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  1. 16th Amendment
  2. Factory Safety
  3. Political Machines
  4. VOTE
  5. 17th Amendment
  1. a A political party organization in big cities that holds power by controlling votes, courts, and police
  2. b A change to the Constitution allowing the direct election of Senators
  3. c A change to the Constitution allowing for the goverment to pass direct taxes, such as income tax
  4. d Many ______ were very poor it had papers and items everywhere on the floor.
    The bosses would lock the doors so the workers couldn't get out if a fire or emergency happened unexpectedly
  5. e What does suffrage mean?

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  1. A change to the Constitution that gave women the right to vote
  2. People can vote directly on a proposed law
  3. Changes made in politics to get rid of political corruption
  4. A person hired to represent a company or special interest group
  5. Forced sparation of people of different races in public places

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  1. Direct PrimaryRemoval of an elected official by voters in a special election


  2. Pendleton Act( Pendleton Civil Service Act)Set a merit system controlled by the civil service
    At first the Act affected only 14,000 out of 130,000 federal jobs
    Act now has more than 90% of the goverment jobs


  3. Reform President(Theodore Roosevelt)I took over when McKinley was shot
    I was known as a cowboy, reform, and progressive


  4. Income Tax, Senators elected, Alcohol no no, Women VoteWhat does ISAW Stand for?


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