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GACS lclab US History Fall Exam Review Test

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  1. John Rolfe
  2. Robert E. Lee
  3. Columbian Exchange
  4. Joseph Smith
  5. Whiskey Rebellion
  1. a tax on whiskey in Pennsylvania, when people resisted Washington sent in troops to show he meant business
  2. b Transatlantic trade of crops, technology, diseases, and culture between America and Europe, Africa, and Asia
  3. c founder of the Mormon religion
  4. d leader of the Confederate army
  5. e on of the early English settlers, first to cultivate tobacco, married Pocahontas

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  1. wrote and essay on the western frontier
  2. co-founder of the Hull House, first settlement house
  3. maintains balance in the senate between slave and free states, outlawing future slave states to be created north of 36* 30' N
  4. agreement that Democrats agreed to give Rutherford Hayes the victory in the election of 1876 if he removed remaining federal troops from Southern States
  5. killed Lincoln

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  1. Zachary Taylor12th "Old Rough and Ready" President, whig, Mexican War


  2. ExodusterAfrican American group migrated to the West after Civil War


  3. Fredrick Douglasformer slaves, wrote autobiography "The Life and Time of Fredrick Douglas"


  4. Intolerable Actsalso called Coercive Acts, closed the Boston harbor till the dumped tea from Boston Tea Party was repaid


  5. Andrew Jackson7th "Old Hickory" president, general, Trail of Tears, vetoed recharterazation of the national bank


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