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  1. Battle of new Orleans
  2. Intolerable Acts
  3. Fourteenth Amendment
  4. Horatio Alger, Jr.
  5. Henry Clay
  1. a good speaker, "Great Compromiser", accused of giving John Quincy Adams votes for a position as Secretary of State
  2. b battle between British and Americans for control over New Orleans, Americans won
  3. c equal rights to all citizens
  4. d Magazine Writer, American dream of "rags to riches"
  5. e also called Coercive Acts, closed the Boston harbor till the dumped tea from Boston Tea Party was repaid

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  1. killed Lincoln
  2. 3rd president, main author of Declaration of Independence, key leader in Democratic-Republican Party, wanted to hurt French and British economies but only hurt America's, Louisiana Purchase
  3. invented the cotton gin which increased slave labor, interchangeable parts
  4. King of England during American Revolution
  5. transcendentalist author that wrote "Civil Disobedience" in jail because he did not pay his taxes

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  1. John Winthroptariff of abominations, statesman of South Carolina


  2. Alexander Hamiltonfederalist, first Secretary of Treasury, Founding Father, killed in a duel with Aaron Burr


  3. Virginia and Kentucky Resolutionsgiving the people the choice to choose what laws they wanted to follow, resolutions passed thinking that attacked the Alien and Sedition Acts as being unconstitutional


  4. Helen Hunt Jacksonwriter, become and activist to improve treatment of Native Americans by US government, "A Century of Dishonor"


  5. Stamp Actfederalist, patriot leader, one of the founding fathers of US, founded Committees of Correspondence (ex: Stamp Act)


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