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  1. Gospel of Wealth
  2. Monroe Doctrine
  3. Jefferson Davis
  4. Henry Grady
  5. Anaconda Plan
  1. a journalist ad orator who helped reintegrate the Confederate states back into the Union after war
  2. b President Monroe's policy that stated the US would not be involved in European affairs
  3. c plan to gain control of the Mississippi River and cut off supplies to the South
  4. d Andrew Carnegie's philosophy, let a man make as much money as he can
  5. e ordered attack on Fort Sumter, President of the Confederate States of America

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  1. 2nd president, federalist, dealt with tensions with France, fought for Declaration of Independence during the 2nd Continental Congress
  2. agreement that Democrats agreed to give Rutherford Hayes the victory in the election of 1876 if he removed remaining federal troops from Southern States
  3. first battles of Revolutionary War
  4. former slaves, wrote autobiography "The Life and Time of Fredrick Douglas"
  5. statement explaining why the colonies wanted independence

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  1. Stonewall JacksonConfederate general known for his swift strikes, "Stonewall" cause he held his forces steady under pressure


  2. McCulloch vs. MarylandSupreme Court determines if a bill is constitutional or not


  3. Missouri Compromiseformed and led the American Federation of Labor (AFL), craft union


  4. Marbury vs. Madison4th president, Father of the Constitution


  5. Robert E. Leegood speaker, "Great Compromiser", accused of giving John Quincy Adams votes for a position as Secretary of State


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