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  1. Regulator Movement
  2. (General) James Wolfe
  3. (Sir Edmund) Andros
  4. (Benjamin) Franklin
  5. Proclamation of 1763
  1. a movement consisting of landowning vigilantes tried to supress outlaw bands of whites who were stealing cattle and property; wanted greater political rights for S. Carolina
  2. b British Treaty with Native Americans not to settle over the Appalachians; a restriction which upset American settlers, especially since some had already crossed the line
  3. c General who was given task of capturing Quebec by Pitt in 1759
  4. d US politician, diplomat, scientist, inventor, writer; the US extention of the enlightenment
  5. e governor of the Dominion of New England; disliked for upsetting the established political systems in New England

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  1. MA women who opposed Puritan doctrines and held prayer meetings in which she argued that salvations would be awarded for good faith rather than good deeds
  2. Governor of New Netherland, the precursor to New York
  3. a bloodless coup in England tha overthrew James the II and enthroned Mary II and William the III; weakened the monarchial power
  4. The Spanish Fleet sent to attack England, but failed due to losses in battle or weather damage
  5. act which raised tax on molasses; made British products cheaper than those of the West Indies

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  1. Currency Act (1751)an act enacted in Maryland to grant religious freedom to all Christians


  2. (John) Calvinbrought tobacco to Virginia; married Pocohantas


  3. (Thomas) Hookerleft MA to avoid coersive policies of magistrates and to find better land; established Connecticut River Valley


  4. (King) Ferdinand and (Queen) IsabellaKing and Queen of Spain during the age of Exploration in the 15th century; funded Columbus's journey to America's


  5. (Williams) PittGeneral who led British forces in French and Indian War; used much of his own money to finance the war


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