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  1. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the Company Chief
  2. Discuss Combat Camera
  3. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the Squad Leader
  4. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the executive Officer
  5. Discuss the service chain of command
  1. a He/She is the primary administrative assistant and technical advisor to the company commander.
  2. b The direct representative of, and principal assistant to, the Commanding Officer.
    Executes the policies and instructions of the Commanding Officer and takes precedence over all other persons under the command of the Commanding Officer.
  3. c President > Secretary of Defense > Secretary of the Navy > CNO > NECC > 1NCD > 9th NCR
  4. d Generally a PO1 who carries out the orders of the platoon commander and is responsible to him for discipline, appearance, training, control, and conduct of the squad at all times. In combat, he has the important responsibilities of fire discipline, fire control, and maneuvering the squad.
  5. e Generates video and still documentation of combat operations, contingencies, exercises and Navy events of historical significance. COMCAM is a visual information acquisition unit, dedicated to providing rapid response aerial, surface and subsurface visual documentation of wartime operations.

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  1. Normally a LT.
    Responsible for morale and welfare of the men and women assigned to the company.
    Training and readiness of the company.
    Economical use of materials and funds.
    Discipline of the men and women within the company.
    Directives, correspondence and reporting.
  2. • The NCF unit is placed under the OPCON of the MEF Commander. The OPCON relationship is both mission and situation-dependent, and should be determined through an appropriate engineer staff planning process. The normal employment of the NCF, as based on precedent-setting contingencies, is for the NCF element to be structured as a major subordinate element within the MAGTF organization.
  3. • Continuously updating a member's skill including, individual general skills, individual rating skills, military skills, and crew skills (construction skills)
  4. Enlisted Qualification History
    o Consists of chronological history of your occupational and training related qualifications and your awards and commendations.
  5. Such material would cause "grave damage" to national security if it were publicly available
    Must be updated every 10 years

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  1. Discuss the Naval Construction Regiment (NCR) and how this position applies to the administrative chain of commandThe mission of the Ninth Naval Construction Regiment is to provide and maintain a trained, ready and immediately available organized reserve force capable of satisfying the mobilization requirements set forth by higher authority.


  2. Discuss the procedure to grant interim security clearanceCommanding officers may grant access to classified information to any individual who has an
    - official need-to-know,
    - established security clearance eligibility,
    - there is no known un-adjudicated disqualifying information.


  3. What is a Force Master ChiefCaptain Alan W. Todd


  4. Discuss the Commander US Atlantic Fleet, Pacific Fleet, and Naval Forces Europe and how this position applies to the administrative chain of commando Is a unit reporting format utilized to summarize a unit's training and operation readiness to higher headquarters and the theater commanders. (CINC)


  5. Who does NECC overseeSeabees
    Maritime Expeditionary Security Force
    Explosive Ordnance Disposal
    Expeditionary Intelligence
    Expeditionary Logistics
    Maritime Civil Affairs and Security Training Command
    Expeditionary Combat Readiness


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