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  1. she was raised by bears
  2. who crossed Deep sea on the back of a bull
  3. Who tryed to ride pegasus to mount Olympus
  4. who fell in love with psyche
  5. the girls start to cry out and acusing witches is salem becasue
  1. a Europa
  2. b Atalanta
  3. c Cupid
  4. d Bellrophon
  5. e they are afraid of beeing accused

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  1. entertainment, knowloge, understanding
  2. polyphemus
  3. Semele
  4. Orpheus
  5. Pygmalion

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  1. He rejected a woman an fell in love with his own faceNarcissus


  2. who is the principal Greek of mythology?aphrodite


  3. what is wrong with marry warrenshe lacks the strength to renounce the girls


  4. who is the Goddess of loveDionysus


  5. who was turned into a cow because of my affair with ZeusIo


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