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  1. Munn v. Illinois
  2. CNLU
  3. Holding company
  4. Granger Laws
  5. Mary Harris Jones
  1. a a corporation that does nothing buy buy out the stock of other companies - JP Morgan
  2. b prominent woman in the labor movement - she supported the Great Strike of 1877. She also staged a march with 80 children
  3. c Colored National Labor Union - admitted African Americans to the union
  4. d Laws that the grange were trying to get passed. They wanted "to establish maximum freight and passenger rates and prohibit discrimination."
  5. e The Supreme Court upheld the Granger Laws. The states won the right to regulate the RRs for the benefit of farmers and consumers.

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  1. Founded the American Railway Union
  2. a firm that buys out all of its competitors
  3. Carnegie Steel president who cut wages - leading to The Homestead Strike
  4. Very successful with his holding company
  5. business practice used by Carnegie to buy out all of his suppliers - raw materials like coal and iron mines, ore freighters, and RRs

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  1. B&O RRAmerican Railway Union - this was an industrial union


  2. Mergerwhen one corporation buys out the stock of another


  3. George Westinghousesingle family homes that were set up side by side


  4. Horizontal integrationbusiness practice used by Carnegie to buy out all of his competitors


  5. Knights of LaborMembership to the Knights was open to all workers, regardless of race, gender, or degree of skill.


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