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  1. Nat Turner
  2. John Brown
  3. Metacom/ King Phillip
  4. William Llyod Garrison
  5. Middle Passage
  1. a blak preacher who led a slave rebellion in Virginia, he was hung
  2. b abolitionist, raided the Harper's Fare for weapons, killed in Kansas
  3. c leader of Pokanokets, led natives to fight Puritan settlers, worst battle of King Phillip's War
  4. d one life of a triangular trade of slaves
  5. e reformer, wrote the Liberator, abolitionist, white leader of Radical Abolition Movement

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  1. war between France and Britain and its colonists
  2. Andrew Carnegie's philosophy, let a man make as much money as he can
  3. abolish slavery
  4. young English minister during Great Awakening, influenced by John and Charles Wesley (they founded Methodism)
  5. ordered by the King of England that to the west of the Appalachian Mountains couldn't be settled

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  1. XYZ Affairundeclared naval battle, French stopped American ship asking for money


  2. Andrew Carnegiesteel business, made millions through vertical consolidation, philanthropist, gave away $350 million


  3. Harriet Beecher Stowe"Angel of the Battlefield", founded American Red Cross


  4. circuit riderswritten by Charles Monroe Sheldon, about a man who challenges his church to not do anything until they thought WWJD?


  5. Monroe Doctrineimport taxes on tea, paper, paint, glass
    revenues were given to support British troops, governors, and judges


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