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  1. Progressive Movement
  2. 19th Amendment
  3. Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois
  4. Muckrackers
  5. VOTE
  1. a The period of time that individuals try to solve problems in the country
  2. b Journalist who reported the negative conditions found in factories, cities, and politics
  3. c What does suffrage mean?
  4. d Who believed that Plessy v. Ferguson was wrong?
  5. e A change to the Constitution that gave women the right to vote

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  1. What were the 2 problems in these four items workers compensation, fire safety, child labor, and labor unions
  2. A group of workers organizes working to make the work place safer
  3. Citizens can propose a bill/lawby petitioning with a specific number of signatures of registered voters
  4. Worked to gain suffrage for all women
  5. Election in which nominations of candidates for office are made by voters

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  1. Separate but equalWhat did the Plessy v. Furguson court case mean


  2. Income Tax, Senators elected, Alcohol no no, Women VoteSet a merit system controlled by the civil service
    At first the Act affected only 14,000 out of 130,000 federal jobs
    Act now has more than 90% of the goverment jobs


  3. 18th AmendmentA change to the Constitution forbidding production, sale, and consumption of alcohol


  4. Workers CompensationFund set up by business
    Pay in determined by safety record in business


  5. Gilded AgeA period of time in US history when there is a newly created rich class
    Thisclass of people were created by the growth of industry


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