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  1. What makes a song a ballad?
  2. Enslave me so I will be free
  3. What is the date of the Publication of Paradise Lost?
  4. What latin phrase means "seize the day"? (to the virgins)
  5. How many percent of our words spoken daily are Anglo-Saxon?
  1. a it is a narrative poem that tells a story
  2. b carpe diem
  3. c Paradox
  4. d 90%
  5. e 1667

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  1. Quatrain
  2. Psyche showed agape (sacrificial love) towards Orual in betraying Orual because she sacrifices her love for ORual to her god. Psyche says that if she loves her god, she will love Orual more.
  3. it reeks
  4. Written in English
  5. kennings, alliteration, tetrameter

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  1. Logocentrismthe work in relation to the world


  2. Contrast the historical and legendary ArthurHistorical: Arturius, Celtic general who fought against Anglo-Saxons.
    Legendary: King Arthur, English king


  3. That I may be caste, ravish me.Conceit


  4. What did Anglo-Saxons think about the length of their lives?Fate


  5. What reversals take place? (The Pardoner's Tale)that he could be young again


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