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  1. What is the purpose of Personnel counseling
  2. Discuss Close support
  3. State the purpose and discuss the contents of the Enlisted Distribution Verification
    Report (EDVR).
  4. What are the individual rights with regards to counselings
  5. Explain enlisted service record Page 2
  1. a A Seabee element with a close support mission provides construction/engineering support on projects and objectives with the supported force through coordination with the NCE Operations Officer and provides force protection, movement, and communications tasks through coordination with the supported force
  2. b submit input
    make a statement
  3. c It's a monthly statement of a commands enlisted personnel account. It's distributed by the Enlisted Personnel Management Center (EPMAC). This document lists all personnel assigned.
    present and future manning status of the activity.
    Common reference for communicating manning status between an activity and its Manning Control Authority (MCA)
    Statement of account for verification by the Personnel and Pay Services Unit Identification.
    Permanent historical record of an activity's enlisted personal account.
  4. d Emergency Data.
    o Multipurpose form for both officer and enlisted members.
    o Part 1 serves as an application of dependency allowances and is used to record military spouse data. Part II provides an immediately accessible, up-to-date record of emergency data for casualty reporting and notification of the next of kin.
  5. e o Often things can be resolved by the member's Chain of Command but drugs/alcohol, behavioral disorders and psychological problems need to be referred.

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  1. Normally a PO1 who performs the administrative functions the platoon commander may direct. The Right Guide is also responsible for the supply and timely re-supply of the platoon in combat and often performs similar tasks on the job site.
  2. Reports are used by a command to report logistical requirements to higher headquarters. Format for the report will be issued by the higher unit in the operation
  3. 307 reserve, 2223 Active duty
    Conducts counter-IED operations, renders safe explosive hazards and disarms underwater explosives such as mines. EOD specialists can handle chemical, biological and radiological threats and are the only military EOD force that can both parachute from the air to reach distant targets and dive under the sea to disarm weapons
  4. Army or Marines (General)
  5. The direct representative of, and principal assistant to, the Commanding Officer.
    Executes the policies and instructions of the Commanding Officer and takes precedence over all other persons under the command of the Commanding Officer.

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  1. Discuss the purpose of Status of Resources and Training System (SORTS)o Is a unit reporting format utilized to summarize a unit's training and operation readiness to higher headquarters and the theater commanders. (CINC)


  2. State the purpose of and describe a Air DETo The mission of the Air DET, as an advance element of an NMCB, is to repair war damage and construct urgent projects as required by major operational plans or as tasked by a MAGTF commander


  3. Who is the Commander NECCRear Admiral Mark A. Handley


  4. Discuss Maritime Expeditionary Security Force3243 reserve, 406 active duty
    Delivers worldwide expeditionary logistics with active and reserve personnel to conduct port and air cargo handling missions, customs inspections, contingency contracting capabilities, fuels distribution, freight terminal and warehouse operations, postal services and ordnance reporting and handling.


  5. State the components of an Air DETo Used if local interest is expected and minimal impact to Navy Operations will result from the incident. Event not likely to draw national attention (auto accident)


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