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  1. Henry Clay Frick
  2. IWW
  3. Angel Island
  4. Alexander Graham Bell
  5. On the Origin of Species
  1. a invented the telephone
  2. b Inspection station for immigrants arriving on the West Coast - San Francisco Bay
  3. c Carnegie Steel president who cut wages - leading to The Homestead Strike
  4. d a socialist union called the Industrial Workers of the World
  5. e Book by Darwin where he talks about how species flourish and pass their traits along to the next generation, while others do no.

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  1. a union that formed by workers of a "craft" (Like in Winnebago - not the WHOLE company but just the cabinet workers)
  2. immigrate temporarily to earn money and then return home
  3. Social organization of farmers
  4. Henry Bessemer used this process to remove carbon from iron-ore. This made the steel more rust resistant and lighter
  5. The joining of the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific in Promontory, Utah on May 10, 1869

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  1. Sherman Antitrust Actmade it illegal to form a trust that interfered with free trade between states or with other countries.


  2. Thomas Alva Edisonperfected the incandescent light bulb


  3. James A. GarfieldIndependent elected president - assassinated on July 2, 1881


  4. National Reclamation Actencouraged people to irrigate land in the West - led to an increase in Mexican immigration


  5. Credit MobilierA construction company formed by the Union Pacific RR that charged more then necessary for RR construction and gave the extra back into the Union Pacific company.


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