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  1. What are the branches of the external carotid artery?
  2. Which is NOT a connective tissue: bone, muscle, etc...
  3. Attached gingiva consists of what type of mucosa? alveolar, masticatory, specialized lining etc...
  4. What type of tissue makes up the lamina propria of the oral mucosa?
  5. Which muscle causes the mandible to deviate to one side?
  1. a muscle
  2. b Anterior, medial, posterior and terminal
  3. c Lateral pterygoid muscle
  4. d connective tissue
  5. e masticatory

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  1. fertilization to 2 weeks after fertillization
  2. Bilateral contraction of the lateral pterygoid muscles
  3. bell stage
  4. if a baby is born with three #21 chromosomes, rather than the usual pair, the baby would be said to have "trisomy 21." Trisomy 21 is also known as Down syndrome.
  5. True

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  1. This functions to shape the root and induce dentin formation in the root area so that it is continuous with the coronal dentinHertwigs epithelial root sheath


  2. What is the origin of the buccinator muscle?Upper lip, Lower lip, Submental, lateral


  3. What are the 4 cell types created when the enamel organ differentiates into bellmesoderm


  4. The left side common carotid, and subclavian drain into what area?cells undergoing mitosis


  5. The dental lamina is an embryonic structure that develops from ___?ectomesenchyme


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