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  1. diaspora
  2. How trained were the US dancers, and what were their background like?
  3. Paul Draper's states that tap dancing is not thought properly why?
  4. Fosse
  5. Jacob's Pillow
  1. a the US dancers did not have any training on the from of ballet, and most of the dancers were woman who were trying to survived by any means.
  2. b force to leave home
  3. c By teaching how to dance instead of teaching routines.
  4. d farmhouse where Ted Shawn company farmed, work and lived together while training and rehearsing. Performances were held there, too
  5. e married 3x, slept with alot of women, daughter named Michelle, drinked & smoked

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  1. was an auto-biography of Fosse's life
  2. Luigi dance has no barre because he wants the students to learn how to support and control himself totally from within and through finding the feeling of using space as a barre
  3. 3
    the accident that killed her children, son died after few hours of being born
  4. a broadway performer and Fosse's ex wife.
  5. the third rich was the period of Hater's accusation

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  1. Bill T. Jones famous workUncle Tom's Cabin, The Promise Land


  2. Ted Shawn's Male Dancers1930-1960's First all male dance company. Worked and lived together.Wanted to highlight athleticism and masculinity


  3. fosse's famous worksthe pajama game, chicago, sweet charity, all that jazz


  4. Fosse died from aheart attack


  5. what does he want his students to learnJerome Robbins


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