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  1. Fritz Pfleumer
  2. Payola scandal
  3. Hi-Fi
  4. Faraway Hill
  5. Boris Rosing
  1. a First soap opera, on DuMont network
  2. b High Fidelity - marketing term for new records/tech that produced better sound
  3. c Invented large tape recorder in Germany in 1920s, AEG took over, and he developed magnetophon
  4. d 1907, first to use a cathode ray tube as a receiver for a mechanically scanned image.
  5. e DJs paid and bribed by record companies to put songs in top 40, Alan Freed lost his job, many DJs fired

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  1. Based on "medium integrity" - focused on close-ups, not very flashy, direct address to home viewers, wanted intimacy
  2. Court case filed in 1938, Justice Department vs. Big 5 and Little 3, saying they conspired to monopolize, restrain trade
  3. French blockbusters, straightforward rigid plots
  4. MPAA head Eric Johnston read it, stated that industry would not hire any of the Hollywood 10 or any communists, began the blacklist
  5. D: Arch Oboler, independent movie, first successful 3D film, first American 3D feature

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  1. HUACHouse Committee of Un-American Activities, blamed many screenwriters for Communiest content in films, blacklisted writers, many careers crumbled - starting spring 1947 looked for Communist propaganda in Hollywood


  2. "The Man With the Golden Arm"D: Otto Preminger, about a heroin addict, after it doesn't get a production code seal, United Artists leaves the MPAA, movie is still successful


  3. Les PaulNew type of film focused specifically on teens focusing on music


  4. Anti-blacklist films"The Day the Earth Stood Still," "High Noon," subtly going against blacklist ideas


  5. Ampex 200First usable tape recorder developed by Jack Mullen working under Bing Crosby, became standard for recording but very expensive


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