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  1. Effectiveness of fear appeals is based on what two theories?
  2. 5 elements to communication
  3. Introduction of Speech...
  4. Similarities in speaking public vs. conversation
  5. Oldest method of trying to change an attitude or behavior
  1. a threat or fear
  2. b source message channel auditory and visual receiver noise
  3. c cognitive dissnence, maslows heirachy of needs
  4. d 10-20% attention, background/ need , Specific Purpose/ Central Idea
  5. e organize thoughts logically, tailor message to audience, tell story for max impact

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  1. establish common ground, support key arguements with evidence, well organized and deliverance
  2. ethos- credibility logos- logic pathos- emotional
  3. get listeners attention, need to listen to you, satisfaction step, visualization step, action step
  4. occasion audience speakers qualifications
  5. with a great deal of evidence

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  1. 4 perspectiveness on nervousnessknow your audience, be prepared, use deep breathing, channel nervous energy, seek speaking opportunities


  2. Which of 3 listener qualities is easiest to change?values


  3. 3 characteristics of persuasive speechhelp audience make informed decision, research facts, note any bias, attribute research


  4. 3 qualities establish creditablycompetence, trustworthy, goodwill


  5. Who introduced strategic discourseArtistole


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