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  1. Who was a three headed dog and a gaurd of Hades
  2. who is the Goddess of love
  3. who fell in love with Thisbe
  4. who was an one- eyed monster
  5. he dared to decend to the underworld to bring back his wife
  1. a polyphemus
  2. b aphrodite
  3. c Orpheus
  4. d Pyramus
  5. e Cerebus

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  1. persephone
  2. Semele
  3. Pygmalion
  4. gets kicked out by mr. lingle
  5. Io

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  1. who is the jellous wife of Zeusaphrodite


  2. what is wrong with marry warrenshe lacks the strength to renounce the girls


  3. He rejected a woman an fell in love with his own facePyramus


  4. she was raised by bearsDionysus


  5. what was rev. Parris worried abouthis reputation


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