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  1. Meristematic tissue
  2. water loss
  3. Primary Growth; bud
  4. xylem
  5. collenchyma
  1. a type of plant growth that occurs at the tips of roots and shoots plants grow taller and deeper from tips, apical meristems=____
  2. b cells that have not yet become specialized for specific functions, such as transport., source of new growth, at edges of plant tips of roots.
  3. c transports water.
  4. d type of ground tissue cell with a strong, flexible cell wall; helps support larger plants
  5. e Stomata open and close to prevent excessive ___________.

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  1. a single layer of dermal tissue with covers the outside of a plant.
  2. What are the types of tissues?
  3. waterproof barriers that force water through cells not around; keep flow one way (b/c osmosis is always high to low).
  4. water moves into the_______. This is called the _________.
  5. Where are the nutrients transported to?

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  1. ground tissuethe outer covering of the plant, the skin. protects the plant.


  2. Capillary actionwater moves by cohesion from roots, 1 way.


  3. Dermal Tissuetissue that does everything that the vascular, dermal and meristematic dont do.


  4. guard cellssurround and control stomata openings.


  5. tracheidslong tubular cell peculiar to xylem


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