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  1. asymmetrical balance
  2. depth
  3. contrast
  4. unity
  5. symmetry
  1. a the oneness or wholeness of a work of art. where all parts work together to create unity
  2. b is created by using opposites near or beside one another such as a light object next to a dark object or a rough tecture next to a smooth texture
  3. c a feeling of balance attained when the visual units on either side of the vertical axis are actually different but are placed in the composition to create a felt balance of the total artwork
  4. d formal balance of the elements; the same mirror image on both sides of artwork
  5. e space that indicates three dimensions creating a feeling of near and for

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  1. a point on the eye level line toward which parallel lines are made to recede and meet in perspective drawing
  2. a shape having three dimensions height, width and depth
  3. the organization of the art elements and principles into a plan
  4. the smaller and more intricate parts of a work of art
  5. the theory of pereiving and enjoying something for its beauty

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  1. patternlines,colors, or shapes arranged or rpeated in a planned sequence


  2. complementary colorscolors directly opposite each other on the color wheel


  3. Balanceshading through the smooth gradual of light and dark value


  4. horizon linea generally horizontal line either real or implied in a work of art that depics where the earth and the sky sappear to meet


  5. linear perspectivea tchniqure of creating the illusion of depth on a flat surface. All parallel lines receding into the distance are drawn to covedrage atonre or more vanishing points on the horizon linr


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