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  1. Decline of network radio
  2. Andrew Sarris
  3. Film industry box office during the 50s
  4. "The Man With the Golden Arm"
  5. Fritz Pfleumer
  1. a Popularized the Auteur Theory in the U.S., in a book called The American Cinema which ranked American directors according to a set of 3 circles
  2. b D: Otto Preminger, about a heroin addict, after it doesn't get a production code seal, United Artists leaves the MPAA, movie is still successful
  3. c People want to develop their own stations, by 1960 all radio networks are dead
  4. d Invented large tape recorder in Germany in 1920s, AEG took over, and he developed magnetophon
  5. e Falling box office due to televisions, baby boom, and suburbs

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  1. Japanese director of Rashoman, The Seven Samurai, The Hidden Fortress, and Yo Jimbo
  2. High Fidelity - marketing term for new records/tech that produced better sound
  3. D: Otto Preminger, comedy of seduction in which the word "virgin" is used in dialogue, no Production Code seal, still distributed to 4,000 theaters and very successful
  4. high profile Hollywood filmmaker who made and released films on taboo subjects without adhering to the production code; was the cause of the erosion of the production code because these films were so successful
  5. Looser narrative structure, motivated by realism or authorial expressivity, often foreign

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  1. Nipkow DiskBy Paul Nipkow in Germany, a form of mechanical TV that was a rotating disk with holes, light would shine through and be sent out as electrical impulses, image was bad, had a lot of moving parts


  2. Consent DecreeBig 5/Little 3 agree to abide by decision but don't do a good job


  3. Teenpics1st multitrack release recorded on homemade disc system, Develops 1st multitrack tape recorder with Ampex


  4. Friendly WitnessesMade direct cinema films "Titicut Follies" and "High School"


  5. First laugh trackCalle de Cinema critic turned filmmaker, made Breathless, which used jump cuts, long takes, fly on the wall feeling, eavesdropping on conversations, shooting at real locations with people observing camera, similar to Brecht's distantiation techniques


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