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  1. The Paramount Case
  2. Ampex 200
  3. "Harvest of Shame"
  4. The Package Unit System
  5. French New Wave Technologies
  1. a i. Handheld Camera
    ii. Improvising plot and dialogue
    iii. Trial and Error
    iv. Neo-realist influences
    v. Lack of establishing shots
    vi. Elliptical editing
    vii. Long takes
    viii. Self-referential
  2. b Basically what we have today - instead of a studio creating multiple films, you'd hire many people from all over to come together to create one film, and then disband
  3. c Court case filed in 1938, Justice Department vs. Big 5 and Little 3, saying they conspired to monopolize, restrain trade
  4. d First usable tape recorder developed by Jack Mullen working under Bing Crosby, became standard for recording but very expensive
  5. e Episode of CBS Reports that shocked many by exposing conditions of American workers, with Edward R Murrow

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  1. D: Arch Oboler, independent movie, first successful 3D film, first American 3D feature
  2. D: Elia Kazan, he was given final cut by Warner Brothers, film denounced by Catholic Church, again still did very well, practically the end of production code
  3. Kukla, Fran & Ollie - with puppets
    Ding Dong School - kids show
    Garroway at Large - variety show with Dave Garroway
  4. Ring sports, no videotape, almost always live
  5. Looser narrative structure, motivated by realism or authorial expressivity, often foreign

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  1. Art cinema (reading strategy)Types of pretentious theaters, 200 in 1956, 500 by 1966


  2. John Logie BairdDirected "The Man with the Golden Arm" and "A Streetcar Named Desire," criticized the Church and MPAA for being okay with "Ten Commandments," but not his film


  3. American Business ConsultantsMade direct cinema films "Titicut Follies" and "High School"


  4. "A Streetcar Named Desire"Film directed by Elia Kazan, written by Tennessee Williams, Warner Bros cut material to appease Catholic Legion of Decency, Kazan mad and forms own company called Newtown Productions


  5. "The Miracle" controversyFirst Cinemascope film, huge hit


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