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  1. roots
  2. transpiration
  3. outer epidermal layer
  4. Secondary Growth
  5. Capillary action
  1. a Absorbs water and minerals from the ground. Anchors plant in ground.
  2. b water moves by cohesion from roots, 1 way.
  3. c vascular of cork cambium.
  4. d water escapes through stomata; as water exits, more is drawn up through stem from roots
  5. e covered by tiny root hairs for more surface area and more absorption; greater area to bring in water and nutrients

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  1. spongy cortex; ____ encloses vascular tissue; cells are surrounded by ____________
  2. out
  3. waterproof barriers that force water through cells not around; keep flow one way (b/c osmosis is always high to low).
  4. The outer epidermal layer contains______________in their cell membranes to pump mineral into plant.
  5. specialized ground tissue; lots of chloroplasts; where photosynthesis occurs; veins of xylem and phloem branch.

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  1. vessel elementsA specialized short, wide cell in angiosperms; arranged end to end, they form continuous tubes for water transport.


  2. root, stems, leavessite of photosyntheis


  3. xylemtransports water.


  4. phloemtransports water.


  5. tracheidssite of photosyntheis


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