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  1. if you want to generate outcomes to persuasive speech what is needed?
  2. Artistole 3 Stages to right blend
  3. Fact Claims
  4. Persuaded into two ways
  5. 3 characteristics of persuasive speech
  1. a ethos- credibility logos- logic pathos- emotional
  2. b master art of speaking persuasively
  3. c influence audience, utilize strategy, advocate fact value or policy
  4. d directly- logical proof, indirectly- infers general impression of what you are hearing
  5. e true or false claims

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  1. planned, requires more formal language, roles of speaker and audience clearly defined
  2. organize thoughts logically, tailor message to audience, tell story for max impact
  3. neglect to explain how proposal benefits listener
  4. competence, trustworthy, goodwill
  5. get listeners attention, need to listen to you, satisfaction step, visualization step, action step

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  1. 6 persuasive strategiesrelate main and supporting points to audience, appeal to audience, connect listeners value, demonstrate how audience will benefit, acknowledge listeners reservations, focus on peripheral beliefs


  2. 4 perspectiveness on nervousnessknow your audience, be prepared, use deep breathing, channel nervous energy, seek speaking opportunities


  3. Effectiveness of fear appeals is based on what two theories?cognitive dissnence, maslows heirachy of needs


  4. How do you build credibility?with a great deal of evidence


  5. 5 elements to communicationchronological, spatial, topical, casual, problem- solution


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