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  1. Henry Clay
  2. Boston Massacre
  3. Anthony Comstock
  4. Dorothea Dix
  5. Zachary Taylor
  1. a Purity Crusader founded the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice. Comstock Law, forbid sending obscene things through the mail
  2. b good speaker, "Great Compromiser", accused of giving John Quincy Adams votes for a position as Secretary of State
  3. c prison reform, studied the mentally insane and criminals
  4. d 12th "Old Rough and Ready" President, whig, Mexican War
  5. e British soldiers killed 5 colonists

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  1. 3rd president, main author of Declaration of Independence, key leader in Democratic-Republican Party, wanted to hurt French and British economies but only hurt America's, Louisiana Purchase
  2. statement explaining why the colonies wanted independence
  3. also called Coercive Acts, closed the Boston harbor till the dumped tea from Boston Tea Party was repaid
  4. reformer, wrote the Liberator, abolitionist, white leader of Radical Abolition Movement
  5. leader of the American Railway Union, involved in Pullman Strike

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  1. Sand Creek Massacreincident in the Indian Wars, Colonel JOhn Chivington slaughtered 150-500 men, women, and children


  2. John C. Calhountariff of abominations, statesman of South Carolina


  3. Battle of new Orleansbattle between British and Americans for control over New Orleans, Americans won


  4. Battle of Antietambattle in Maryland, bloodiest battle


  5. William PennBritish Prime Minister who raised taxes for the war against the French


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