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  1. aresthetic
  2. positive space
  3. asymmetrical balance
  4. negative space
  5. vanishing point
  1. a the empty space surronding shapes or solid forms in a work of art
  2. b the theory of pereiving and enjoying something for its beauty
  3. c the objects in a work of art noth the background or the space around them
  4. d a feeling of balance attained when the visual units on either side of the vertical axis are actually different but are placed in the composition to create a felt balance of the total artwork
  5. e a point on the eye level line toward which parallel lines are made to recede and meet in perspective drawing

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  1. a catagory of balance in which lines or shapes radiate from a center point
  2. refers to the lightness or darkness of a color
  3. space that indicates three dimensions creating a feeling of near and for
  4. lines,colors, or shapes arranged or rpeated in a planned sequence
  5. a circular chart showing the colors of the visible spectrum

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  1. complementary colorscolors directly opposite each other on the color wheel


  2. Balancerefers to the lightness or darkness of a color


  3. contrastthe outline of a figure, body, or mass


  4. Artista person who makes artworks and is skilled in composing subject matter and the elements of art with a variety of art materials and procedures


  5. forma shape having three dimensions height, width and depth


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