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  1. hexose
  2. monsaccharides
  3. what does fermentation produce
  4. common names of fructose
  5. honey
  1. a six carbon suagr moecule
  2. b glucose, fructose, galactose
  3. c 80% fructose and glucose, 20% water and other substances
  4. d levulose or fruit sugar
  5. e ethyl alcohol, grain alcohol, ethanol

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  1. study of chemistry of living systems. That is the study of the structure, organization, and interaction of the substances within living matter
  2. enzymatic decompostiion of glucose to produce ethyl alcohol
  3. a ketose, sweetest of the sugars, found in many fruits
  4. more complex sugars, having many saccharide groups
  5. milk sugar

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  1. Biochemistrychemical processes in health and disease,physiological chemistry and biological chemistry


  2. fructosetable sugar


  3. maltosemilk sugar


  4. monosaccharideswhat are the final products of the hydrolysis of carbohydrates; glucose, galactose, fructose, ribose, deoxyribose


  5. examples of polysaccharidessucrose (table sugar) , maltose (malt sugar) lactose (milk sugar)


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