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  1. what does he feel one need to know to study to properly learn to tap?
  2. Gus Giordano
  3. cattle call
  4. Fosse died from a
  5. Luigi
  1. a heart attack
  2. b an audition that brings together hundreds of dancers vying for limited parts
  3. c " Luigi Technique" a style which evolved from " the inside out". states one should take classes as if its for the first time
  4. d Before studying tap dance you must have some sense of coordination, body control and Rhythm for at At least a year of ballet
  5. e began a jazz company in the 70s located in the greater chicago,IL area

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  1. found at the femanist store. "Ginger did everything that fred did but backwards with heels on"
  2. accused Bill T. Jones of creating " victim art". says his work was undiscussable
  3. Jerome Robbins
  4. 3
    the accident that killed her children, son died after few hours of being born
  5. the US dancers did not have any training on the from of ballet, and most of the dancers were woman who were trying to survived by any means.

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  1. Ted Shawn's Male Dancersthe pajama game, chicago, sweet charity, all that jazz


  2. Ben Vereenforce to leave home


  3. how were woman seen who join the chorus of the black crook?they had a very negative reaction.they thought it was skeptical, but enjoy the long legs, and they also didn't know what to do with it


  4. how many of Isadora's kids died?from her hanging scarf that got caught to the car wheel and strangled her


  5. shirley temple & bill bojangles Robinsonhe want his students to understand his feelings, and than they with be able to understand him and his dance


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