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  1. Clara Barton
  2. Terence Powderly
  3. Marbury vs. Madison
  4. Treaty of Paris (1763)
  5. Abraham Lincoln
  1. a "Angel of the Battlefield", founded American Red Cross
  2. b Supreme Court determines if a bill is constitutional or not
  3. c treaty that ended the French and Indian war, France gives up land in North America to British (Canada)
  4. d former machinist who lead the knights of labor
  5. e 16th president, effective leader during Civil War, Emancipation Proclamation (ending slavery)

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  1. reports of Sloux was reset less, soldiers opened fire on Sloux, Sitting Bull as killed during this battle
  2. plan to gain control of the Mississippi River and cut off supplies to the South
  3. agreement that Democrats agreed to give Rutherford Hayes the victory in the election of 1876 if he removed remaining federal troops from Southern States
  4. import taxes on tea, paper, paint, glass
    revenues were given to support British troops, governors, and judges
  5. tariff of abominations, statesman of South Carolina

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  1. Jefferson Davisreformer wrote "How the Other Half Lives" (describes how poor immigrants live)


  2. William ShermanUnion general, burned out Atlanta on his destructive march to the sea


  3. William Pittfounded colony of Pennsylvania, safe haven for Quakers


  4. Fourteenth AmendmentMoses of her people, 'Conductor' of the Underground Railroad


  5. Battle of TippecanoeGrant laid siege to Vicksburg till the Confederates surrendered on July 4


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