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  1. (King) Henry VIII
  2. (Peter) Stuyvesant
  3. (Sir Humphrey) Gilbert
  4. (Lord) Baltimore
  5. House of Burgesses
  1. a Governor of New Netherland, the precursor to New York
  2. b first elected legislative body in the US which could make laws and raise taxes; Virginia;
  3. c English noble man who etablished Maryland as a refuge from religious persecution
  4. d English monarch who broke from the Catholic Church and established the Anglican Church (Church of England); father of Queen Elizabeth I
  5. e English nobleman whose attempt to settle on Newfoundland collapsed due to inadequate supplies and harsh climate`

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  1. English monarch who granted the Virginia Company, and other groups, rights to etablish colonies
  2. a fort built by the French; renamed Fort Pitt after it was captured by the British early the French-Indian war
  3. first English colony established in the US; included traders and adventurers with no motive to settle; colony failed at first
  4. this system encouraged immigration by granting heads of households 50 acres of land per servant he brings
  5. Native Americans battle New England colonies; large percentage of native americans died, making it one of the bloodiest wars in US; severely damaged the Native American presence in the new world

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  1. Martin Luthera group of farmers massacre a peaceful Native American tribe because of Pennsylvania's Indian policy


  2. (Thomas) Hookerleft MA to avoid coersive policies of magistrates and to find better land; established Connecticut River Valley


  3. (King) Philip IIreinstalled the English monarchy; was disliked for his support of Catholicism; toppled by parliamentary leaders in the Glorious Revolution


  4. (Roger) WilliamsReligious leader during Protestant Reformation; focused on predestination and total depravity


  5. (William) Berkeleycorrupt Virginian governor; made large land grants to himself and members in his council and supressed dissent in the House of Burgesses - acts which upset the people; associated with Bacon's Rebellion


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