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  1. Role of writers in live TV
  2. Paramount Case Outcome
  3. AromaRama
  4. "Baby Doll"
  5. Andrew Sarris
  1. a Given star status
  2. b D: Elia Kazan, he was given final cut by Warner Brothers, film denounced by Catholic Church, again still did very well, practically the end of production code
  3. c Popularized the Auteur Theory in the U.S., in a book called The American Cinema which ranked American directors according to a set of 3 circles
  4. d Government reactivates case in 1944, 1946 finds them in violation of Anti-Trust Act, 1948 Big 5 are forced to sell theaters and terminate connections with each other - Little 3 now more viable, production code means less, b movies go away
  5. e The first of the "Smellies," scent would be sprayed into theater, by the end the theaters smelled disgusting

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  1. Ten writers/producers/directors subpoenaed to appear in court, somehow loosely associated with Communism, asked if they were now or ever a Communist, took the 5th
  2. (1943), supposedly Communist propaganda, women sharing what they have
  3. 1956 - $75k for one, not used widely, mostly for networks, detractors said video tool away from the live experience of television
  4. Critic that came up with the "Auteur Theory", attacked cinema of theory
  5. First show shown on the cable

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  1. William CastleDirector that relied on crazy, cheap gimmicks like Emergo and Percepto


  2. MagnetophonDeveloped by the Nazis for military technology. Brought back to US by John T. (Jack) Mullen


  3. EmergoStarted with "This Is Cinerama." Had to use three projectors to make a hugely wide screen, and a surround sound system. The IMAX of its time, would cost $100k to outfit a theater


  4. Andrew Sarris' Ranking1907, first to use a cathode ray tube as a receiver for a mechanically scanned image.


  5. Waldorf DeclarationMPAA head Eric Johnston read it, stated that industry would not hire any of the Hollywood 10 or any communists, began the blacklist


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