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  1. Pre-embryonic
  2. stages of tooth development
  3. The tropoblast layer of the blastula is responsible for what?
  4. The ears are ____ to the nose
  5. Origin of the frontal belly of the epicranial muscle
  1. a fertilization to 2 weeks after fertillization
  2. b an outer layer of cells, or trophoblast, which later forms the placenta. The trophoblast surrounds the inner cell mass and a fluid-filled blastocyst cavity known as the blastocoele or the blastocystic cavity
  3. c Epicranial aponeurosis
  4. d Lateral
  5. e inintiation, bud, cap, bell, apposition, maturation

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  1. 10
  2. Buccinator Muscle
  3. The back prominence of the mandible
  4. Dislocation of both joints in the TMJ
  5. induction

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  1. The mandible articulates with what bone at the TMJ?Lateral


  2. What layer do the epiblast cells give rise to?Epithelial, connective, nerve, muscle


  3. processes that take place in the bell stage (3)bell stage


  4. What is the gland that wraps around the mylohyoid muscle?The deep portion of the submandibular gland


  5. Sublingual duct gland is called?Enamel organ


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