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  1. who is the jellous wife of Zeus
  2. who was the creator of the statue that Aphrodite turned into a human
  3. she was raised by bears
  4. Who asked Zeus to see him in his real form
  5. who is the principal Greek of mythology?
  1. a Semele
  2. b Atalanta
  3. c Pygmalion
  4. d Hera
  5. e homer

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  1. they are afraid of beeing accused
  2. Europa
  3. Narcissus
  4. Io
  5. polyphemus

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  1. what happens to queenie when she is flirting with sammygets kicked out by mr. lingle


  2. who is the Goddess of loveDionysus


  3. what are the 3 puposes of mythsentertainment, knowloge, understanding


  4. what is wrong with marry warrenshe lacks the strength to renounce the girls


  5. who fell in love with psychePyramus


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