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  1. temperature
  2. permafrost
  3. neritic zone
  4. countershading
  5. wetland
  1. a affects rates of metabolism and functioning of enzymes
  2. b soil below freezing point of water
  3. c camouflage where the top is darker to match darker waters and bottom is lighter to match lighter waters
  4. d area where the surface soil is permanently or periodically flooded
  5. e above continental shelf

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  1. flow of air that composes atmosphere
  2. network of streams and rivers
  3. dry summers, mild winters, frequent fires, dominated by short pines, evergreen shrubs, scrub oak
  4. tidepools
  5. water between upper layer and deep water, changes drastically with depth

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  1. prarieno trees, hot summers, cold winters, low to moderate precipitation, dominated by tall grass or short grass, heavily converted to agriculture


  2. abiotic componentsliving things


  3. riveressential to life; in aquatic environments, water balance must be maintained; in terrestrial environments, water must be conserved


  4. pondflow of air that composes atmosphere


  5. tundraflow of air that composes atmosphere


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