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  1. "Blackboard Jungle"
  2. Andrew Sarris' Ranking
  3. "The Miracle" controversy
  4. Modernism
  5. Philo T. Farnsworth
  1. a Inspired teenpics, a Bill Haley song in opening credits got very popular
  2. b Three circles to make a true auteur: Technical proficiency, distinguishable personality, and a profound deeper meaning
  3. c an art movement characterized by the deliberate departure from tradition and the use of innovative forms of expression, very meta
  4. d Farm boy that created electrical TV at just 16, wins patent for his all-electronic television, but is sued by Vladimir Zworykin of RCA. RCA eventually paid Farnsworth one million dollars for patent licenses, for TV scanning, focusing, synchronizing, contrast and controls devices.
  5. e Given an ok by NY state censors, Catholics get mad, say its sacrilegious, NY board pulls license, filmmakers sue

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  1. 1955 - high profile primetime shows, among them The $64,000 Question - Charles Van Doren, popular contestant, knocks out previous champion, who says he's being fed the answers. Congressional investigation found out it was true, many shows cancelled, single sponsorship programming ended because they had too much power
  2. The first of the "Smellies," scent would be sprayed into theater, by the end the theaters smelled disgusting
  3. Hiring someone to submit a script under their name in exchange for some of the profits, if you were blacklsited
  4. Basically what we have today - instead of a studio creating multiple films, you'd hire many people from all over to come together to create one film, and then disband
  5. Big 5/Little 3 agree to abide by decision but don't do a good job

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  1. William CastleDirector that relied on crazy, cheap gimmicks like Emergo and Percepto


  2. Local programming in early televisionShot on simple sets with two cameras, Chicago style


  3. Newton Minow12-step program where you could pay the company to clear your name if you were blacklisted


  4. Alain ResnaisDJ playing Rhythm and blues, in 1954 moves to NYC to create "Moondog Show," which becomes "Rock N Roll Show"


  5. Specialized Radio StationsShift from to live to recorded music, playing for certain demographics, like race music, rhythm and blues,


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