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  1. How trained were the US dancers, and what were their background like?
  2. who is Bill T. Jones
  3. Ted Shawn's Male Dancers
  4. who is Gwen Verdon
  5. Fosse
  1. a a broadway performer and Fosse's ex wife.
  2. b a provactive artist;potically controversial
  3. c the US dancers did not have any training on the from of ballet, and most of the dancers were woman who were trying to survived by any means.
  4. d married 3x, slept with alot of women, daughter named Michelle, drinked & smoked
  5. e 1930-1960's First all male dance company. Worked and lived together.Wanted to highlight athleticism and masculinity

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  1. 2/3
  2. accused Bill T. Jones of creating " victim art". says his work was undiscussable
  3. farmhouse where Ted Shawn company farmed, work and lived together while training and rehearsing. Performances were held there, too
  4. the third rich was the period of Hater's accusation
  5. Before studying tap dance you must have some sense of coordination, body control and Rhythm for at At least a year of ballet

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  1. Gwen Verdon starred in?Damn yankees and The pajama game


  2. cattle callsecond generation modern dancer; developed contraction/release and dramatic story telling of Greek tragedies; used lots of props and set and striped costumes. developed the "Cupped Hand". Studied with Ruth St. Denis and Denishawn, and enjoy Asian influences in her work


  3. what does he want his students to learnhe want his students to understand his feelings, and than they with be able to understand him and his dance


  4. how did the audience receive the black crook?from her hanging scarf that got caught to the car wheel and strangled her


  5. ausdruckstanzDance of Expression


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