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  1. ATP
  2. Calvin Cycle
  3. NADPH
  4. Aerobic
  5. Stroma
  1. a The process in which carbon fixates to RuBP to form G3P (a sugar).
  2. b The ETC is a/ an __________ process.
  3. c The fluid that surround the thylakoids in the chloroplast and is the site of the Calvin Cycle of photosynthesis.
  4. d Formed when water is split and light excites the electrons into travelling through the electron transport chain.
  5. e The only product of the cyclic flow of the light-dependent reaction.

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  1. Binds with the Acetyl CoA to begin the Krebs Cycle.
  2. The narrow region between the inner and outer membranes of the chloroplast.
  3. ATP + NADPH + Carbon Dioxide --> G3P (Eventually Glucose) +Oxygen
  4. The process that breaks down glucose molecules.
  5. Folds on the inner membrane where the ETC occurs.

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  1. GlycolysisThe process that creates 2 pyruvate molecules.


  2. Alcohol and Lactic AcidThe two types of fermentation.


  3. Light-Dependent ReactionSunlight + Water --> ATP + NADPH + Oxygen


  4. FermentationAnother name for the Calvin Cycle


  5. Krebs CycleThe process in which carbon fixates to RuBP to form G3P (a sugar).


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