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  1. What was composed around 700?
  2. What are stone walls unable to do?
  3. What claims does Portia make about mercy?
  4. What is the nature of the god? (Maximus)
  5. When Orual recognizes, "I am Ungit," what does she mean?
  1. a it blesses the giver and the receiver
  2. b Beowulf
  3. c they are unable to make a prison
  4. d Orual's love is more of a consuming love that is wrapped up in herself
  5. e gentle/loving

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  1. cheerful poems on frivolous topics, carpe diem
  2. fool
  3. Storge (Motherly Love), Phileo (Brotherly Love/Friendship), Eros (Romantic Love), Agape (Sacrificial Love)
  4. he can't believe it, feels good about himself
  5. 1: If he had enough time, he would just sit and watch her; vegetable love
    2: If she doesn't give her virginity to him, it will be to the worms and she will die; no life after death
    3: They love like birds devouring their prey; we need to make most of our time

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  1. What do the inscriptions on the outside of each casket say?1659


  2. Apostrophewhen one talks to someone who can't respond


  3. What is Grendel's ancestry?Couplet


  4. Pastorala poem that idealizes rustic, country life


  5. Love is like a freight trainspiritual enlightenment


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