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  1. American Business Consultants
  2. Talent Raids
  3. Aware, Inc.
  4. Kinescope
  5. Percepto
  1. a Company made by 3 ex-FBI agents, created "Red Channels"
  2. b 16mm camera focused on a monitor, recording TV shows as they happened
  3. c William Castle's "The Tingler" featured vibrating chairs, only a few in each theater, called Percepto
  4. d 12-step program where you could pay the company to clear your name if you were blacklisted
  5. e 1948 - CBS stole Amos N' Andy from NBC radio and brought it to TV, took Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Burrough, NBC responds by stealing many actors from CBS radio for NBC tv

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  1. Inexpensive color, only one strip of film, but fades very quickly
  2. (1943), supposedly Communist propaganda, women sharing what they have
  3. Ring sports, no videotape, almost always live
  4. Ten writers/producers/directors subpoenaed to appear in court, somehow loosely associated with Communism, asked if they were now or ever a Communist, took the 5th
  5. 1907, first to use a cathode ray tube as a receiver for a mechanically scanned image.

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  1. Warner Bros PresentsAdvertised WB movies, not very good


  2. DisneylandStarted with "This Is Cinerama." Had to use three projectors to make a hugely wide screen, and a surround sound system. The IMAX of its time, would cost $100k to outfit a theater


  3. Paramount Case OutcomeInexpensive color, only one strip of film, but fades very quickly


  4. French New Wave TechnologiesHelped further wireless, invited by David Sarnoff to work at RCA, instead of improving AM he starts FM (Frequency Modulation)


  5. Vladimir Zworkyinworked with Boris Rosing on first cathode ray tube reciever for TV


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