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  1. Social Gospel Movement
  2. UMW
  3. political machine
  4. Horizontal integration
  5. Pullman Strike
  1. a During a depression Pullman lowered wages in his company but kept the rent in his town the same - which caused people who lived there to go on strike
  2. b movement that urged people to help the poor in the cities
  3. c United Mine Workers started by Mary Harris Jones
  4. d business practice used by Carnegie to buy out all of his competitors
  5. e organized group that controlled the activities of a political party in a city

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  1. an economic and political system based on government control of business and property and equal distribution of wealth
  2. Social organization of farmers
  3. Allowed for cities to begin producing one thing (example I used in class: Forest City has Winnebago and it produces mobile homes)
  4. Founded the American Railway Union
  5. The Supreme Court upheld the Granger Laws. The states won the right to regulate the RRs for the benefit of farmers and consumers.

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  1. Chester A. ArthurGarfield's VP who became president after assassination


  2. Boss Tweedhead of the "Tweed Ring" - he was a main contributor to the construction scandal of the NY county courthouse


  3. ARUAmerican Railway Union - this was an industrial union


  4. Granger LawsLaws that the grange were trying to get passed. They wanted "to establish maximum freight and passenger rates and prohibit discrimination."


  5. B&O RRa firm that buys out all of its competitors


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