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  1. zooxanthellae
  2. countershading
  3. zooplankton
  4. biosphere
  5. organism
  1. a plankton that eat other organisms
  2. b collection of organs in a larger individual
  3. c collection of all ecosystems on earth (does not apply to other planets b/c we haven't found life)
  4. d endosymbionts of coral that provide energy from photosynthesis
  5. e camouflage where the top is darker to match darker waters and bottom is lighter to match lighter waters

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  1. aragonite structures that provide a habitat for diverse marine life
  2. ocean after continental shelf
  3. a layer of ice on top of lakes that blocks sunlight thus killing plants and animals
  4. decreasing slope of land into open ocean
  5. essential to life; in aquatic environments, water balance must be maintained; in terrestrial environments, water must be conserved

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  1. temperate deciduous foresthot summers, cold winters, moderate precipitation, dominated by oaks, hickory, mapel, commonly converted to agriculture


  2. chaparralnatural environment in which an organism lives


  3. ecosystemdescribes all living and nonliving things in an area


  4. boreal forest (tiaga)aragonite structures that provide a habitat for diverse marine life


  5. pondbody of water shallow enough to support rooted plants


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