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  1. Discuss the procedure to Grant Access
  2. Describe the relationship of the PHIB CB's to 1 NCD
  3. Discuss your responsibilities and conduct required as a combatant under the Laws of Armed Conflict.
  4. Discuss the mission of a Seabee Readiness Group (SRG)
  5. Discuss Mutual support
  1. a Combatants carry weapons and participate in military operations. Noncombatants (civilians, medical, and chaplains) do not.
    Don't attack wounded, sick, or surrendered enemy troops
    Provide medical care to captured enemy troops.
    Don't take personal property away from enemy troops.
    Captives may perform work, not to assists your war effort.
    Use only the appropriate level of force required to affect the mission, and avoid protected property, e.g., religious sanctuaries.
    Do not alter your weapon to cause more suffering.
  2. b PHIBCB's are not under 1 NCD but 75% of the officers are CEC. 50% of the enlisted are OF-7.
  3. c Commanding officers may grant access to classified information to any individual who has an
    - official need-to-know,
    - established security clearance eligibility,
    - there is no known un-adjudicated disqualifying information.
  4. d Working with other engineering components to meet the need. Responds to tasking of the NCE Operations officer
  5. e o The SRG provides NMCB's, while at home port, training to achieve the highest possible state of readiness to meet their disaster recovery, contingency, and wartime missions of military construction support of the armed forces.

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  1. Combatant command
    - Unique to combatant Commander, Provides input for budget and planning, assigns subordinate commanders, develops and maintains relationships within the DOD, convenes court martials, Directive authority for logistics.
    - Cannot be transferred or delegated.
  2. Normally a CPO who is responsible for the training, discipline, control, and tactical deployment of the platoon. The Platoon Commander is also responsible for the overall planning, scheduling, safety, quality controls, and project management of those projects assigned to the platoon by the Company commander.
  3. o Typically a small detachment of Seabees from the MB element that participates in specialized/technical construction projects for periods less then the entire deployment cycle.
  4. CMDCM Principle adviser to the CO on enlisted matters. Highest ranking enlisted in the Battalion.
  5. 40,000 sailors headquarted in Little Creek VA. Established Jan 2006
    Aligns expeditionary capabilities to clearly articulate consistent and coordinated expeditionary practices, procedures and requirements in the joint battlespace

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  1. State the purpose and discuss the contents of the Enlisted Distribution Verification
    Report (EDVR).
    o The mission of the Air DET, as an advance element of an NMCB, is to repair war damage and construct urgent projects as required by major operational plans or as tasked by a MAGTF commander


  2. Discuss the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON)o The Navy's senior enlisted member, assigned to the Chief of Naval Personnel for 3 years. Senior enlisted advisor to the CNO and Chief of Naval Personnel


  3. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the Right GuideNormally a PO1 who performs the administrative functions the platoon commander may direct. The Right Guide is also responsible for the supply and timely re-supply of the platoon in combat and often performs similar tasks on the job site.


  4. Discuss Expeditionary DivingEstablishes and maintains control of rivers and waterways for military and civil purposes, denies their use to hostile forces and destroys waterborne hostile forces as necessary. The Riverine force combats sea-based terrorism and other illegal activities, such as transporting components of weapons of mass destruction, hijacking, piracy and human trafficking.


  5. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the S6Generally a PO1 who carries out the orders of the platoon commander and is responsible to him for discipline, appearance, training, control, and conduct of the squad at all times. In combat, he has the important responsibilities of fire discipline, fire control, and maneuvering the squad.


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