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  1. up the stem; root pressure
  2. cell types
  3. mesophyll
  4. parenchyma
  5. outer epidermal layer
  1. a A relatively unspecialized plant cell type that carries most of the metabolism, synthesizes and stores organic products, and develops into a more differentiated cell type
  2. b specialized ground tissue; lots of chloroplasts; where photosynthesis occurs; veins of xylem and phloem branch.
  3. c covered by tiny root hairs for more surface area and more absorption; greater area to bring in water and nutrients
  4. d In the central vascular cylinder, because thewater moves into the xylem; because it cannot go backward, the only place it can go is ___________; this is called___________.
  5. e epidermal, racheids, vessel elements, sieve tube elements, companion cells, parenchyma, collenchyma, sclerenchyma.

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  1. Plant tissue consisting of cells joined into tubes that transport water and nutrients throughout the plant body. the bloodstream.
  2. the outer covering of the plant, the skin. protects the plant.
  3. spongy cortex; ____ encloses vascular tissue; cells are surrounded by ____________
  4. in
  5. primary root found in some plants that grows longer and thicker than other roots. ex: carrots

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  1. active transport proteinswater escapes through stomata; as water exits, more is drawn up through stem from roots


  2. sieve tube elementsA specialized short, wide cell in angiosperms; arranged end to end, they form continuous tubes for water transport.


  3. Casparian Stripswaterproof barriers that force water through cells not around; keep flow one way (b/c osmosis is always high to low).


  4. Primary Growth; budtype of plant growth that occurs at the tips of roots and shoots plants grow taller and deeper from tips, apical meristems=____


  5. ground tissuethe outer covering of the plant, the skin. protects the plant.


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