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  1. Define reasoning
  2. if you want to generate outcomes to persuasive speech what is needed?
  3. Oldest method of trying to change an attitude or behavior
  4. Introduction of Speech...
  5. How do you build credibility?
  1. a master art of speaking persuasively
  2. b 10-20% attention, background/ need , Specific Purpose/ Central Idea
  3. c reasoning is line of thought that connects the facts you present and conclusions
  4. d threat or fear
  5. e introduction, word choices, strong evidence

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  1. true or false claims
  2. organize thoughts logically, tailor message to audience, tell story for max impact
  3. central idea is a complete deceleration sentence that previews the main points to develop body
  4. cognitive dissnence, maslows heirachy of needs
  5. ethos- credibility logos- logic pathos- emotional

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  1. Five patterns of organizationchronological, spatial, topical, casual, problem- solution


  2. 4 perspectiveness on nervousnessrelate main and supporting points to audience, appeal to audience, connect listeners value, demonstrate how audience will benefit, acknowledge listeners reservations, focus on peripheral beliefs


  3. Alan Monroes Motivate Sequenceinform, persuade, entertain


  4. 4 ethical considerations for persuasive speechhelp audience make informed decision, research facts, note any bias, attribute research


  5. If audience is hostile, sympathetic or neutral what should speaker do?try different persuasive tactic, to understand audience


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