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Younjin is a purchasing agent for Acme Enterprises. One of the products she is responsible for is the copier paper for the company's copiers. The company makes lots and lots of copies so they use more than 60 cases of copier paper each week. Younjin will probably treat copier paper as a ____________ decision?

Straight rebuy

Which of the following buying criteria is a business buyer likely to use and an individual consumer NOT likely to use?

The production capacity of the supplier firm

Many complicated products such as computers or automobiles are assembled using many component parts. Once a sales forecast for the main product has been established, it is relatively easy to estimate sales of the component products because of the ____________ characteristic of business markets?

Joint demand

Which of the following statements comparing the consumer buying process to the business buying process is TRUE?

Both businesses and consumers solve problems using a five-step process.

Which of the following situations describes a business customer?

A not-for-profit organization that buys copier paper in order to make flyers announcing a charity fundraising event.

Perception deals with...?

How we interpret the world around us

Kris decided to go shopping for a pair of tennis shoes. She went to the mall where there were several stores selling shoes. The first store was poorly lit, seemed to be kind of dirty and was very crowded. The second store was brightly lit, sparkning clean and had the shoes attractively displayed on shelves. She walked past the first store and into the second store in order to shop for shoes. Kris was influenced by ___________?


Which of the following statements about attitudes is FALSE?

Attitudes are permanent

The Myers-Briggs personality inventory is one typology discussed in class. Which of the following is NOT one of the dimensions of the Myers Brigs personality inventory?


Desiree knows that she does not have very much money. Yet she dreams of being rich and famous like one of those Hollywood stars you see on television all the time. Her one luxury is to buy fashionable designer dresses just like those worn on her favorite television shows. Desiree's desire to be seen as a high-fashion person is motivated by her ____________?

Ideal self image

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