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AP US History - Colonies Test

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  1. (Thomas) Hooker
  2. (George) Whitefield
  3. Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina
  4. (Johnathan) Edwards
  5. Fort Duquesne
  1. a laws of Carolina that never went into effect because it mostly benefitted the wealthy
  2. b leading evangelist of religious reform in England and the colonies; Great Awakening that challenged the established religious order.
  3. c a fort built by the French; renamed Fort Pitt after it was captured by the British early the French-Indian war
  4. d left MA to avoid coersive policies of magistrates and to find better land; established Connecticut River Valley
  5. e an american theologian and congregational clergyman whose sermons associated with the Great Awakening; known for fire-and-brimstone speeches

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  1. King and Queen of England who were enthroned after the Glorious Revolution
  2. first English colony established in the US; included traders and adventurers with no motive to settle; colony failed at first
  3. Spanish Monarch who sent the Spanish Armada to attack England, which failed
  4. led Puritans to Massachusetts Bay Colony; "City on a Hill" quote
  5. proposed that second-generation members be granted the same privilege of baptism (but not communion) as had been granted to the first generation; tried to encourage a spiritual conversion and full-church membership

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  1. Paxton BoysGerman monk who broke for the Catholic Church; initiated the Protestant Reformation


  2. Stono RebellionA 1739 slave rebellion in Charleston, South Carolina; worried whites and caused plantations to suppress blacks more


  3. Fundamental Orders of Connecticutlaws of Carolina that never went into effect because it mostly benefitted the wealthy


  4. (Roger) Williamsadvocated religious tolerance and separation of church and state; he was banished from Massachusetts and established Rhode Island


  5. (Queen) Elizabeth Ithis English monarch's reign was marked by the English Civil War; the monarchy was temporarily dispowered after his rule


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