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  1. State the purpose and discuss the contents of the Enlisted Distribution Verification
    Report (EDVR).
  2. Discuss the mission of a Civic Action Team (CAT)
  3. Discuss the function of Charlie Company
  4. Discuss the purpose of Status of Resources and Training System (SORTS)
  5. Discuss Coordinating Authority
  1. a o A small, highly mobile, air transportable construction unit that can be tailored to accomplish a variety of constructions tasks.
    o Team carry enough food, tool kits, and automotive and construction equipment to be self-sufficient in the field while performing their construction tasks.
  2. b o The battalion's general construction company. They are the prime contractors and occasional subcontractors; normally equal in strength and capabilities; they function as prime contractors for vertical construction.
  3. c Relates more to planning, coordinate special functions involving two or more forces. Doesn't have authority to force agreement. Such as coordinating fire support. You can ask for fire support but you don't have authority to make them provide support
  4. d It's a monthly statement of a commands enlisted personnel account. It's distributed by the Enlisted Personnel Management Center (EPMAC). This document lists all personnel assigned.
    present and future manning status of the activity.
    Common reference for communicating manning status between an activity and its Manning Control Authority (MCA)
    Statement of account for verification by the Personnel and Pay Services Unit Identification.
    Permanent historical record of an activity's enlisted personal account.
  5. e o Is a unit reporting format utilized to summarize a unit's training and operation readiness to higher headquarters and the theater commanders. (CINC)

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  1. Organize, train, operate and maintain the Naval Construction Force.
    Command and Control Naval Construction Regiments.
    Develop, coordinate and implement policies and requirements to man, equip and train Seabees.
    Commissioned on August 9, 2002 at Joint Expeditionary Base - Little Creek, Virginia Beach, Va
  2. Direct Liaison Authorized
    That authority granted by a commander (any level) to a subordinate to directly consult or coordinate an action with a command or agency within or outside of the granting command. Direct liaison authorized is more applicable to planning than operations and always carries with it the requirement of keeping the commander granting direct liaison authorized informed
  3. X1 - Chaplain
    X2 Dental Officer
    X3 Legal Officer
    X4 Medical officer
    Career Counselor
    Public affairs officer
    3M coordinator
  4. Generates video and still documentation of combat operations, contingencies, exercises and Navy events of historical significance. COMCAM is a visual information acquisition unit, dedicated to providing rapid response aerial, surface and subsurface visual documentation of wartime operations.
  5. Naval Facilities Engineering Command
    SYSCOM of 1NCD
    Technical support, assistance in planning and designing infrastructure, environmental assistance, real estate acquisition and contract construction.

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  1. Discuss RiverineEstablishes and maintains control of rivers and waterways for military and civil purposes, denies their use to hostile forces and destroys waterborne hostile forces as necessary. The Riverine force combats sea-based terrorism and other illegal activities, such as transporting components of weapons of mass destruction, hijacking, piracy and human trafficking.


  2. Describe the duties and responsibilities of the Company CommanderDirectly responsible for the preparedness and successful completion of all construction projects and disaster recovery operations assigned to the NCF unit by higher authority.


  3. What does the Prefix R stand forRegimental Staff


  4. What is a Fleet Master ChiefCMDCM Principle adviser to the CO on enlisted matters. Highest ranking enlisted in the Battalion.


  5. Discuss the purpose of a Logistical Requirements (LOGREQ)Reports are used by a command to report logistical requirements to higher headquarters. Format for the report will be issued by the higher unit in the operation


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