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  1. The preferred filing method for a physician's office is:
    (alphabetic, numeric, alphanumeric, or the one most preferred by the staff)
  2. Which of the following is not objective information?
    (progress notes, diagnosis, family history, or physical examination and findings)
  3. How would you properly index the name "Amanda M. Stiles-Duncan" for filing?
  4. What is the most important reason for telling the physician when a charting error is discovered later?
    (to protect the patient's health and well-being, to protect the MA's job, to keep the patient from discovering the error, or to make sure the MA is not accused of making the error)
  5. Files for patients who have died, moved away, or otherwise terminated their relationship with the physician are called _____________ files.
  1. a the one most preferred by the staff
  2. b family history
  3. c Stilesduncan, Amanda M.
  4. d to protect the patient's health and well-being
  5. e closed

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  1. Releasing records
  2. HIPAA does not recommend a number of years
  3. shingling
  4. A. Martin
  5. all of the above are advantages

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  1. Which of the following is not an advantage of a numeric filing system?
    (it allows periodic expansion without shifting folders, it saves time in record retrieval and refiling, it provides additional confidentiality to the chart, or filing activity is greatest when the system is initiated)
    filing activity is greatest when the system is initiated


  2. Releasing a record, with regard to filing it, means:
    (deciding where to file a particular item, removing pins and paper clips, placing a mark indicating that the item is ready for filing, or arranging papers in filing sequence)
    written release from the patient


  3. Conditioning papers involves including a mark that indicates the papers are ready for filing.
    (T or F)


  4. Which of the following names should be filed first?
    (Wm. Jones or William Jones)
    William Jones


  5. The process of moving an active file to inactive status is called:false


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