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  1. ground tissue
  2. wax; lipid
  3. Meristematic tissue
  4. stomata
  5. in phloem; in two directions
  1. a tissue that does everything that the vascular, dermal and meristematic dont do.
  2. b The dermal tissue has ______ covering that is made from ______to prevent water loss.
  3. c exterior openings on underside of leaf; site of gas exchange.
  4. d Where are the nutrients transported to?
  5. e cells that have not yet become specialized for specific functions, such as transport., source of new growth, at edges of plant tips of roots.

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  1. vascular of cork cambium.
  2. site of photosyntheis
  3. a single layer of dermal tissue with covers the outside of a plant.
  4. What are the types of tissues?
  5. found in phloem; stacked end to end; have holes so materials can get in and out of the phloem

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  1. oxygentransports water.


  2. epidermiscovered by cuticle; reduces evaporation


  3. fibrous rootspart of a root system in which roots branch to such an extent that no single root grows larger than the rest


  4. xylemtransports sugar and macromolecules that leave to other parts.


  5. tracheidsprimary root found in some plants that grows longer and thicker than other roots. ex: carrots


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