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  1. Who introduced strategic discourse
  2. Similarities in speaking public vs. conversation
  3. How do you change beliefs?
  4. 3 characteristics of persuasive speech
  5. 3 tips will enhance your credibility as persuasive
  1. a influence audience, utilize strategy, advocate fact value or policy
  2. b organize thoughts logically, tailor message to audience, tell story for max impact
  3. c Artistole
  4. d with a great deal of evidence
  5. e establish common ground, support key arguements with evidence, well organized and deliverance

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  1. master art of speaking persuasively
  2. strengthen or weaken commitment, promote action
  3. know your audience, be prepared, use deep breathing, channel nervous energy, seek speaking opportunities
  4. attitudes, beliefs, values, behaviors
  5. neglect to explain how proposal benefits listener

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  1. What is the central ideacentral idea is a complete deceleration sentence that previews the main points to develop body


  2. How does public speaking differ from conversation?organize thoughts logically, tailor message to audience, tell story for max impact


  3. Define reasoningtrue or false claims


  4. Introduction of Speech...10-20% attention, background/ need , Specific Purpose/ Central Idea


  5. Alan Monroes Motivate Sequenceget listeners attention, need to listen to you, satisfaction step, visualization step, action step


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