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  1. Halfway Covenant
  2. Albany Plan of Union
  3. Currency Act (1751)
  4. Mayflower Compact
  5. (General) Edward Braddock
  1. a a plan proposed by Benjamin Franklin to unite the colonies
  2. b Commanded forces sent by Great Britain to support American colonists; defeated and killed by French and Indian troops
  3. c act which prohibited US from issuing paper currency; hurt US trade by removing circulating paper money
  4. d proposed that second-generation members be granted the same privilege of baptism (but not communion) as had been granted to the first generation; tried to encourage a spiritual conversion and full-church membership
  5. e the first covenant of government in the US;

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  1. Religious leader during Protestant Reformation; focused on predestination and total depravity
  2. MA women who opposed Puritan doctrines and held prayer meetings in which she argued that salvations would be awarded for good faith rather than good deeds
  3. act which raised tax on molasses; made British products cheaper than those of the West Indies
  4. English general and statesman who led the parliamentary army in the English Civil War (1599-1658)
  5. the colony which would become New York

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  1. (Williams) PittGeneral who led British forces in French and Indian War; used much of his own money to finance the war


  2. (Nathaniel) BaconVirginian; led a rebellion against the government's orders not to attack the Native Americans for land


  3. (Lord) BaltimoreReligious leader during Protestant Reformation; focused on predestination and total depravity


  4. (Queen) Elizabeth IHenry VIII's successor who continued the Anglican church; turned back the Spanish Armada; encouraged mercantilism


  5. (King) Charles Ithis English monarch's reign was marked by the English Civil War; the monarchy was temporarily dispowered after his rule


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