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  1. Oxygen
  2. Calvin Cycle
  3. Alcohol and Lactic Acid
  4. Glycolysis
  1. a The two types of fermentation.
  2. b The process that breaks down glucose molecules.
  3. c The process in which ATP is converted into glucose (energy storage).
  4. d The final acceptor of electrons in the ETC that forms water.

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  1. The Calvin Cycle is a/ an _____________ process.
  2. The only product of the cyclic flow of the light-dependent reaction.
  3. A part of light-dependent reactions that contains a light-harvesting complex and a reaction-center complex.
  4. The site of the light-dependent part of photosyntesis and contains a lumen and a membrane.
  5. An enzyme that pyruvate is converted into before it enters the Krebs Cycle.

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  1. GlycolysisThe process that creates 2 pyruvate molecules.


  2. Citric Acid CycleThe Krebs Cycle is also known as the __________.


  3. GranumA molecule that is formed from ADP in the ATP Synthase where H+ ions move down their gradient.


  4. CristaeA stack of thylakoids.


  5. FermentationAllows for glycolysis to run continuously without oxygen.


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