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  1. Art cinema (type of film)
  2. 3-Strip Technicolor
  3. Joseph R. McCarthy
  4. "The Robe"
  5. "Harvest of Shame"
  1. a Looser narrative structure, motivated by realism or authorial expressivity, often foreign
  2. b Very expensive, used three strips of film each with its own color, then brought them together - used in Wizard of Oz, looks great but costs a lot
  3. c Wisconsin Rep U.S Senate - beginning in 1950, claimed that there were large numbers of disloyalty, Communists & Soviet spies and sympathizers in and outside the U.S. Fed. Government. He made accusations of Communist infiltration into the State Dept, Truman's administration, and US Army. He was never able to prove his sensational charges which caused him to be censured by the Senate.
  4. d First Cinemascope film, huge hit
  5. e Episode of CBS Reports that shocked many by exposing conditions of American workers, with Edward R Murrow

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  1. Anti-communist movie among a wave of excessively alarmist similar films
  2. Given star status
  3. Second of "Smellies," scratch'n'sniff system
  4. A 1952 Western film starring Gary Cooper who plays a sheriff fighting a gang without any support from the town, meant to mirror blacklist, written by Carl Foreman just a week before he himself was blacklisted
  5. Cinema truth, in French, direct cinema of France

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  1. Art cinema (place)Types of pretentious theaters, 200 in 1956, 500 by 1966


  2. Tender Comrade16mm camera focused on a monitor, recording TV shows as they happened


  3. Art cinema (reading strategy)Types of pretentious theaters, 200 in 1956, 500 by 1966


  4. Profit sharingWorked for Time, Inc, proposed new style of documentary that did for video what Life Magazine did for photojournalism, relying on images


  5. Waldorf DeclarationMPAA head Eric Johnston read it, stated that industry would not hire any of the Hollywood 10 or any communists, began the blacklist


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