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  1. who fell in love with psyche
  2. who was an one- eyed monster
  3. Who was a three headed dog and a gaurd of Hades
  4. who was the god of wine
  5. he dared to decend to the underworld to bring back his wife
  1. a Cupid
  2. b Orpheus
  3. c polyphemus
  4. d Dionysus
  5. e Cerebus

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  1. Pygmalion
  2. his reputation
  3. Bellrophon
  4. she lacks the strength to renounce the girls
  5. Pyramus

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  1. Who asked Zeus to see him in his real formPyramus


  2. who is the Goddess of loveDionysus


  3. He rejected a woman an fell in love with his own facePyramus


  4. the girls start to cry out and acusing witches is salem becasuethey are afraid of beeing accused


  5. who was kidnaped and taken to the underworldpersephone


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