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  1. Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
  2. Regulator Movement
  3. (William) Berkeley
  4. (General) Edward Braddock
  5. (King) Philip II
  1. a movement consisting of landowning vigilantes tried to supress outlaw bands of whites who were stealing cattle and property; wanted greater political rights for S. Carolina
  2. b corrupt Virginian governor; made large land grants to himself and members in his council and supressed dissent in the House of Burgesses - acts which upset the people; associated with Bacon's Rebellion
  3. c set up a governing system in Connecticut; similar to MA's government
  4. d Spanish Monarch who sent the Spanish Armada to attack England, which failed
  5. e Commanded forces sent by Great Britain to support American colonists; defeated and killed by French and Indian troops

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  1. Conflict between the Native Americans and the British over settlement of Indian lands in the Great lakes area
  2. this war led to the execution of King Charles I, Ending with the execution of Charles I, this war was to put either the king or Parliament in the political power of England. This, however, did not resolve this problem.
  3. act which prohibited US from issuing paper currency; hurt US trade by removing circulating paper money
  4. the colony which would become New York
  5. Religious leader during Protestant Reformation; focused on predestination and total depravity

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  1. Metacom's War (King Phillip's War)Native Americans battle New England colonies; large percentage of native americans died, making it one of the bloodiest wars in US; severely damaged the Native American presence in the new world


  2. Fundamental Constitutions of Carolinaset up a governing system in Connecticut; similar to MA's government


  3. House of Burgessesa fort built by the French; renamed Fort Pitt after it was captured by the British early the French-Indian war


  4. (Oliver) Cromwellbrought tobacco to Virginia; married Pocohantas


  5. (Lord) BaltimoreEnglish noble man who etablished Maryland as a refuge from religious persecution


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