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  1. Chlorophyll
  2. Intermembrane Space
  3. Granum
  4. Photosystem
  5. Thylakoid
  1. a A plant pigment that reflects green light while absorbing all other wavelengths of light in the photosystem.
  2. b A stack of thylakoids.
  3. c The narrow region between the inner and outer membranes of the chloroplast.
  4. d The site of the light-dependent part of photosyntesis and contains a lumen and a membrane.
  5. e A part of light-dependent reactions that contains a light-harvesting complex and a reaction-center complex.

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  1. The final acceptor of electrons in the ETC that forms water.
  2. An enzyme that pyruvate is converted into before it enters the Krebs Cycle.
  3. Produces water as a by-product.
  4. The process that creates 2 pyruvate molecules.
  5. The two types of fermentation.

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  1. CristaeA molecule that is formed from ADP in the ATP Synthase where H+ ions move down their gradient.


  2. Thylakoid MembraneContains pigments, photosystems, ATP synthase, and an electron transport train and is responsible for the light-dependent aspect of photosynthesis.


  3. Calvin CycleProducts are ATP, FADH2, NADH, and carbon dioxide


  4. FermentationThe anaerobic alternative to cellular respiration.


  5. GlycolysisThe location of the fermentation process in the cell.


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