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Exam 3 - HoMa Test

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  1. "House of Wax," "It Came From Outer Space"
  2. Art cinema (reading strategy)
  3. Edwin Armstrong
  4. Ampex 200
  5. Hollywood Ten Notable Members
  1. a Examples of early 3D films, very poorly implemented
  2. b Edward Dmytryk, Adrian Scott, John Howard Lawson, Dalton Trumbo
  3. c Paid attention to movement, editing, light, darkness, and composition. Really had to pay attention to understand these films
  4. d Helped further wireless, invited by David Sarnoff to work at RCA, instead of improving AM he starts FM (Frequency Modulation)
  5. e First usable tape recorder developed by Jack Mullen working under Bing Crosby, became standard for recording but very expensive

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  1. The Ed Wynn Show, Your Show of Shows with Mel Brooks, Neil Simon, and Woody Allen, and The Toast of the Town, later called the Ed Sullivan Show on CBS
  2. Crosby hired Mullen as chief engineer to to develop commercial recorders
  3. Shot on simple sets with two cameras, Chicago style
  4. high profile Hollywood filmmaker who made and released films on taboo subjects without adhering to the production code; was the cause of the erosion of the production code because these films were so successful
  5. scottish inventor; 1926--first to demonstrate a television system before a gathering of 50 scientists in his attic workshop, stretched cable from London to Glasgow and London to New York - bad resolution

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  1. Philo T. FarnsworthFarm boy that created electrical TV at just 16, wins patent for his all-electronic television, but is sued by Vladimir Zworykin of RCA. RCA eventually paid Farnsworth one million dollars for patent licenses, for TV scanning, focusing, synchronizing, contrast and controls devices.


  2. Hi-FiHigh Fidelity - marketing term for new records/tech that produced better sound


  3. Innovation within repetitionNew head of FCC, called most of film the "Vast Wasteland", criticized content for violence, term caught on


  4. Film industry box office during the 50sNumber of people went to Washington to support Hollywood 10, but left when John Howard Lawson took an aggressive approach


  5. SuburbanizationSecond of "Smellies," scratch'n'sniff system


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