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  1. What is the date of The Restoration?
  2. What was the world-wide era called during the Anglo-Saxon period?
  3. What is the old man's wish? (the pardoner's tale)
  4. Contrast the historical and legendary Arthur
  5. What makes a poem a sonnet?
  1. a 1660
  2. b 14 line poem with 10 syllables per line, mostly iambic pentameter
  3. c Dark Ages
  4. d that he could be young again
  5. e Historical: Arturius, Celtic general who fought against Anglo-Saxons.
    Legendary: King Arthur, English king

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  1. Storge (Motherly Love), Phileo (Brotherly Love/Friendship), Eros (Romantic Love), Agape (Sacrificial Love)
  2. Sir Gawain feels terrible, but the Green Knight is forgiving and humble, therefore Sir Gawain isn't afraid to hide his belt
  3. greed and betrayal
  4. He has gone to a far away country with his kinsmen
  5. 700

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  1. What is the best age, and why? (to the virgins)young age, things get worse and worse when you grow older


  2. What is Grendel's ancestry?descendant of Cain


  3. That I may be caste, ravish me.14 line poem with 10 syllables per line, mostly iambic pentameter


  4. Characterize the Neapolitan, British, and German princesShooting another arrow means that Bassanio wants to borrow more money from Antonio, so he can find the money he lost that belongs to Antonio (the other arrow)


  5. What does the Priest of Essur need to learn?the story of Istra (Psyche) and the worshipping of Istra are two completely different things


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