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  1. The Sublime
  2. When Orual recognizes, "I am Ungit," what does she mean?
  3. Characterize the Neapolitan, British, and German princes
  4. How is time personified? (sonnet 116)
  5. In what ways is the Green Knight a type of Christ?
  1. a a passage that overwhelms you; different worlds, values, feelings, ideas converge; can be heard again and again with equal pleasure; transcends time and space; echoes the soul; hides artistic endeavor
  2. b fool
  3. c Orual's love is more of a consuming love that is wrapped up in herself
  4. d -Neapolitan: talks about his horses all the time.
    -British: only knows one language, his clothes don't match (from different countries)
    -German: drunkard
  5. e He comes at Christmas, allows himself to be tortured, the act symbolizes death and rebirth, he requires that we surrender our life to him, he points out our sin, he forgives completely, mistaken for devil, tests our love

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  1. the work in relation to the world
  2. The people of the renaissance did not like religion because of the rules and regulations
  3. Treasure
  4. it is a narrative poem that tells a story
  5. Pentameter

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  1. What was the world-wide era called during the Anglo-Saxon period?Dark Ages


  2. What is the date of the Beheading of Charles?449


  3. What is the date of The Restoration?1485-1625


  4. Explain the parallelism in Part 3.Correlation of Hunts to the Temptations
    Deer - Gawain hides and pretends to be asleep
    Boar - She invites him to take her by force to she be would boorish to deny him
    Fox - Gawain is sly in hiding the belt and going back on his word


  5. Hamartiaa flaw that relates to the conflict (in a character)


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