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  1. attempted control
  2. expert power
  3. fear control
  4. legitimate power
  5. emotion
  1. a based on official rank, formal standing
  2. b lying triggers negative emotions such as guilt, fear
  3. c the receiver focuses on fear itself and becomes anious, panicky. effective fear appeals trigger danger control rather than fear control
  4. d based on perceived knowledge, expertise
  5. e liars try to control signs of arousal
    example: liars know the face has high sending capacity
    liars concentrate on controlling facial cue leakage.

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  1. are intentional behaviors and plans. uncertainty and vagueness, nonimmediacy, aloofness, dissociation (distance self from message, fewer i or me statements)
    image and relationship protecting behavior (smiling, nodding)
  2. lying requires more mental effort.
  3. power and status
  4. controlling facial cues leads to cue leakage elsewhere.
    cues to deception are leaked via the extremities, hands , legs, and feet
  5. the recommended action is pereived as both effective and feasible to avoid danger :
    response efficacy- it will work
    self efficacy-i can do this

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  1. indexicalityimages can document events, marines raiging the flag on iwo


  2. ethosbased on source credibility


  3. personal benefitsan image stands for the thing is represents, uncle sam is an icon for america


  4. logosbased on logic and reasoning


  5. marwell and shmidts taxonomylikelihood of anticipated resistance


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