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  1. samples of disaccharides
  2. carbohydrates
  3. sucrose
  4. maltose
  5. examples of polysaccharides
  1. a sucrose (table sugar) , maltose (malt sugar) lactose (milk sugar)
  2. b composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. sugars, starches, cellulose and glycogen
  3. c table sugar
  4. d malt sugar
  5. e glycogen, cellulose

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  1. enzymatic decompostiion of glucose to produce ethyl alcohol
  2. sweetest of the sugars, levolose or fruit sugar
  3. carbohydrates containing two saccharide groups
  4. milk sugar
  5. an aldose important to the body; found in the make-up of the brain and nerve tissue

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  1. fructosea ketose, sweetest of the sugars, found in many fruits


  2. common names of glucosedextrose, grape sugar and blood sugar


  3. hydrolysissplitting apart by the addition of water


  4. hexosecorbohydrate witha ketone group


  5. Biochemistrychemical processes in health and disease,physiological chemistry and biological chemistry


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