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  1. initiation involves ___ which is an interaction between mesencyme and ectoderm
  2. This functions to shape the root and induce dentin formation in the root area so that it is continuous with the coronal dentin
  3. What is the origin of the buccinator muscle?
  4. Do joint sounds = a disorder of the TMJ?
  5. At the end of the cap stage of tooth development the tooth germ consists of ___?
  1. a Hertwigs epithelial root sheath
  2. b enamel organ, dental papilla, dental sac
  3. c induction
  4. d YES - they occur because of disc arrangement
  5. e Alveolar process of the maxilla, mandible and pterygomandibular raphe

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  1. Epidermal thickenings that extend downward between dermal papillae.
  2. TMJ
  3. The point at which it attaches to a bone The structure that the origin is attached to is not moved by the contraction of the muscle
  4. Pre-embryonic
  5. cappilaries

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  1. This differentiates into ameloblastss that form enamel matrixInner enamel epithelum


  2. Canine eminence is from which bone?Lateral


  3. starts at the 9th wk and end at BirthFetal Period


  4. Sublingual duct gland is called?Minor salivary glands


  5. stages of tooth developmentenamel organ, dental papilla, dental sac


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