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  1. Pendleton Act( Pendleton Civil Service Act)
  2. Booker T. Washington
  3. Suffrage Movement
  4. 16th Amendment
  5. Band alcohol
  1. a Believed in equality through education
    Accepted social segregation
  2. b Set a merit system controlled by the civil service
    At first the Act affected only 14,000 out of 130,000 federal jobs
    Act now has more than 90% of the goverment jobs
  3. c Started as abolitionist
    Realized women were denied basic right and ability to vote
  4. d A change to the Constitution allowing for the goverment to pass direct taxes, such as income tax
  5. e What did the temperance movement do

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  1. A political party organization in big cities that holds power by controlling votes, courts, and police
  2. Worked to gain suffrage for all women
  3. A group of workers organizes working to make the work place safer
  4. Didn't have enough space and equipment to meet daily values. MANY FIRES! (Sanitaion, crime, over crowding, ect.)
  5. Who believed that Plessy v. Ferguson was wrong?

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  1. Gilded AgeBrought by reforms


  2. RecallRemoval of an elected official by voters in a special election


  3. Political ReformsChanges made in politics to get rid of political corruption


  4. WEB Du BoisDisagreed with Booker T. Washington
    Believed that suffrage (the vote)was the way to end segregation
    Help to start the NAACP


  5. Progressive MovementStarted as abolitionist
    Realized women were denied basic right and ability to vote


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