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  1. Elia Kazan
  2. Fritz Pfleumer
  3. Texaco Star Theater (who hosts)?
  4. Specialized Radio Stations
  5. "The Miracle"
  1. a D: Roberto Rosselilini (1948) Part of "The Ways of Love"
    Peasant woman falls in love with someone she thinks is St Joseph and gets pregnant
  2. b Directed "The Man with the Golden Arm" and "A Streetcar Named Desire," criticized the Church and MPAA for being okay with "Ten Commandments," but not his film
  3. c Shift from to live to recorded music, playing for certain demographics, like race music, rhythm and blues,
  4. d Invented large tape recorder in Germany in 1920s, AEG took over, and he developed magnetophon
  5. e (NBC, 1948-1956) Milton Berle a.k.a. Uncle Miltie or Mr. Television hosts, 39-week season

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  1. Distributors will give money to independents if they release their films on time
  2. Basically what we have today - instead of a studio creating multiple films, you'd hire many people from all over to come together to create one film, and then disband
  3. Director that relied on crazy, cheap gimmicks like Emergo and Percepto
  4. "Educational" films
  5. RCA unhappy with Armstrong for creating FM, promoted TV system instead, sue Armstrong, who countersues until he dies after beating his wife

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  1. "The Moon Is Blue"D: Otto Preminger, comedy of seduction in which the word "virgin" is used in dialogue, no Production Code seal, still distributed to 4,000 theaters and very successful


  2. LP'sLong play record, used primarily by classical operas, required switching disks during a song


  3. Faraway HillFirst soap opera, on DuMont network


  4. Crossfire1947 D: Edward D ymtryk-- attack on anti-semitism viewed as Communist propaganda


  5. Art cinema (place)20th Century Fox developed alternative to Cinerama. Anamorphic system, meaning the lens squeezed then stretched out the image creating a wide image with the same projector. Only cost $15k to outfit a theater - all future Fox movies to be in Cinemascope


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