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  1. hydrothermal vent
  2. wind
  3. intertidal zone
  4. temperate rain forest
  5. temperate deciduous forest
  1. a cool, high precipitation, dominated by evergreens, heavily logged
  2. b flow of air that composes atmosphere
  3. c tidepools
  4. d fissure that emits heated water
  5. e hot summers, cold winters, moderate precipitation, dominated by oaks, hickory, mapel, commonly converted to agriculture

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  1. affects rates of metabolism and functioning of enzymes
  2. describes all living and nonliving things in an area
  3. decreasing slope of land into open ocean
  4. surface of planet; not water
  5. where river meets sea

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  1. near outletsclose to collection in a basin; water is usually warmer, murkier, high in nutrients, with slower currents


  2. biotic componentliving things


  3. desertwide daily variations in temperature, very dry, sparse plant coverage


  4. abiotic componentsnonliving things; physical and chemical factors that influence life (like solar energy)


  5. savannahmoderate precipitation but often dry periods, grasses with occasional tree, african most famous for herds of wildebeest, antelope, zebra


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