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  1. wax; lipid
  2. water loss
  3. large layer ground tissue; endodermis; Casparian Strips
  4. stomata
  5. sieve tube elements
  1. a exterior openings on underside of leaf; site of gas exchange.
  2. b The dermal tissue has ______ covering that is made from ______to prevent water loss.
  3. c spongy cortex; ____ encloses vascular tissue; cells are surrounded by ____________
  4. d found in phloem; stacked end to end; have holes so materials can get in and out of the phloem
  5. e Stomata open and close to prevent excessive ___________.

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  1. water moves by cohesion from roots, 1 way.
  2. Absorbs water and minerals from the ground. Anchors plant in ground.
  3. waterproof barriers that force water through cells not around; keep flow one way (b/c osmosis is always high to low).
  4. in
  5. a single layer of dermal tissue with covers the outside of a plant.

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  1. cell typesepidermal, racheids, vessel elements, sieve tube elements, companion cells, parenchyma, collenchyma, sclerenchyma.


  2. taprootsAbsorbs water and minerals from the ground. Anchors plant in ground.


  3. stemsupport; holds plant up to the sunlight; transports substance b/w roots and leaves.


  4. leavessite of photosyntheis


  5. ground tissuethe outer covering of the plant, the skin. protects the plant.


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