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  1. who is Gwen Verdon
  2. how did the audience receive the black crook?
  3. who is Bill T. Jones
  4. How does Luigi prepare for teaching class
  5. what does he feel one need to know to study to properly learn to tap?
  1. a Before studying tap dance you must have some sense of coordination, body control and Rhythm for at At least a year of ballet
  2. b a provactive artist;potically controversial
  3. c comes in an hour early, take off his clothes, put a rob on , and relax and feel at home
  4. d a broadway performer and Fosse's ex wife.
  5. e they had a very negative reaction.they thought it was skeptical, but enjoy the long legs, and they also didn't know what to do with it

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  1. Jerome Robbins
  2. farmhouse where Ted Shawn company farmed, work and lived together while training and rehearsing. Performances were held there, too
  3. first black man tap dancing with a white girl on film. and huge age difference
  4. dealt with Uncle Tom's Cabin. disscused slavery, showed whipping and danced naked, worked with actors of all races, & past personal experience w/ race & childhood
  5. married 3x, slept with alot of women, daughter named Michelle, drinked & smoked

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  1. Ginger Rodger quote on buttonJerome Robbins


  2. What is black face?facial mask;make up worn by both white and black to illustrate racial sterotypes and perceptions.


  3. Merce Cunninghaminvented "Chance Dance" using dice and/or name graphing. worked in along time partnership with John Cage ( a musician )


  4. ausdruckstanzDance of Expression


  5. Bill T. Jones famous workUncle Tom's Cabin, The Promise Land


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