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  1. William "Big Bill" Haywood
  2. RR's impact on cities
  3. Andrew Carnegie
  4. John D. Rockefeller
  5. Natural selection
  1. a established the Standard Oil Company - he joined with competing companies in a trust agreement
  2. b Allowed for cities to begin producing one thing (example I used in class: Forest City has Winnebago and it produces mobile homes)
  3. c founded the IWW
  4. d began work for the Pennsylvania RR and then created his own Carnegie Steel Company after witnissing the Bessemer Steel process
  5. e less-suited individuals die off while the best adapted survive.

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  1. prominent woman in the labor movement - she supported the Great Strike of 1877. She also staged a march with 80 children
  2. Had the job of regulating RR rates due to the Interstate Commerce Act
  3. This act reestablished the right of the federal government to supervise RR activities and established a five-member Interstate Commerce Commission
  4. A union formed by workers in the whole company - from the janitor all the way up to an engineer.
  5. a firm that buys out all of its competitors

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  1. Mergerimmigrants hitched a ride in this area of the cargo ships while crossing the Atlantic and Pacific


  2. Americanizationless-suited individuals die off while the best adapted survive.


  3. Titusville, PennsylvaniaThis is the location where Edwin L. Drake first used the steam engine to drill for oil


  4. The Homestead StrikeA strike that took place at Carnegie Steel because of pay cuts


  5. Pendleton Civil Service Act of 1883Act passed by Arthur to appoint people to federal jobs through a merit system based on candidate performance based on an exam.


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