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  1. Explain the parallelism in Part 3.
  2. Four accented syllables per line
  3. What are stone walls unable to do?
  4. Why should the praise not go to him? (constant lover)
  5. Love rolls down the tracks
  1. a they are unable to make a prison
  2. b Tetrameter
  3. c it should go to the woman because she is so beautiful
  4. d Correlation of Hunts to the Temptations
    Deer - Gawain hides and pretends to be asleep
    Boar - She invites him to take her by force to she be would boorish to deny him
    Fox - Gawain is sly in hiding the belt and going back on his word
  5. e Metaphor

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  1. spiritual enlightenment
  2. 1667
  3. Shooting another arrow means that Bassanio wants to borrow more money from Antonio, so he can find the money he lost that belongs to Antonio (the other arrow)
  4. Geoffrey Chaucer
  5. Sir Gawain feels terrible, but the Green Knight is forgiving and humble, therefore Sir Gawain isn't afraid to hide his belt

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  1. What is her main objection to what he offers? (the nymph's reply)She objects by saying that eventually everything fades, will be forgotten


  2. Cavaliersieze the day (theme of cavaliers)


  3. Deus ex MachinaGod out of the machine (cheap ending)


  4. Who wrote "the Passionate Shepherd to His Love"?He argues that the Psyche is the best and the worst-the best person and at the same time the accursed. She is offered to the Shadowbrute because she is pure, but she puts on the sins (scapegoat) of the people. Loving and devouring can be interpreted to be that the god is overwhelming, and he consumer us.


  5. What term defines a person who is good at many things?young age, things get worse and worse when you grow older


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