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  1. Sourcing
  2. Garment design: designing more than one style
  3. open-recycling
  4. The way U.S. buyers purchase foreign made goods
  5. Pre-consumer Waste
  1. a Designing more than one style of garment simultaneously and cutting these from one length of fabric together can reduce the amount of fabric waste.
  2. b thoroughly break up the material and return it a fluffy, fibrous condition so it can be reused in blends, or in some cases alone.
  3. c Refers to a number of procurement practices, aimed at finding, evaluating and engaging suppliers of goods and services
  4. d Foreign fashion markets, Store-owned foreign buying offices
  5. e products from the fiber, textile, apparel, and cotton industries

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  1. Southwestern looks, handcrafted styles with bright, vibrant colors
  2. Latino and Caribbean flavor, colorful. Best known for children's wear
  3. The highest price zone includes lines by designers such as Ralph Lauren purple label
  4. An assessment of the environmental, economic, and social impact of a product during its entire life is necessary to ensure sustainable development.
  5. designs use the concept of reducing fabric waste by using ALL of the fabric to make a garment.

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  1. Specialty storescarries a limited line of merchandise, weather it is clothing accessories or furniture


  2. Integral Knittingthe process of shopping for and purchasing imported goods


  3. Upward Flow TheoryPeriodic events in regional market centers


  4. Jigsaw Puzzlecut and sew that wastes none


  5. Penetration of the U.S. market by Foreign investorsForeign fashion markets, Store-owned foreign buying offices


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