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  1. Examples of developmental disturbances during cap stage
  2. Which of the following terms is used to describe the smooth elevated area between the eyebrows?
  3. Muscles shorten under arterial control?
  4. Oral regions are drained by the
  5. What is subluxation?
  1. a Dislocation of both joints in the TMJ
  2. b False
  3. c facial vein
  4. d Glabella
  5. e gemination, fusion, dens in dente

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  1. The back prominence of the mandible
  2. Inner enamel epithelum
  3. Cervical loop
  4. dental papilla (mesenchyme)
  5. Visceral or Pharyngeal

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  1. Each alveolus is lined with which of the following?Bilateral contraction of the lateral pterygoid muscles


  2. This functions to shape the root and induce dentin formation in the root area so that it is continuous with the coronal dentinaorta


  3. The parotid gland's duct is called?mitochondria


  4. Which of the following is NOT considered a connective tissue?Alveolar process of the maxilla, mandible and pterygomandibular raphe


  5. What does the golgi process do?Epidermal thickenings that extend downward between dermal papillae.


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