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  1. Breviary
  2. Theodoric
  3. Gregory the Great
  4. Justinian Code
  5. Muhammad
  1. a An arab prophet whose followers were the first Muslims and their religion was Islam
  2. b Encouraged bishops to establish schools for priests; wrote letters on duties of a pastor, the Bible, and the proper way to celebrate liturgy. Used the money from churches to repair crumbling buildings.
  3. c Book for prayers of the Liturgy of the Hours
  4. d King of the Goth Tribe, governed Rome and the Western Empire
  5. e The first code of law that reflects Christian morality/ideals

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  1. The lending of money with a charge of interest
  2. The language of Ireland (Celt)
  3. Captured into slavery in Ireland at age sixteen, he eventually became a bishop
  4. Generous benefactor of the church; develops Justinian Code
  5. Prayers said by religious and priests at prescribed times of the day

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  1. Charles MartelKing of the Franks in 732, known as the hammer, stopped the spanish invasion in the city of Gaul


  2. EthelbertKing of the Anglo-Saxons


  3. KoranJewish and Christian teachings written by Muhammad (Islamic scriptures)


  4. OdovacarKing of the Franks, when he converted to Christianity he made the rest of his people convert as well


  5. ChristendomGenerous benefactor of the church; develops Justinian Code


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