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  1. Battle of Vicksburg
  2. Battle of Tippecanoe
  3. Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  4. Townshend Acts
  5. French and Indian War
  1. a import taxes on tea, paper, paint, glass
    revenues were given to support British troops, governors, and judges
  2. b emergence of Harrison, battle for Indian territory
  3. c Women's Rights, wrote the Declaration of Sentiments on women's right
  4. d war between France and Britain and its colonists
  5. e Grant laid siege to Vicksburg till the Confederates surrendered on July 4

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  1. outlawed the combination of companies that restrained interstate trade or commerce (1890)
  2. on of the early English settlers, first to cultivate tobacco, married Pocahontas
  3. battle between British and Americans for control over New Orleans, Americans won
  4. tax on whiskey in Pennsylvania, when people resisted Washington sent in troops to show he meant business
  5. 15th democratic president, supported Compromise of 1850 & Kansas-Nebraska Act, supported by south

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  1. Battle of Saratogaresulted in one British surrender during Revolutionary War


  2. John Wilkes Boothkilled Lincoln


  3. Benjamin Franklincolonial inventor, wrote Poor Richard's Almanac, contributed to Declaration of Independence and Constitution


  4. George Washingtonfirst president of the US, general of continental army, President of Constitutional Congress


  5. Dred Scottleader of Jamestown, helped colony survive


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