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  1. What is the old man's wish? (the pardoner's tale)
  2. What are some aspects of a good first sentence?
  3. What is the best age, and why? (to the virgins)
  4. What does she imagine is pursuing her husband? (The Wife's Lament)
  5. Clarification
  1. a intellectual wonder
  2. b young age, things get worse and worse when you grow older
  3. c Fate
  4. d that he could be young again
  5. e It says something a little strange; makes a lot of info irrelevant; hooks the reader

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  1. He says he just hates Antonio like some people just hate pigs, cats, and bagpipes
  2. Orual's love is more of a consuming love that is wrapped up in herself
  3. a poet, historian, courtier, soldier, explorer, spy
  4. brought by St. Augustine in 597
  5. the story of Istra (Psyche) and the worshipping of Istra are two completely different things

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  1. Hamartiathe work in relation to the world


  2. Oar fingers, Shadow of Death, Dragon SlayerKenning


  3. What is the date of the Publication of Canterbury Tales?1659


  4. What is the date of Beowulf's Composition?700


  5. The Sublimethe work in relation to itself


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