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  1. The writings of Sacred Scripture that are approved by the Church as the inspired word of God are the _________
  2. The 46 books of the ______________ center on the Covenant that God made with the Chosen people, the Jews.
  3. The Covenant of God with humankind began with Moses.
  4. The Ten Commandments, or _________, gave shape to the living of the Covenant.
  5. Jesus is the new and everlasting Covenant.

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  1. FalseBy living the Ten Commandments we live the Covenant God entered into.


  2. Sacred Scripturethe bible


  3. PentateuchTorah; first five books of the bible


  4. TrueThe Covenant of God with humankind began with Moses.


  5. Chapters and versesThe ___________ were not original parts of the text, but were inserted for the sake of easy reference.


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