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  1. who fell in love with Thisbe
  2. who was turned into a cow because of my affair with Zeus
  3. Who was a three headed dog and a gaurd of Hades
  4. what is wrong with marry warren
  5. what was rev. Parris worried about
  1. a she lacks the strength to renounce the girls
  2. b his reputation
  3. c Cerebus
  4. d Io
  5. e Pyramus

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  1. Atalanta
  2. Hera
  3. Cupid
  4. Europa
  5. Semele

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  1. who was the creator of the statue that Aphrodite turned into a humanCerebus


  2. who was the god of wineDionysus


  3. what happens to queenie when she is flirting with sammyentertainment, knowloge, understanding


  4. he dared to decend to the underworld to bring back his wifeOrpheus


  5. who is the Goddess of loveDionysus


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