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  1. How trained were the US dancers, and what were their background like?
  2. what environment does Luigi create in the classroom
  3. All that Jazz
  4. Luigi
  5. describe Promise land
  1. a dealt with Uncle Tom's Cabin. disscused slavery, showed whipping and danced naked, worked with actors of all races, & past personal experience w/ race & childhood
  2. b " Luigi Technique" a style which evolved from " the inside out". states one should take classes as if its for the first time
  3. c the US dancers did not have any training on the from of ballet, and most of the dancers were woman who were trying to survived by any means.
  4. d he like making the classroom feel like home
  5. e was an auto-biography of Fosse's life

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  1. Damn yankees and The pajama game
  2. Jerome Robbins
  3. Luigi dance has no barre because he wants the students to learn how to support and control himself totally from within and through finding the feeling of using space as a barre
  4. the third rich was the period of Hater's accusation
  5. force to leave home

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  1. Arlene Croceaccused Bill T. Jones of creating " victim art". says his work was undiscussable


  2. Paul Draper's states that tap dancing is not thought properly why?By teaching how to dance instead of teaching routines.


  3. how did the audience receive the black crook?they had a very negative reaction.they thought it was skeptical, but enjoy the long legs, and they also didn't know what to do with it


  4. Martha Grahamsecond generation modern dancer; developed contraction/release and dramatic story telling of Greek tragedies; used lots of props and set and striped costumes. developed the "Cupped Hand". Studied with Ruth St. Denis and Denishawn, and enjoy Asian influences in her work


  5. how did Isadora Ducun she die?barefoot, free movement-walking,skipping, running; bi sexual


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