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  1. 3 characteristics of persuasive speech
  2. If audience is hostile, sympathetic or neutral what should speaker do?
  3. How do you build credibility?
  4. Oldest method of trying to change an attitude or behavior
  5. Testimony
  1. a introduction, word choices, strong evidence
  2. b influence audience, utilize strategy, advocate fact value or policy
  3. c a statement expressing individuals, attitudes, beliefs and values
  4. d try different persuasive tactic, to understand audience
  5. e threat or fear

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  1. 10-20% attention, background/ need , Specific Purpose/ Central Idea
  2. planned, requires more formal language, roles of speaker and audience clearly defined
  3. strengthen or weaken commitment, promote action
  4. 5 to 10% of speech. signal end of speech and summarize speech
  5. do not end speech abruptly no new point, avoid tiresome summary have no false conclusions be specific

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  1. Define reasoningreasoning is line of thought that connects the facts you present and conclusions


  2. Similarities in speaking public vs. conversationplanned, requires more formal language, roles of speaker and audience clearly defined


  3. What is the central ideacentral idea is a complete deceleration sentence that previews the main points to develop body


  4. common error in persuasive speech that determines success of proposal?neglect to explain how proposal benefits listener


  5. 3 tips will enhance your credibility as persuasiveestablish common ground, support key arguements with evidence, well organized and deliverance


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