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  1. William Penn
  2. Pocahontas
  3. King George III
  4. Boston Massacre
  5. Ulysses S. Grant
  1. a King of England during American Revolution
  2. b 18th president, head of army during second part of the war, acceptedLee's surrender
  3. c founded colony of Pennsylvania, safe haven for Quakers
  4. d British soldiers killed 5 colonists
  5. e Indian princess, negotiated between the natives and settlers, married John Rolfe

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  1. steel business, made millions through vertical consolidation, philanthropist, gave away $350 million
  2. slave who filed a law suit to seek legal emancipation when he got away form his owner and his owner found him in a free state
  3. formed and led the American Federation of Labor (AFL), craft union
  4. French officer who assisted American forces during the war of Independence, helped win Yorktown, known for military tactics
  5. treaty where Spain gave the US Florida, Transcontinental Treaty

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  1. Compromise of 1877President Monroe's policy that stated the US would not be involved in European affairs


  2. Monroe DoctrinePresident Monroe's policy that stated the US would not be involved in European affairs


  3. John Quincy Adams6th president, 1824: corrupt bargain (gave Henry Clay a place in government as Secretary of State


  4. John Rockefellerabolitionist, raided the Harper's Fare for weapons, killed in Kansas


  5. Charles G. Finneyrevivalist during Great Awakening, burned over distract


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