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  1. Eli Whitney
  2. In His Steps
  3. Monroe Doctrine
  4. James Buchanan
  5. Eugene Debs
  1. a invented the cotton gin which increased slave labor, interchangeable parts
  2. b 15th democratic president, supported Compromise of 1850 & Kansas-Nebraska Act, supported by south
  3. c leader of the American Railway Union, involved in Pullman Strike
  4. d President Monroe's policy that stated the US would not be involved in European affairs
  5. e written by Charles Monroe Sheldon, about a man who challenges his church to not do anything until they thought WWJD?

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  1. young English minister during Great Awakening, influenced by John and Charles Wesley (they founded Methodism)
  2. former slaves, wrote autobiography "The Life and Time of Fredrick Douglas"
  3. good speaker, "Great Compromiser", accused of giving John Quincy Adams votes for a position as Secretary of State
  4. founded colony of Pennsylvania, safe haven for Quakers
  5. escaped slave, tried to emancipate women and slaves by speaking to whites

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  1. Abraham Lincolnfounded colony of Pennsylvania, safe haven for Quakers


  2. William Henry HarrisonUnion general, burned out Atlanta on his destructive march to the sea


  3. John Quincy Adams6th president, 1824: corrupt bargain (gave Henry Clay a place in government as Secretary of State


  4. Marbury vs. MadisonSupreme Court determines if a bill is constitutional or not


  5. Intolerable ActsConfederate general known for his swift strikes, "Stonewall" cause he held his forces steady under pressure


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