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  1. What two tests are used to look for microfilaria?
  2. What pyrantel pamoate drug given to horses?
  3. What benzimidazole drug should be avoided with liver dz?
  4. What drug should not be used with organophosphates due to synergism?
  5. What happens after the first heartworm treatment?
  1. a difil and knotts.
  2. b pyrantel pamoate.
  3. c strongid-C.
  4. d after 4 weeks give microfilaricide to kill L-1, 3, 4, 5's.
  5. e mebendazole.

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  1. given steroids and preventatives and wait for worms to die naturally.
  2. benzimidazole.
  3. trichloriform (telmin B).
  4. atropine, 2-PAM, wash off if topical.
  5. immature adults and females.

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  1. When does piperazine need to be repeated and why?it is a suspension.


  2. What GI anthelmintic is sensitive to herding breeds?benzimidazole.


  3. What cestode drug gets both dipylidium and taenia tapes?piperazine, benzimidazoles, organophosphates, pyrantel pamoate, vermiplex, avermectin.


  4. What OTC GI anthelmintic can be irritating to the mouth?vermiplex.


  5. How does strongid-C work?contraction of pupils.


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