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BioX Photosynthesis and respiration Test

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  1. Aerobic
  2. Photosystem
  3. Citric Acid Cycle
  4. Fermentation
  5. Oxygen
  1. a The final acceptor of electrons in the ETC that forms water.
  2. b A part of light-dependent reactions that contains a light-harvesting complex and a reaction-center complex.
  3. c The anaerobic alternative to cellular respiration.
  4. d The ETC is a/ an __________ process.
  5. e The Krebs Cycle is also known as the __________.

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  1. The narrow region between the inner and outer membranes of the chloroplast.
  2. Increase the surface area of the mitochondria's inner membrane to allow for cellular respiration.
  3. The process in which carbon fixates to RuBP to form G3P (a sugar).
  4. The fluid that surround the thylakoids in the chloroplast and is the site of the Calvin Cycle of photosynthesis.
  5. The process that breaks down glucose molecules.

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  1. Substrate-Level PhosphorylationThe combination of the electron transport chain and chemiosmosis to make ATP.


  2. Calvin CycleThe process in which ATP is converted into glucose (energy storage).


  3. Calvin CycleATP + NADPH + Carbon Dioxide --> G3P (Eventually Glucose) +Oxygen


  4. OxaloacetateA membrane-bound organelle that is the site of photosynthesis within the cell. It is located in all eukaryotic plant cells.


  5. Acetyl CoAAn enzyme that pyruvate is converted into before it enters the Krebs Cycle.


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