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  1. Muscle movement causes soft tissue and bones to move?
  2. Mineralization starts at the ___ and then moves away
  3. Which muscle causes the mandible to deviate to one side?
  4. What is retraction of the lower jaw?
  5. Pre-embryonic
  1. a Lateral pterygoid muscle
  2. b Posterior portion of the temporal muscle
  3. c Cemento-enamel junction
  4. d fertilization to 2 weeks after fertillization
  5. e True

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  1. The cervical loop is the location on an enamel organ in a developing tooth where the outer enamel epithelium and the inner enamel epithelium join.
  2. Minor salivary glands
  3. 10
  4. 7th week
  5. Glabella

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  1. What encloses the dental papilla tissue?the part of the ameloblast that lays down enamel


  2. Saliva reduction with dry mouth is?Posterior portion of the temporal muscle


  3. Develops from Ectoderm & Mesoderm, its above the Stomodeum, it forms the Upper Part of the Face, Nasal Septum & Anterior Part of the Roof of the Mouthectoderm


  4. What type of lining in the stomodeum gives rise to oral epithelium?temporalis


  5. stages of tooth developmentenamel organ, dental papilla, dental sac


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