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  1. Oxygen
  2. Chloroplast
  3. Thylakoid
  4. Calvin Cycle
  5. Electron Transport Chain
  1. a The process in which carbon fixates to RuBP to form G3P (a sugar).
  2. b A membrane-bound organelle that is the site of photosynthesis within the cell. It is located in all eukaryotic plant cells.
  3. c Produces water as a by-product.
  4. d The final acceptor of electrons in the ETC that forms water.
  5. e The site of the light-dependent part of photosyntesis and contains a lumen and a membrane.

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  1. Products are ATP, FADH2, NADH, and carbon dioxide
  2. The process that creates 2 pyruvate molecules.
  3. The process in which ATP is converted into glucose (energy storage).
  4. The process that breaks down glucose molecules.
  5. Folds on the inner membrane where the ETC occurs.

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  1. Alcohol and Lactic AcidProduces water as a by-product.


  2. ATPA molecule that is formed from ADP in the ATP Synthase where H+ ions move down their gradient.


  3. FermentationRegenerates the NAD+ necessary to run glycolysis.


  4. Citric Acid CycleThe process in which carbon fixates to RuBP to form G3P (a sugar).


  5. OxaloacetateBinds with the Acetyl CoA to begin the Krebs Cycle.


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