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  1. Established mission in South America, fought against poor treatment of native peoples
  2. Discovered the New World, landed near the Bahamas
  3. Explored Atlantic coast, proved lots of continent left to be claimed for France
  4. Explored Puerto Rico, landed in Florida, discovered Gulf Stream
  5. Started English settlement
  6. Led the way for England to claim land

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  1. VespucciExplored coast of South America, determined "new world" was not Asia


  2. DrakeDiscovered, explored and maped the Lawrence River, Father of Canada


  3. HudsonExplored the Hudson River. It was named for him.


  4. CortezDefeated the Aztecs, claimed Mexico for Spain


  5. CoronadoExplored North America, discovered the Grand Canyon


  6. PizzaroExplored North America, discovered the Grand Canyon


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