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  1. (John) Calvin
  2. Glorious Revolution
  3. (General) Edward Braddock
  4. (King) Philip II
  5. Fort Duquesne
  1. a Religious leader during Protestant Reformation; focused on predestination and total depravity
  2. b a fort built by the French; renamed Fort Pitt after it was captured by the British early the French-Indian war
  3. c a bloodless coup in England tha overthrew James the II and enthroned Mary II and William the III; weakened the monarchial power
  4. d Spanish Monarch who sent the Spanish Armada to attack England, which failed
  5. e Commanded forces sent by Great Britain to support American colonists; defeated and killed by French and Indian troops

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  1. led Puritans to Massachusetts Bay Colony; "City on a Hill" quote
  2. act which prohibited US from issuing paper currency; hurt US trade by removing circulating paper money
  3. Virginian; led a rebellion against the government's orders not to attack the Native Americans for land
  4. an act enacted in Maryland to grant religious freedom to all Christians
  5. laws of Carolina that never went into effect because it mostly benefitted the wealthy

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  1. (George) Whitefieldadvocated religious tolerance and separation of church and state; he was banished from Massachusetts and established Rhode Island


  2. Virginia Companythe first covenant of government in the US;


  3. (Queen) Elizabeth IHenry VIII's successor who continued the Anglican church; turned back the Spanish Armada; encouraged mercantilism


  4. Molasses Act (1733)act which raised tax on molasses; made British products cheaper than those of the West Indies


  5. (James) Oglethorpefirst governor of Georgia; attacked Florida, but without success


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