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  1. Conclusion
  2. Similarities in speaking public vs. conversation
  3. Testimony
  4. How do you change beliefs?
  5. If audience is hostile, sympathetic or neutral what should speaker do?
  1. a 5 to 10% of speech. signal end of speech and summarize speech
  2. b organize thoughts logically, tailor message to audience, tell story for max impact
  3. c try different persuasive tactic, to understand audience
  4. d with a great deal of evidence
  5. e a statement expressing individuals, attitudes, beliefs and values

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  1. not less than two not more than five
  2. brainstorm, listening and read, scan web
  3. help audience make informed decision, research facts, note any bias, attribute research
  4. 10-20% attention, background/ need , Specific Purpose/ Central Idea
  5. attitudes, beliefs, values, behaviors

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  1. Which of 3 qualities will change less?attitudes, beliefs, values, behaviors


  2. 6 persuasive strategiesdirectly- logical proof, indirectly- infers general impression of what you are hearing


  3. Alan Monroes Motivate Sequenceinform, persuade, entertain


  4. Which of 3 listener qualities is easiest to change?values


  5. Purposes of speeches..not less than two not more than five


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