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  1. aphotic zone
  2. river
  3. zooplankton
  4. winter kill
  5. continental shelves
  1. a plankton that eat other organisms
  2. b natural watercourse
  3. c a layer of ice on top of lakes that blocks sunlight thus killing plants and animals
  4. d no light
  5. e decreasing slope of land into open ocean

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  1. tidepools
  2. photosynthetic and use sunlight for energy
  3. study of interaction between organisms, each other and environments
  4. endosymbionts of coral that provide energy from photosynthesis
  5. very high precipitation, nutrient poor soil, extremely high primary productivity and species richness,

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  1. benthic zonesurface of planet; not water


  2. thermoclinewater between upper layer and deep water, changes drastically with depth


  3. pondno flow; dominated by peat/moss


  4. planktonplankton that eat other organisms


  5. communityall species living and interacting in a specific area (does not include abiotic factors)


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