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  1. The ________ centers on the new and everlasting Covenant God made with humankind through Jesus Christ.
  2. By living the Ten Commandments we live the Covenant God entered into.
  3. The 46 books of the ______________ center on the Covenant that God made with the Chosen people, the Jews.
  4. Jesus is the new and everlasting Covenant.
  5. the bible

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  1. Covenanta promise


  2. canon of scriptureThe writings of Sacred Scripture that are approved by the Church as the inspired word of God are the _________


  3. DecalogueThe Ten Commandments, or _________, gave shape to the living of the Covenant.


  4. FalseGod is the main author of Sacred Scripture.


  5. PentateuchTorah; first five books of the bible


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