The mandible articulates with what bone at the TMJ?
  5. Separates the primitive mouth from the foregut
  1. a Temporal bone
  2. b buccopharyngeal membrane
  3. c Lateral pterygoid muscle
  4. d Superior Joint Capsule
  5. e cells undergoing mitosis

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  1. Anterior, medial, posterior and terminal
  2. temporalis
  3. mesoderm
  4. Orbital apex
  5. bell stage

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  1. This wraps around the mandibular condyle and the condyle's neckTMJ


  2. The highway system for the cell?mitochondria


  3. What connective tissue has no blood supply?cartilage


  4. During the first week of devlopment, what is the first stage of division?bell stage


  5. Process of sphenoid?fertilization to 2 weeks after fertillization


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