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  1. The temporal and mandible form this?
  2. formed from the Maxillary process, they separate the Oral & Nasal Cavity
  3. What is another name for the branchial arches?
  4. The horizontal plate of palatal bone form the anterior portion of the hard palate?
  5. Definition of origin of a muscle?
  1. a The point at which it attaches to a bone The structure that the origin is attached to is not moved by the contraction of the muscle
  2. b Maxillary Process
  3. c False
  4. d TMJ
  5. e Visceral or Pharyngeal

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  1. TMJ
  2. On either side of the thyroid gland
  3. Maxillary Tuberosity
  4. Stensons Duct
  5. connective tissue

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  1. DIAGRAM: of the frontal, orbital, nasal, infraorbital and zygomatic


  2. The submandibular gland provides __ % of salivaBartholin's Duct


  3. What are the intrinsic muscles?On the tongue, Superior longitudinal, Transverse, Vertical, Inferior Longitudinal


  4. The mandible articulates with what bone at the TMJ?Temporal bone


  5. Pulp forms from the central cells of thedental papilla (mesenchyme)


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