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  1. Modernism
  2. "House of Wax," "It Came From Outer Space"
  3. Talent Raids
  4. Quiz Show scandals
  5. Vladimir Zworkyin
  1. a 1948 - CBS stole Amos N' Andy from NBC radio and brought it to TV, took Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Burrough, NBC responds by stealing many actors from CBS radio for NBC tv
  2. b 1955 - high profile primetime shows, among them The $64,000 Question - Charles Van Doren, popular contestant, knocks out previous champion, who says he's being fed the answers. Congressional investigation found out it was true, many shows cancelled, single sponsorship programming ended because they had too much power
  3. c worked with Boris Rosing on first cathode ray tube reciever for TV
  4. d an art movement characterized by the deliberate departure from tradition and the use of innovative forms of expression, very meta
  5. e Examples of early 3D films, very poorly implemented

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  1. high profile Hollywood filmmaker who made and released films on taboo subjects without adhering to the production code; was the cause of the erosion of the production code because these films were so successful
  2. Basically what we have today - instead of a studio creating multiple films, you'd hire many people from all over to come together to create one film, and then disband
  3. Paul Draper, dancer, came on Ed Sullivan show, he was accused of Communism earlier but had cleared his name, immediately after Sullivan books ads apologizing for booking him, Draper never works in US again
  4. Directed the 400 blows about an unloved child, cliffhanger
  5. A.K.A. "The Miracle Decision", Supreme Court reverses NY decision, says movies have 1st amendment rights, effectively repealing Mutual vs. Ohio

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  1. Consent DecreeBig 5/Little 3 agree to abide by decision but don't do a good job


  2. Philo T. FarnsworthInvented large tape recorder in Germany in 1920s, AEG took over, and he developed magnetophon


  3. Early variety showsRing sports, no videotape, almost always live


  4. Alain Resnais16mm camera focused on a monitor, recording TV shows as they happened


  5. "The Miracle"First Cinemascope film, huge hit


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