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  1. Clovis
  2. Breviary
  3. Christendom
  4. Justinian Code
  5. Patrick
  1. a The first code of law that reflects Christian morality/ideals
  2. b Book for prayers of the Liturgy of the Hours
  3. c King of the Franks, when he converted to Christianity he made the rest of his people convert as well
  4. d Captured into slavery in Ireland at age sixteen, he eventually became a bishop
  5. e Christianity as the dominant organizational and cultral force in society

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  1. A unique monastery in Ireland, a double monastery
  2. Establishes a double monastery at Kildare, which also became a center for education
  3. The language of Ireland (Celt)
  4. Last Roman Emperor
  5. Schools for the education and formation of men who want to be priests

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  1. Liturgy of the HoursPrayers said by religious and priests at prescribed times of the day


  2. KoranA unique monastery in Ireland, a double monastery


  3. EthelbertKing of the Anglo-Saxons


  4. OdovacarGoth King who disposes of Roman Empire; credited with the fall of the Roman Empire


  5. UsuryJewish and Christian teachings written by Muhammad (Islamic scriptures)


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