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  1. The way U.S. buyers purchase foreign made goods
  2. Merchandising
  3. Upward Flow Theory
  4. Horizontal Growth
  5. Discount Stores
  1. a sells goods at less than full retail prices
  2. b Fashion adoption begins among the young members of lower classes and moves upward into higher classes
  3. c Foreign fashion markets, Store-owned foreign buying offices
  4. d The planning involved in getting the right merchandise, at the right price, in the right quantities, in the right location, with the right sales promotion, at the right time
  5. e Line extension to diversify product offering

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  1. Refers to a number of procurement practices, aimed at finding, evaluating and engaging suppliers of goods and services
  2. collect then sort then export
  3. Easy-living, casual lifestyle, colorful
  4. Any type of garments or household article made of some manufactured textile that the owner decides to discard
  5. a city where fashion is produced and sold at wholesale prices

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  1. Leased Departmentsections of a retail store that are owned and operated by outside organizations


  2. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)An assessment of the environmental, economic, and social impact of a product during its entire life is necessary to ensure sustainable development.


  3. grey market goodsnot intended for sale in the country in which they are being sold


  4. Pre-consumer Wasteproducts from the fiber, textile, apparel, and cotton industries


  5. Specification and private label buyinga store, or retailer, actually designing the product to be manufactured


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