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  1. Love rolls down the tracks
  2. Purification
  3. Names the four loves in Greek
  4. What is the name for poems that idealize shepherd life?
  5. what statement shows Satan's idea about reality?
  1. a Metaphor
  2. b Mind is its own place, can make a Heaven of Hell and a Hell of Heaven
  3. c Storge (Motherly Love), Phileo (Brotherly Love/Friendship), Eros (Romantic Love), Agape (Sacrificial Love)
  4. d Pastoral poems
  5. e spiritual enlightenment

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  1. extra material
  2. it should go to the woman because she is so beautiful
  3. the irrational side of the mind
  4. "All that has failed and our love is as if it had never been."
  5. Historical: Arturius, Celtic general who fought against Anglo-Saxons.
    Legendary: King Arthur, English king

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  1. What does the Priest of Essur need to learn?the story of Istra (Psyche) and the worshipping of Istra are two completely different things


  2. Describe the tone of this book (Sir Gawain)Festive; Happy


  3. Renaissance Mana poet, historian, courtier, soldier, explorer, spy


  4. What three literary devices are often in Anglo-Saxon literature?449-1066


  5. What hints tell us about Grendel's form?descendent of Cain, big arm span, has hands, "sliding", gleaming eyes, massive jaws, big mouth, talons


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