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  1. A Piece of Cloth (A-POC)
  2. Miami Market
  3. Sourcing
  4. Integral Knitting
  5. Specification and private label buying
  1. a Latino and Caribbean flavor, colorful. Best known for children's wear
  2. b Refers to a number of procurement practices, aimed at finding, evaluating and engaging suppliers of goods and services
  3. c designs use the concept of reducing fabric waste by using ALL of the fabric to make a garment.
  4. d the garment pieces are knitted individual by a machine and then sewed together
  5. e a store, or retailer, actually designing the product to be manufactured

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  1. thoroughly break up the material and return it a fluffy, fibrous condition so it can be reused in blends, or in some cases alone.
  2. cut and sew that wastes none
  3. Can change the direction in which fashions are moving
  4. sells goods at less than full retail prices
  5. When Luxury designers apply their creativity to create apparel intended for mass market

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  1. Counterfeit goodnot intended for sale in the country in which they are being sold


  2. trade showPeriodic events in regional market centers


  3. MerchandisingA legal arrangement whereby firms are given permission to produce and market merchandise in the name of the licensor for a specific period of time.


  4. moderatea building or complex of buildings that houses a wholesale market that is a exhibition of fashions that are ready to be sold to retail stores


  5. betterthe lowest price zone. Promotional or mass market Primarily a mass market retailer


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