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  1. swamp
  2. temperate deciduous forest
  3. nekton
  4. oceanic zone
  5. permafrost
  1. a organisms that can swim against current
  2. b hot summers, cold winters, moderate precipitation, dominated by oaks, hickory, mapel, commonly converted to agriculture
  3. c soil below freezing point of water
  4. d slow flowing with lots of vegetation
  5. e ocean after continental shelf

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  1. essential to life; in aquatic environments, water balance must be maintained; in terrestrial environments, water must be conserved
  2. living things
  3. large body of fresh water
  4. collection of all ecosystems on earth (does not apply to other planets b/c we haven't found life)
  5. organisms that cannot swim against current and therefore drift

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  1. windbody of water shallow enough to support rooted plants


  2. salt marshestransitional intertidal between land and salty/brackish water


  3. communitycollection of organs in a larger individual


  4. tropical rain forestcool, high precipitation, dominated by evergreens, heavily logged


  5. pelagic zonesurface of planet; not water


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