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  1. Urban Legends
  2. riot
  3. social movement
  4. technology
  5. fashion
  1. a a large and organized activity to promote or resist a particular social change
  2. b a type of rumor consisting of stories that supposedly happened
  3. c a standard of appearance that enjoys widespread but temporary acceptance within a society
  4. d the application of a scientific knowledge for practical purposes
  5. e a violent crowd that directs its hostility at a wide and shifting range of targets

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  1. wide-spread attitudes on a particular issue
  2. rumors, often negative, about other people's lives
  3. a temporary gathering of people who share a common interest or participate in a particular event
  4. unfounded information that people spread quickly
  5. a highly emotional and disorderly crowd that uses force or violence against a specific target

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  1. Mass Hysteriaan unexpected event that causes widespread damage, destruction, distress and loss


  2. Panica collection of people, not necessarily in direct contact with each other, who are interested in a particular issue


  3. disastera fad that becomes an all-consuming passion for many people for a short time


  4. Structural Strain Theorythe transformations of society and social institutions over time


  5. fada form of collective behavior that spreads rapidly and enthusiastically but lasts a short time


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